Yusei and akiza relationship test

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yusei and akiza relationship test

We know from the first season that Aki is in love with Yusei. there's been obvious chances to show relationships but they've never went that. After meeting Yusei, Akiza began to question the path she took of distancing herself with the former refers to her connection with plant and the latter to her loneliness. . assures Luna that her brother isn't in danger as the Duel was just a test. I might write a story, down the line, more towards Yusei and Akiza Jack wasn't interested in a long term relationship and didn't want to settle down. The only thing they wanted was to get a good grade on the test and be.

Slandering Jack's title of king, such as addressing him as "Former King", certainly counts as this. Beware the Nice Ones: Despite her mellowed attitude after making amends with her parents, Aki's subtle Yandere moments and the fact she can control her powers these days make for a terrifying prospect indeed.

Let's not forgot about Barbara. Although Yusei's protective of all his friends, it's the death of eleven-year-old Rally in Episode 46 that makes him snap and start howling for bloody revenge. Slightly subverted in that they're not actually related.

Still unrelated by blood, but they call him "Crow-niichan," or "Big brother Crow," so it's close enough for government work. In another odd example, Ruka actually asks for the protection of her twin brother Rua when they go to Satellite.

Rua's distrust of Luciano when he gets close to his sister is the impetus of episode Just prior to Zero Reverse, Rudger orders Rex to safety, making Rex the only adult to survive the epicenter of the event. At the conclusion of the Crashtown arc, Kiryu appears to have adopted a couple of kids after their father falls tragically to his death to save their lives. Same children also refer to him using the honorific used for older brothers.

When a group of kids are about to be sacrificed to Rudger's Earthbound God and Yusei can't do anything about it, Jack comes barreling over a pile of debris to save them, belittling the Earthbound God all the while. At the end of the Crashtown arc, just as the bad guys start saying Screw The Rules, I Have Hostages, Jack and Crow show up outta frickin' nowhere with the police in tow.

yusei and akiza relationship test

The result is the temporary rebirth of Team Satisfaction. Dark Glass in Episodesaving Yusei from the Diablo. The MC pulls this in episodestaying behind in New Domino City as the Arc Cradle is in the middle of falling on it in order to commentate on the Card Games on FLYING Motorcycles so the civillians who understandably wanted to watch could continue running for their lives while still knowing what's going on.

The scene in 39 after Carly defeats and kills Divine. Episode 46, when Martha is sacrificed, although she gets better and again when Rally sacrifices himself to save Yusei.

Ruka's pained scream is so heartbreaking. Crow gets one of these in his duel with Jaeger. And having just gotten her license in Episode 75, Aki counts, too. Carly counts, even if it was for only two episodes, she was the first female D-Wheeler.

The World has been saved, and Team 5Ds goes their separate ways. But Aki says they'll see each other again. All of the Dark Signers wear one. Kiryu donned one himself when he started to go psycho even before that. Aki, in her Black Rose Witch persona although she only wears it onscreen twice. Zone resides in one of these.

Rex who claimed to be the ultimate god, with both the Signer and Dark Signer powers within him. The Signers, who can and do summon a powerful plot device that destroys everything. Aki's particular brand of suck, psychic materialization, actually comes in handy when she, Yusei and Sherry are in danger of being crushed by a falling truck, again when she's about to be run over by a marauding steamroller-cum-D-Wheel What else is there to do but dragon-smash it?

Mikage's crush on Jack. Placido fusing with his D-Wheel in definitely qualifies. Legs are not supposed to bend and fold like that! Not only that Junk Warrior was the monster that gave Yusei victory in his first and last duels of the show although the opponents were Ushio for the first and Jack in the last. At some point, after Yusei and Jack drive into the tunnel, when the path splits in two paths, the area looks a bit like the area Yusei and Ushio drove through during their first duel.

Also, the end of that battle had the current Opening playing in the background. Yusei having a long talk with Ushio also counts, as they previously exchanged ideologies in the first episode. Complete with a full view of it with head completely blown off. Black Rose Dragon Bowdlerise: Dear God, the English Dub A weird one is that instead of being Tributed of Sacrificed, Monster cards are now 'Released', despite the aforementioned words being used without issue not only in the previous series, but also in the real game.

yusei and akiza relationship test

The sound of bullets being fired will often be changed to sound more like lasers. Sometimes bullets will be recolored as well. Episode 25 recolors the Mook 's guns greenwhich is at least better than making them invisible. Never Say "Die" is in full effect, which makes watching the Dark Signer arc a real treat, especially since the villains are people who died with hate in their hearts. Episode 70 was an especially blatant case, as it has all the trappings of a "put long-dead spirits to rest" story, but 4Kids claims they've just gone to play with their forest spirit friends and can come back anytime they want.

Episodes 94 and 95 are also pretty bad, upgrading a non-supernatural card's threat from reasonable in this series the special effects are too realistic and cause actual, possibly lethal damage to ridiculous causes real damage and can send victims to the netherworld. Episode 1 rewrites the plot to have it so that Jack set Rally up in an elaborate plot to take a chip for Yusei's D-Wheel. It may seem like Jack is changed to be more malicious, but this was done all to simply ignore the fact that Rally just stole the chip in the Japanese version where Jack was not involved at all.

In the episode where they explain how Jack got Stardust Dragon from Yusei, the scene where in the Japanese version he knocks out Rally by Vulcan Neck Pinching him is changed so that he It looks he he pressed a button and turned him off somehow. It's kind of subtle, but the dub doesn't make Satellite out to be as much of a gritty and depressing hellhole as the Japanese version does including cutting out Ushio's "Satellite scum" slurs.

