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Voices, sounds and other audible sources were tape recorded to create an auditory portrait. Visitors could listen to these voices and sounds in dark booths via headphones. These recorded sounds were also presented on CD. You can hear a lot of different sounds.

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Then the author asks, what it is that drives a blind backpacker away from home. He answers that it is just the same thing that leads all backpackers into the world: To discover new things experience other people and different cultures and the lust for adventure. Then you can hear a soundscape from India.

Every work of art could be touched, was audio-described and a guiding system led through the exhibition. The object is a Victorian fire screen, an article of daily use which is placed in front of an open fireplace to prevent sparks from flying into the room. Fixed to its surface are carelessly discarded gardening tools and rusty, tarnished, dented, and bent cutlery. The objects are arranged in a very symmetric pattern both next to and on top of each other.

We find scissors, fish knives, a small rake, and a little shovel.

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Tea and tablespoons of different sizes are placed in a row. With two exceptions, their handles point upwards and their inner surfaces face us.

Those are items which remain behind when a house is emptied out or when the attic is cleaned. They are the remains which remind us of a bygone life. The artist writes, "I am fascinated by the way the light falls onto these objects and how the colours of the tarnished silver and discarded metal change. How we deal with objects and how we combine losses and memories that way. They are also examples of the ways in which art exhibitions, from their initial conception, can be designed to accommodate the cognitive and perceptual culture of blind and visually impaired people.

And moreover, they also represent a new and different experience for sighted people as well: It might also be an acoustic, tactual or gustatory one. So beauty does not only lie in the eye of the beholder. Together with Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn we worked on three exhibitions: Besides implementing many tools to make the exhibitions accessible we presented works of art created by people with disabilities as a part of the exhibition. You can see a woman touching some crocheted clouds hanging in the air.

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The clouds are in different sizes and made out of wool. They vary in colour between white and black. Behind the woman you see her guide dog laying on the exhibition floor. You can see a wave made out of alabaster. It is rather a smooth and soft wave than a big one.

It feels like you lay your hand on the watery surface of the Northern Sea on a very calm morning. Widening our scope from blindness to disability in general, the project dealt with three major topics concerning the relationship between culture, arts and disability: All arts must be made accessible to disabled people.

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