Marvel agents of shield 2x06 ending relationship


marvel agents of shield 2x06 ending relationship

It's been an uphill struggle, but Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD is now officially solidly and one that actually develops their relationship in an unexpected direction. a little disappointing that they didn't follow up on the idea posed at the end of. A Fractured House" is the sixth episode of the second season of the American television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., based on the Marvel Comics organization . "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" sprouted a group of passionate fan 'ships in In Season 2, episode 6 "A Fractured House," the fraught relationships So terrified, in fact, that he goes full dark HYDRA Ward at the end of the.

Talbot is at a United Nations meeting today delivering his spiel about how S.

marvel agents of shield 2x06 ending relationship

The meeting was cut short by Hydra agents dressed in S. Also going are Agent May and Hunter.

'Agents of SHIELD': Relationship drama rules Season 2 – Screener

The ex-spouses are a little iffy about working an op together, but Coulson is having none of it. Talbot expresses his doubt that the attack was actually from S. On the news, Sen. Skye volunteers to talk to their Ward in order to find what they can about his older brother.

Once Skye starts to engage, Coulson cuts it short. Bobbi, Hunter and May make it to Okinawa.

marvel agents of shield 2x06 ending relationship

Once landed, they corroborate on different plans. Bobbie suggests using her Hydra cover in hopes that not all of Hydra especially Hydra associates knows yet.

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  • October 28 2014

This being the plan with less conflict, Agent May goes along with the plan. Using her charm and their history, Bobbi gets Mori talking about the device Scarlotti used in the UN attack. He calls it the splinter bomb and he shipped them all out to Hydra the day before. The original specs came from Hydra technology from way back when.

A Fractured House

If Beckers is taken out, even the neutral countries will want to side with the Sen. Hunter and May are already in place and take out Mori and his men before they could even get a shot out. Coulson makes a preemptive move and visits Sen. We always knew there was a potential to evolve Skye into something else.

marvel agents of shield 2x06 ending relationship

It took a little bit of time, but we were happy when we were able to land on Daisy Johnson, and actually have that work in our mythology. But as with everything that we do on the show, we pull from the properties, and we do our own spin to it.

So we are kind of merging a few concepts and storylines. We've spent a season and a half with Skye. We've seen her evolve as a person, we've grown to like her as a person, we've seen her evolve as an agent. And now, finally bringing her to her origin story—I think there's just a lot more emotional weight to it, because you already know her as just Skye, and now she will have this ability that she may not understand, that she may not want We're going to focus on Skye, and how that affects the people around her, and how the relationships may shift.

Because we've seen through the course of our series so far; we've spoken about how S. What does that mean when one of your own is now considered someone with an ability? How do you categorize her? Whedon elaborated that "We're going to walk her through the steps of discovering what this really means, and coming to terms with it.

A Fractured House - Wikipedia

All that stuff is really interesting to us, and in television, because we have time to explore, we can take her origin on all sorts of different paths.

I think her dad thinks she's Daisy, and we'll see if she ever gets to the point where she believes that that's something that she would want to call herself. However, Mori is aware of Morse's true allegiances, and the team is attacked, with Mori being killed in the ensuing fight.

Coulson then visits Senator Ward himself, and convinces him to publicly give support to S.

marvel agents of shield 2x06 ending relationship

Ever since Senator Ward first publicly discussed his proposal, Julien Beckers of Belgium has vehemently opposed it, and has offered sanctuary in Belgium for all S. However, Beckers is actually a member of Hydra, his grandfather having created the original design for the 'splinter bombs' used by Scarlotti. Scarlotti murders Agent Walters, and five other agents are killed, before the S.

Talbot, arriving to arrest the mercenaries, offers his condolences to May for their lost comrades. Meanwhile, Simmons is trying to treat her former close partner Agent Leo Fitz the same as she always has, but struggles due to the injuries he previously suffered at the hands of Ward.

She confesses to Mack that she left to infiltrate Hydra for Coulson when she realized that her presence was only making Fitz's condition worse. Later, Senator Ward makes a speech informing the world that his younger brother was a member of Hydra, and vowing to bring Grant to justice, while also offering public support for S. At the same time, Grant is being transferred to the Senator's custody, after telling Skye everything he knows about her father, " the Doctor ".