Yeul and noel relationship memes

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I think the problem lies in the fact that even with noel and serahs strict friendship zone they No. but the could change now that Serah is like Yeul. . endings that have occurred, but they have no relation to the 'true' timeline. or. [Spoiler](/s "write spoiler-text inside quotes") = Spoiler . Yeul is probably the weakest of the three but that makes sense given the mechanism she presents. .. We actually see Noel and Serah develop a relationship. Updated daily, for more funny memes check our homepage. 99 Relationship Memes That Are So Funny You May Actually Injure Yourself Laughing. I' ve got

Noel holds Yeul in his arms as she explains her survival would have caused a contradiction to the timeline, and says Caius isn't in the city. She tells Noel she is not the Yeul he knows, but thanks him and dies, leaving an artefact for him and Serah to open a new Time Gate.

Her death is negated in the alternate timeline set by the defeat of the Proto fal'Cie Adam. Yeul of AF Yeul promises Noel they will see each other again. You don't have to cry.

yeul and noel relationship memes

We will meet again. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments After reveals that her father died before she was born, and her mother was in confinement during childbirth. Noel's grandmother explains to him Yeul lives away from people so they would not be tempted to use her power of foresight for evil, and shows how Noel had been protective of Yeul since he was three years old, and that he initially hated Caius when he arrived in his village.

Noel would become an apprentice Guardian training under Caius and they protected Yeul together, but Noel was unaware she would die soon.

Noel wants to take Yeul on a journey to find other people in the world, but Caius reprimands Noel for considering such folly.

Yeul and noel relationship memes

Caius claims the only way to save Yeul is to kill Etro, the goddess of death, and let the chaos of Valhalla consume the mortal realm and transform it into a timeless world without a future or past, similar to Valhalla itself. The day after Caius leaves to carry out the deed, the first time he abandons Yeul as her Guardian, Yeul reveals to Noel she had a vision of him arguing with Caius and the goddess's gate.

Yeul is put to rest in Valhalla by Caius.

yeul and noel relationship memes

She tells him that every time a seeress sees the future her lifespan shortens until it kills her. Noel vows to value the time he has left with Yeul, and she dies in Noel's arms telling him they would meet again. Yeul's lifeless body is brought to Valhalla and Caius places it into the waves of chaos where it dissolves before turning his attention to Etro's Temple.

Ending up in a facsimile of his time, having lost his motivation at the time by reliving her death, Noel learns from an Oracle Drive Yeul had seen the events of his adventure with Serah through time and regains his will to continue after seeing Yeul's vision of them reuniting. As you change the timeline, you come closer to death. She traveled with Caius searching for the Time Gates she saw Serah appear by.

Yeul reveals her Eyes of Etro. She tells them she traces the timeline and leads people along the right path and points at Serah, cryptically revealing her to possess the Eyes of Etro like herself. In the years and AF in the Yaschas Massif, it is revealed the actions of a past incarnation of Yeul inadvertently created a paradox when she sealed an Ugallu in the void.

Yeul and noel relationship memes

The paradox erases people and in their place leaves "Rubies of Grief"—remnants of their memories. In the year AF Serah and Noel encounter a Ruby of Grief that contains the living conscience of the ancient Yeul who implores the two to destroy Ugallu. By doing so, Yeul's memory finds peace and vanishes, ending the paradox. Yeul with Serah in Valhalla's shadow. Caius asks if she will allow this, and she says, "It is not for me to decide", and they leave the area. When Serah is separated from Noel in the Historia Crux and arrives in a shadow of Valhalla in the Void Beyondseveral Yeuls from different time periods give her cryptic advice: The fourth and last Yeul is the one who "lives and dies in all the ages".

She tells Serah of how the Void Beyond can take the form of a person's innermost desires and asks why Serah seeks to change time and oppose Caius. She reveals the death that awaits her if she changes the timeline any further. This Yeul transforms into Caius who attacks Serah. Do you realize what you do to the people you're supposed to protect!? Noel falls out of Etro's gate over Valhalla, the middle world between the world of the living and the unseen realm of the dead.

He is saved by Lightning flying on Bahamut. Recognizing Noel from a vision she had, Lightning tells him to guide her sister Serah to Valhalla and work together with her to change the future. She gives him a moogle named Mog to keep Serah safe and covers Noel's escape, but he loses most of his memories.

Serah tells him she saw Noel with Lightning and Mog in a dream. He tells her he is from years in the future and offers to take her to Lightning. The next day, Noel and Serah enter the Time Gate after finding an artefact to activate it, and fly through the Historia Crux. They emerge at Bresha Ruins in 5 AF and are attacked by an invisible giant, Atlaswho retreats further into the ruins.

Noel and Serah are taken into custody, but are freed by Academy scientist Alyssa Zaidelle who wants to learn about the gates and paradoxes, but as long as Atlas is around causing trouble the ruins will be closed off.

Noel and Serah resolve the paradox affecting the area by destroying Atlas and the Bresha Ruins are restored to their former glory. After finding an artefact and activating another gate, Serah has a vision and lies to Noel saying it's nothing, although he doesn't believe her.

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The area is darkened by a paradoxical solar eclipse and they meet the Academy leader, a year-old Hope Estheimwho has full knowledge of Noel due to the events at Bresha Ruins five years ago. Hope and Alyssa, who is now Hope's assistant, talk about the Farseers who used to live in the Paddra ruins and a seeress Yeul who had foretold the nation's destruction.

Noel uses one of Hope's tools, an ancient device called the Oracle Driveto induce images of Lightning and the events of the Day of Ragnarok ten years ago.

Paddra Nsu-Yeul

The device displays grainy images of Lightning's battle with Caius in Valhalla. Noel and Serah use the artefact given to them by Hope to resolve the paradox affecting the area, and in turn the Oracle Drive. Noel and Serah encounter Caius and Yeul in Oerba. Caius explains Yeul does not exist as a single person, and that he has come to punish Serah and Noel for tampering with the timeline.

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Before Caius can kill Noel, Yeul steps in, saying time has already been changed, and she and Caius leave. Returning to the Yaschas Massif in 1X AF, Serah and Noel enter an alternate reality where the eclipse never occurred and see the now clear images of Lightning in Valhalla, and the Oracle Drive projects images of Caius and Cocoon falling. Noel says in his time the world fell into ruin after Cocoon's fall, but Serah assures they can prevent it.

As Serah begins to doubt them ever finding her sister, Noel reassures they are one step closer to Lightning with each gate they pass through. After activating the gate in the Bresha Ruins' underground tunnels, Noel gets concerned for Serah and asks if she is having more visions, but she lies to him again.

At the Sunleth Waterscape in AF they witness Miniflan appear out of nowhere in a phenomenon caused by a paradox.

Serah has a vision and runs off frantic. Noel tells Snow he will handle things, but Snow shoves him aside and the three defeat the monster together. The Miniflan reform the monster and the party retreats at Noel's insistence. Noel criticizes Snow, telling him people who do not know when to retreat don't live long, but ultimately decides to put their differences aside and work with him. After finding an artefact to open the gate to the next location, Noel tells Snow to wait for him and Serah to return.