But hey, this is a kid's show, right? Several episodes edit out the blood when people get injured, no matter how little it is. Yusei's rather obvious injury in episode 35 with a large piece of sharpanel sticking out of his gut is also changed to him having an internal injury Various forms of torture are cut out or downplayed, including Yusei receiving his criminal marker in episode 6 from a laser causing him to collapse in pain is to a harmless spray instead that he asks if it's "supposed to tickle"Takasu shocking Yusei to see if his Dragon Birthmark would reveal itself omittedand video of a kid in the Arcadia movement in episode 42 from being electrocuted to generating the electricity itself - ignoring the fact that the kid is clearly in painand Kiryu receiving his criminal marker and getting beaten up in jail episode 55, also omitted.

Aki's cleavage is erased. Her skirt is lengthened and her garters are usually erased as well, which in turn give her Grade-A Zettai Ryouiki. Aside from the editing often being inconsistent between shots, it was poorly done at times Why does Aki have shading from cleavage when she doesn't even have cleavage?! This edit becomes especially egregious after Aki dons her cleavage-errific riding suit for the first time in episode Misty's huge and Angela's not quite as huge cleavage is likewise censored, and scantily-clad Duel Spirits like Ruka's Sunny Pixie are covered up.

The flames, as in, on fire that make up the geoglyphs where battles with Dark Signer battles are held are referred to as mist instead. Which seems kind of strange in episode 34 when Yusei is thrown in to the "mist" and starts howling in pain I guess it's scalding like a steam geyser?

Of course, it helps these flames are already colored purple. The "purple mist" resurfaces much later, in the flashbacks from episodes 94 and 95, where Crow investigates a friend's murder disappearance. This edit seems a little strange because it explains where the Satellite citizens sacrificed to the Earthbound Gods came from. Plus, the beginning of Sherry and Crow is in here with Sherry asking Yusei about Now enjoy the story and R and R if you liked it.

I'd love to hear your comments for this chapter. Z-Fan Yusei I'm still not used to driving in a car, I probably will never get used to it.

Angel on My Shoulder Chapter 1: Prolouge, a yu-gi-oh! 5d's fanfic | FanFiction

I was driving home from a busy day at the lab. It was days like these that I wished the parking structure I used allowed Duel Runners to park. When was the last time I rode it anyway? I've been working on it a lot, but I haven't ridden it at all these past nine years. I chuckled a bit at the thought.

Working on a Duel Runner, but never riding it?

yusei and akiza relationship test

That doesn't make any sense at all. I should probably give it a test run. I reached the back of Zora's garage and pressed the button on the garage door opener from its place on my dashboard. I pulled into the garage right next to where my duel runner sat, pressing the garage door opener again to close the garage as I looked at the vehicle that I created from spare parts in the Satellite.

yusei and akiza relationship test

It's been on a long journey since I made it. I suddenly realized that another Duel Runner was parked next to mine, Akiza's. She must have gotten out of work early today. I got out of my car and walked towards the TV area of the garage where I could hear sounds of a recorded duel going on.

I found Akiza sitting on the couch watching the duel that I heard from my car. I paused in mid-sip when I realized that Akiza hadn't responded. I summon Junk Synchron to the field! I immediately walked over to the TV and looked at the duel where a man dressed like me was glaring defiantly at the camera. The camera shifted to a woman dressed similarly to what Akiza used to dress up in at the Fortune Cup. In the background was an audience that was shouting insults to the woman.

Akiza Izinski

What disturbed me the most was the face of evil that was worn on the woman. I immediately recognized this as a movie that was released a year ago portraying the Fortune Cup.

I watched that movie and soon realized that it overdramatized the event to where Jack and I were "heroes" and most of our opponents were "villains. But now here it was playing on my TV with actors portraying as Akiza and I throwing insults at one another. I bent down and ejected the disk before I could hear anymore insults.

That's when I heard sobbing. I turned to see Akiza crying, her tears slowly streaking down her beautiful cheeks. I slowly sat down next to her and held her close while I gently wiped away her tears. Why are you crying? Ignore the movie, it was overdramatizing the event. It didn't capture who you are. It's far behind us now. She looked at me, smiling. I'm sorry about that. I just didn't realize that people still remember the Black Rose.

It felt great again feeling the wind on my face again. The only thing that was out of place was the absence of my Duel Disk and my deck, both of which lay on a table in my room. After dropping off the DVD in the library, someone shouted my name. I couldn't help but smile at the sight of another friendly face.

It's been dragging on like that for the past nine years. It's kind of lonely if you don't make friends. She laughed at my action.

I figured you two would be going out eventually. You had that certain chemistry together when I found you in the back of that Yliastar truck. I didn't notice we had a chemistry together. But anyway back onto why I'm here, I was wondering if you know if Jack or Crow are available for dating.

Any girl he dates is usually known by all of his fans! He doesn't want the attention on this one because he apparently cares about her a lot. To answer the first question, Akiza is friends with his current girlfriend. She received news of their relationship about a day after she got here in New Domino City. I've heard some rumors that he's a little…well-" "-enthusiastic on having sex? Nice seeing you again!

yusei and akiza relationship test

I know where he is! I stared after her in shock, wondering how she knew where Crow lived. I might not want to think about it too much. I shivered a bit when I realized how cold it was getting.

Fall had just ended and weather reports from the news claimed that this winter was going to set a new record in New Domino City.