Sonic heroes super hard mode ending relationship

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sonic heroes super hard mode ending relationship

Sonic Heroes is truer to its 2D roots than any other 3D Sonic game before it. However, the transition from 2D to 3D was a hard one for Sonic, and the . In the end, though, it's still a purer, more action-packed Sonic 9 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review In Progress; 9 Ashen Review - Relationship Souls. Harder Than Hard mode is a difficulty level not even intended to be fair. It might be unlocked by beating the game on the hardest fair difficulty; it . Sonic Heroes at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Each mission with each team offers a varying level of length and difficulty. and less hidden on the easy side, while more rare and well-hidden on the hard side. Weird Things Everyone Ignores About Zelda Links Relationship.

Press B button along a line of rings to instantly dash through them. If there are enough rings you are awarded points for dashing through them depending on how many there are. Good for getting extra points and some areas even require you to use this move to get past them.

Can only be used by Amy. If you press A button and then just keep it pressed, at the highest point of her jump she will spin the hammer around and can sort of fly for a few seconds.

B button with team: Pretty effective and fast, but dangerous because the characters get a little too close to the edge while being slightly uncontrollable and fall off. He uses his fishing pole to hit Amy and Cream at enemies.

A nice long-range attack, but it is slow of course. Vector spits Espio and Charmy out of his mouth at enemies. A little faster than Team Rose but still basically the same attack. B button while jumping: They throw their team mates at enemies using Fire Dunk. I think Knuckle's attack may be a little longer range. He attacks with a huge belly bop, actually not that bad but slow of course. Uses his arms to attack downwards, actually a pretty slow attack. B button without team: Punch at enemies, fast.

Attack with his fishing pole, slow. Bites enemies, intermediate in speed. Jumping while in Fighting Pose: Fire Ball Jump, The other characters spin around in a wide circle, can be uses as an attack, but not a very powerful one.

sonic heroes super hard mode ending relationship

Not an attack, only used to get out of Fighting Pose. Dummy Ring Bombs, not a very powerful attack, about as powerful as Thundershoot depending on level but sets up a nice stun trap for enemies.

Chao Attack, Slow but very powerful, Cheese will attack and kill all nearby enemies. Sting, a good and fast attack, but Charmy attacks directly and often puts him in harm's way. But Team Blast has other effects too. The meter goes down slowly showing you how much time some after effects have left, the meter lasts 10 seconds. There is also a special Team Blast that appears during the extra boss, that will be talked about later.

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Light Attack, Sonic in any formation will use Light Attack on any nearby enemies if you use your B button attack, it is a powerful Homing Attack that kills everything instantly and Sonic usually will not stop till everything is dead. I like using it in Flight Formation but make sure you don't keep thundershooting, just sit there until Sonic takes care of everything, but it seems to me he is more likely to kill everything using it with Sonic as leader.

I read about this glitch before and didn't think much about it till it happened to me I have no clue, but it's kind of funny A powerful combination of Chaos Control and Omega's weaponry, not sure if Rouge really does anything at all Time is totally frozen for 10 seconds, the clock doesn't even move. Perfect for time trials and if you want to freeze enemies and even bosses to attack much more easier but watch out, if there is anything you need to move like opening doors and fans then this move can actually slow your progress though a level.

Sonic Heroes - Super Hard Mode Speedrun - 44:05

Flower Carnival, a very festive attack indeed, not sure how it kills anything though. The most broken Team Blast. Each character levels up by one and a Shield, Invincibility and Super Speed take effect as if they got them from Item Boxes. Chaotix Recital, apparently their horrible music can kill enemies.

For each enemy killed they get either 5, 10 or 20 Rings. Rings are still earned for enemies killed during the 10 second period afterwards. This attack is why I have 99 lives for Team Chaotix in my game. A Few Helpful Glitches: If you feel like cheating then these can really come in handy, especially the first three, the last one is mostly for fun.

Team Blast Meter Fill-up Glitch: It is easy to slightly miss the timing, often just causing you to thunder shoot then change character or change character then the B button action for the changed character.

