Vtx 1300 horsepower and torque relationship

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vtx 1300 horsepower and torque relationship

If you want neck snapping torque and jet liner speed you'd be money ahead to just go Honda claims 76 horsepower at rpm for the VTX .. The exhaust end of the equation doesn't really affect performance much. We have seen the #s for a , what is the HP and torque on a base and what have people been able to up them to? My is going. The VTX formula was always intended to slide down the range after Honda VTXS **|PRICE MSRP $| |ENGINE Type: l-c (Our tester cranked out hp at rpm and foot-pounds of torque at rpm.

Honda VTX1300S

It is not a sleeved-down by any means. Displacing cc, the liquid-cooled, 52 degree, V-twin features a single-pin crank the has a dual-pin crank and cylinders offset by Three-valve cylinder heads have 31mm intakes and a single 40mm exhaust valve. While big brother is fuel injected, the S is served its combustion mix by a 38mm CV carb.

A five-speed transmission transfers power to the shaft drive system.

Horsepower and torque?

A new driven-flange design at the final-drive gear eliminates final-drive noise and wear and simplifies rear wheel installation. The 41mm front fork provides 5. The single front brake disc measures a massive mm in diameter, and is pinched by a twin-piston caliper. A large, mm disc resides in back, along with a single-piston caliper.

The deeply valanced fenders and classic floorboards fit with this theme. The seat height at 27 inches is even lower than that of the VTX Fuel capacity is 4. Riding the VTX S is a pleasure for many reasons. First of all, the engine performance is excellent.

Honda VTX on Dyno

To quell the inherent shakes of the design, Honda installed a pair of counterbalancers, one each fore and aft of the crankshaft. Instead of fuel injection, the smaller engine gets a single 38mm carb. Although the whole package looks nearly identical to the see the accompanying "VTX Spotter's Guide" to help discern which is whichthere is a tremendous difference in feel.

vtx 1300 horsepower and torque relationship

At a substantial pounds with the 4. Gone is the elephantine heft when dipping into a corner or maneuvering in a tight space. The responds more immediately and lightly to steering and is less ponderous at a stop. Expect to drag the floorboards, though; even by cruiser standards the VTX doesn't tip over far before the folding boards begin to scrape.

vtx 1300 horsepower and torque relationship

In many ways the VTX is a better bike than its cc counterpart. Styling is nearly identical, but the drivetrain is smoother, handling is much more responsive, and the sound is classic V-twin. A wide range of riders adapted comfortably to the riding position, thanks to the low-rise handlebar and flexibility of the floorboards.

Few found a sweet spot on the saddle, however, because the seat is contoured so that almost no backsides fit it comfortably. Petite riders might adapt. We expect the aftermarket to quickly provide remedies for this, which is the only significant comfort shortcoming of the S.

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You'll also feel a bit of vibration, though few riders felt it intruded, even on long rides. I had him put a turbo on for me. I believe that if I get my bike professionally dyno tuned and get a set of pipes or pipes with a crossover of some sort I will see a little bit more out of it. I think my HK Big 3's, while sounding great, are not the ideal "performance" pipe. This week or next I am going to take my heads to a machine shop and get them port and polished.

Honda VTX Series

Duck Down If you can test ride one before spending a lot of money, you will be better off in the long run. My T is plenty fast!: We have what is called the Chosen Few bike gang in our town and they have complimented my bike.

vtx 1300 horsepower and torque relationship

I am interested in the cams to have a more lopey Idle if they do that. As far as the pistons I'm not interested. If you google Motorycle USA and look up the articles they did it shows you the increase at each step of the install to a Fury.

vtx 1300 horsepower and torque relationship

Oh yeah, and Mortikus he still only asked about how to increase power of his VTX If you just do the intake, exhaust and rejetting what is the gain in hp? And I'm on mine, wringing it out, trying to merge on a 70mph freeway and almost getting eaten by trucks every time.