Team Dark Pole Glitch: Near the end of using Propeller Hammer press B button to perform a Tornado Hammer, at the end of this move keep pressing A and you will go into Propeller Hammer again, you can only repeat Propeller Hammer this way once, and if you use a Jump Dash at the end you can go really far distances. Team Chaotix Fly Glitch: This one might give you sore fingers, and the truth is it is only useful if you want to explore places you can't normally go, but I decided to include it here and it might be useful in some hard flying spots and as the name implies only works for Team Chaotix.

You have to be flying against a wall either visible or invisible, just keep pressing A and B at the same time, if you are lucky what will happen is that Charmy will suddenly rise higher up as if he hit solid ground higher up and the flight meter will fill back up again, so if you have patience you can fly up as high and as long as you want as long as there is a wall. Missions and Mission Layout: Each of the 14 levels for each team have two missions, you complete mission 1 in Story Mode but in order to get to Mission 2 extra or to play the first mission over again easily you want to go to Challenge Mode instead of Story Mode on the 1 Player menu.

You usually have to do something totally different to complete Mission 2 and it might even be ranked differently. As I stated earlier this part of the guide is just general tips, look in the Mission List and Specific Tips section for more detailed info if you happened to be stuck on one mission.

Here is a table of what the missions in general look like by what the mission is and if it is points or time based: Mission 1 Mission 2 Team Sonic Get to the Goal Time Trial Points Points Team Dark Get to the Goal Kill Robots Points Time Team Rose Get to the Goal Get Rings Points Time Team Chaotix Varies Varies Points Points Team Chaotix missions often involve finding a certain amount of certain objects in level, but they can vary from just getting to the goal to stealth missions where you cannot be detected by the enemy, a lot of them are sort of two mission types fused together and so two specific sections will apply to them and there will be more notes on them in the level list.

The MOST important thing to remember about these missions is this: So you have to be awfully skilled in order to make it through alive! Later I will discuss the types of points missions, some Team Chaotix missions have two types. Most missions are ranked according to your total score at the end of the act, but I will note that some of these missions are either timed like Team Sonic extra mission so you have to play fast anyway, or you get so many time bonus points from completing the mission fast that you will have to anyway, for example Casino Park and BINGO Highway, these subcategories will be addressed later on in this section but these general rules apply to all subcategories.

Anyway you receive points many ways so here is a list of points you can get and how you get them, note that I might have left some out: Enemies are in my opinion the most important source of points, so it is important you know how to kill them correctly. Each type of enemy is worth a different amount of points and also you receive bonus points depending on how many you kill quickly.

But the tricky part is the fact that each enemy is best killed with a certain formation, so here is a list of all enemies in the game detailing how to kill them, I will add how many points they are worth some other time. Note that leveling up your characters is very important because each character level is more powerful than the lower level and some enemies can only be killed by certain characters when they are leveled up so I will mention this too.

You get rewarded points for killing lots of enemies together. You get about 4 seconds after killing one enemy to kill another in order for the bonus to still be good, so you can take longer than 4 seconds to kill a lot of enemies but you will still get a higher bonus if the interval between each one is less than 4 seconds.

If you kill them in Team Blast you are just rewarded for how many you killed during the blast. Here are the bonuses: These normal enemies are often found alone, but sometimes they are carrying guns, shields and swords.

Normal or Holding Gun: Easy to kill in either Speed or Power formation, the gun really isn't that threatening when they have it. Some of them only talk one hit to kill with even a level zero speed character. A level 2 or 3 Flight character can also take care of them rather quickly. Like the normal ones, but you just have to watch out for being poked with the sword, so some attacks like Big and Vector's that attack downwards may not be a good idea.

This shield slowly crumbles away, like all shields it is best to first knock it up in the air using a Tornado attack or Homing Attack if your Speed character is level 3, with Power or Flight formation you will have to continue attacking it till the shield crumbles away completely, this takes a while. Tougher than the red one, best to remove with a Tornado, or with persistant attacks in Power Formation, especially if your Power character is leveled up to 2 or 3. If you see a gold colored Eggbot near a bunch of other ones, often if you just attack the gold one and when you destroy it the rest will go down with it, but sometimes this is not true, gold ones are also a little tougher than regular Eggbots.

Some robots hold both a shield and a gun or sword. There are several types of these too and have to be tackled differently. Normal or shooting at you: Pretty easy to kill. In some situations you want to use Flight formation and sometimes if they are meant to be killed this way they only take one hit to kill even with Level 0 thunder shoot.

If your flight character is only level 0 and 1 and you are trying to kill a flying enemy and it knocks it down to the ground and it has that angry symbol, I like to then briefly switch to Power Formation to quickly take it out.

You defiantly want to avoid the bombs, they take more than one hit so if you have a low level flying character then you might want to carefully if there is a bomb on the ground take it down with Thundershoot them use Power Formation long range attack to kill it.

Hee hee, forgot to mention these in the earlier versions of this guide, they have electrical charges coming from the bottom of them all the way to the ground, you have to shoot them down with Thunder shoot, and if they are still not dead go for long-range Power attacks, these guys like to block your path.

Some of them will have spikes that will occasionally come out of them, they need to be attacked with a good force when the spikes are not out, but not a problem if you attack then with a good high level Thunder shoot, or knock them down from the sky and use a long-range Power type attack. These are difficult to deal with because they are coated with Armor, you usually have to shoot them down with Thundershoot which grounds them and does not damage them much or not at all then attack with Power Formation.

Sometimes these guys will drop bombs or electricity too! If you are spotted by their searchlight more robots will appear, you want the searchlight to spot you so you have more stuff to kill.

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Kill like any other flying enemy, they are armored also. These floating guys will try to trap you so you cannot move. If all three teammates get trapped at the same time you loose a life. It is best to attack them like flying enemies or just plain long range. You defiantly want to kill them if they trap one of your teammates or they will be trapped for a long time.

And the gold ones will also try to move away taking your teammate with them and take more hits to destroy. Their tough shells make it impossible to attack with Flight formation. Beware both kinds of turtles shoot off deadly energy pulses that are very wide and long range, the two kinds of turtles have to be handed slightly different.

You can flip both with a Tornado. You can easily get them with Power Formation. You can also turn them over with a Tornado in Speed formation, but this is normally slower than Power.

Tougher than the Green Turtles, they can hide in their shells and be totally protected.

sonic heroes super hard mode ending relationship

They can only be attacked by Power formation if you catch them firing with their heads out of their shells. Level 3 Homing Attack is particularly effective with these guys.

Two different kinds, can be killed by normal means but watch out, some of these can flip over and change from one type to the other. They send out a tune that heals the other robots in the vicinity, take them out quickly so you will not have problems killing the rest. Dangerous, if they catch you off guard they will cast a spell that will trap you for a short period of time and take away rings.

These red or yellow guys are tough and shoot out very long and kind of wide beams. They have shields, but actually Flight is the best because unlike other shielded robots they can be paralyzed especially when they are firing that laser. With a level 0 or 1 flight character I like to stun them with Thundershoot then switch to power, but the best are level 2 or 3 flight characters that can kill them quite quickly.

Sonic Heroes Review

Don't use speed formation on them at all. For the really tough yellow ones consider using Team Blast on them. These are the hardest enemies to kill and come in two kinds.

They either swing their giant hammers around and around or try to smash you with them. Flight formation can stun the regular ones, but Speed does noting at all, these guys need to be fought with Power. If you do not want to bother you can just Team Blast them. The worst enemy in the entire game. Their helmet protects them from all types of attacks.

Your best bet is to Team Blast them, even if your gauge is not full if there are a lot of them especially I find it quicker to just attack with Thundershoot some distance away to fill up the gauge or use the Team Blast glitch then Team Blast them. If you really want to attack them without Team Blast, you must first knock off the helmet with a Tornado or a level 3 Homing Attack and about the only way to safely do that is if they just fell down after spinning round and round.

You can also try Thundershooting or Power if you speed is at level 3, the tornado effect the Speed character gains may blow the helmet off too. Then after the helmet is gone you can only attack the green spot on the top of it's head with preferably Power formation, still very tricky. Annoying, but not worth points at all and Team Blast does not affect them.

Each Ring you pick up is worth 10 points. One ring may not sound like it makes much of a difference, but it can. Think about this, a 5 ring item box is worth 50 points, 10 rings20 ringsso think about that before you think about ignoring rings. Also you keep the points even if you lose the ring so you don't have to worry about keeping your rings at all in score missions, only in Team Rose Extra Missions.

Different numbers of rings you dash in a row are worth different amounts of points! If there are at least 4 rings lined up in a row I often will change to Speed Formation just to Light Speed Dash them to pick up extra points, it can make a major difference.

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  • Sonic Heroes is truer to its 2D roots than any other 3D Sonic game before it.

Also remember you can Light Speed Dash circles of rings and sometimes other weird shapes. In the levels you will encounter three Rainbow colored Hoops in the air. If you go though them you get extra points of course, if the main character goes though one and if one team mate makes it and more on top of that first if the second one makes it, but you will not get the extra point bonus if your teammate goes though the same hoop you did.

These hoops appear in different formations corresponding to what team formation you need to go though them with, here are a few examples. Three perfectly one after another, like a tube: Either Speed formation or Power formation in Fight Pose. Power or Speed depending on how spread out they are. You get points for each power core you pick up in a level. You sometimes get points for finding stuff in Team Chaotix missions.

You get extra points for each level you have leveled up each character. You may also get a Time Bonus, but this varies by level how important they are. So, instead of cooking up another hop-happy Mario clone, they focused their efforts on speed.

As a result, one of the most visceral franchises of the bit era was born. However, the transition from 2D to 3D was a hard one for Sonic, and the series lost a lot of its focus in the process by trading in speed for action adventure elements and introducing an unnecessary--and unnecessarily large--supporting cast of characters.

Sonic Heroes strips away a lot of the elements that slowed down the Sonic Adventure backpedals on a lot of the design decisions made in the Sonic Adventure games, and though it still exhibits many of the camera and control issues that vexed Sonic's previous forays into 3D, it's truer to its 2D roots than any other 3D Sonic game before it.

Sonic Heroes drops the adventure and picks up some speed. Sonic Heroes strips out a lot of the shooting and hunting stuff found in the Sonic Adventure games, but it retains the large cast of characters. The game gets away with this by giving you control of three characters at once and dividing the characters up into four different teams--Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, and Team Chaotix.

Each team member has his or her own strengths, and your abilities as a team change depending on which character you have set as the team leader. The team members are color-coded for easy reference, so blue characters have the most speed, yellow characters can fly, and red characters can bust through blocks that are otherwise impenetrable.

The game makes it easy to switch your team leader on the fly, and you can cycle through team members by simply pressing the X and Y buttons. There are times, such as when you're in the air, that you're unable to swap out your team leader, which can lead to some awkward moments. It generally works well, though, and once you've mastered the different team formation abilities, swapping out team leaders becomes like second nature. The inclusion of the four different teams, however, seems a bit pointless since the game is virtually identical for all four of the teams, save for some different story elements in between levels.

To be blunt, no one cares about these peripheral characters that Sonic Team seems hell-bent on pushing on gamers. People play Sonic games to play as Sonic the Hedgehog.

There's a little bit of light combat, which requires only a modicum of skill and strategy for proficiency, but for the most part, Sonic Heroes tries its hardest to recapture the hectic pace of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games.

You'll race down lots of narrow paths that are loaded with speed strips, corkscrews, and loops; you'll bounce off of strategically placed bumpers; you'll grind along miles of rails that seem to be suspended in thin air; and you'll frantically try to outrun pursuing enemies and rising lava levels. The different level themes, which include Sonic staples like the sandy beach, the sparks-and-fire factory, and the ever-popular casino-inspired pinball machine levels, will feel familiar to Sonic fans.

The levels are loaded with lots of different paths that cater to the strengths of the different team leaders, thus allowing you to lean on whichever of the three team formations you feel most comfortable with. The level designs are pretty straightforward, though you'll occasionally find portions that aren't entirely intuitive.

Moreover, it's likely that you'll find yourself plummeting into a bottomless nothing without any idea of what you did wrong more than once. The game's not terribly long, and most players should be able to wrap it up in around six hours.

Fortunately, it is free of the bad action adventure filler that made up large portions of the Sonic Adventure games, thereby providing a more satisfying experience overall. When Sonic Heroes works the way it's supposed to, the action is fast and exciting.