Link and midna relationship goals

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link and midna relationship goals

First: Ilia, the childhood friend; second: Midna, the knavish imp and loyal midna . Character: Midna. Relationship: Traveling Companion to free Link from prison , with the caveat that he would then assist Midna in her goals. And as Midna and Link's relationship progresses, the Twili only bombard it and have a goal to demolish it. Will Link, Midna, and their budding. telink | Tumblr Legend Of Zelda, Relationship Goals, Nintendo, Peach, Legends,. Visit . Link x Midna creepy, um I have no idea what to think of this.

link and midna relationship goals

The need to lock all entrances to the palace. It was all highly probable that most was going to happen to him. All was expected to begin within the next few minutes. The queen stood in her balcony, speaking down to the mass below her. I've been told that you all were informed of my week's absence of recent. Over my leave, I have been married to the man whom you will call your King.

Thus, I shall introduce him, your new king, the hero of twilight, Link. Taking a deep breath, the blond took a step forward, out of the shelter of the castle, and out into the crisp air above the Twili.

Attempting to seem as welcoming as possible, he greeted the mass with a grin and waved his hand gently in the air. The clamor began strong, but fell short rather quickly. The roars and cheers turned to nothing. The waving hands halted, falling back to the Twili's sides. Link took in a breath and his eyes flickered from the mass of Twili, to Midna, and back. Still, he kept a smile a grin on his face, as it was best to please his new subjects. However, his friendly appearance faded as shouts and curses were slung up at Link.

Threats of all kinds were thrown, mostly ones of death; in fear, Midna reached for the blonde's hand and dragged him back into the castle with her.

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Releasing him, Midna peered out the window, watching as the small army began to calm the crowd. Her attention was taken away as she heard a thud against the floor. Whipping her head around, she saw Link was leaned against the wall, in a small ball on the floor, head in his knees. Kneeling down beside him, the Twili rested her hand upon his shoulder. You can calm down. They're not going to hurt you or me," she spoke in a soft voice, attempting to calm her obviously panicking husband.

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Lifting his head, Links' gaze barely met with the queen's. They are the oppressors! We cannot have a minority rule the majority! In a comical moment when Link first sees her true form, she is amused by his silence and asks, "Am I so beautiful that you've no words left?

Characteristics and Gameplay Midna's true form Standing a head taller than Princess Zelda, Midna possesses orange hair, red eyes and a pale blueish complexion from the Twilight Realm. She wears a hooded cloak in similar design to Zant's leading some to believe that this may be some kind of royalty garb. With this, she wears a half-dress that reveals one leg bare, and a headdress or crown. Her design has an "air of the Middle East" to it. Since Midna is one of the Twili, Midna is unable to withstand the light in Hyrule and, as such, hides in Link's shadow whenever he is in the Light World.

After Princess Zelda sacrifices herself and transfers her light essence to Midna, she is able from then on to take her physical form even when she's not in the Twilight; however, she still chooses to hide in Link's shadow for most of the game.

Midna's function in the game is like that of Link's previous companions: When Link is a WolfMidna will ride on top of him and be able to create an energy field to help the young hero lock on to enemies and defeat them easily, as seen in the case of Twilit Messengers.

When Wolf Link is in a certain area or near a faraway platform, Midna's icon will flash, which, when pressed, will make Midna float over to that area that Wolf Link can jump to.

This is especially helpful to Link since it allows him to reach otherwise inaccessible platforms. Obtaining the Shadow Crystal later on in the game will allow Midna to switch Link between human and wolf as desired. Abilities Midna pretending to be Ilia Throughout the course of the game, Midna portrays several abilities both in the Light and Twilight worlds.

The most notable one is that she is able to warp Link through the portals of the Twilight at any given time provided that Link can transform into a wolf without anyone noticing him.

Moreover, she can easily change her appearance and transform into other people: Midna changes her appearance to look exactly like Ilia and Colin as she reminds Link of who else he needs to rescue.

After Link gathers a sword and a shield for Midna to use, she tries to use them, but is displeased by their power, so she vanishes them into the Twilight and keeps them for Link until they are needed. She can also hide in the light world as Link's shadow while he's in his human form. The most important power contained within the true Twilight Princess is the ability to utterly shatter the Mirror of Twilight.

Khina prepared Link for the worst, she had said. Today, he only stood shaking as Midna tried to ease his fears. They were finally reopening the palace doors for the public. And, according to the guards, there was already a large crowd of young twili waiting.

Link expected lots of lashes and threats towards him, but Midna only reassured him, resting her hand on his. As she looked over at him seated in his throne, an expression that obviously screamed 'panic' flooded his face. But, as Midna smiled, his discomposed expression abated away.

link and midna relationship goals

If the guards are right and this is a younger crowd of the twili, you'll be fine! They're rather accepting compared to the older generation. Besides, I'll be able to write down the names of the ones we like to be chosen for the new council in a few months.

They… all they've done to us is restrict us and take over. I was only passed down the powers from my parents back then. I've only been in power for a few months. So, in according to tradition, I do not have enough 'experience' to overthrow the council that my parents had. Trust me; I would've done it already if I could. You should have more power than them. The council is there to give citizen input, so it's fairer, I presume. It was a young girl — still in school.

With respectful greetings to both Link and Midna with their proper titles, she mainly focused on Link, asking him various questions. Some about his duty as the hero, others like how he met Midna, how does it feel to be the only Hylian in the Twilight Realm, and many more.

And, as Midna had said, she was very open to the idea of a light dweller being their king. In fact, she had seemed very supportive of it. For the most part, the rest of the visitors were similar, except for the few older twili who came to bash. But, by Midna's request, they were quickly escorted out. Several hours later and the doors closed. With an exasperated sigh, Link slumped down in his chair — a grin planted on his face. Goddesses, how long did that take?

I've got around thirty names to choose from but I'm starving. Why didn't you tell me? We could've gotten somebody to get you food? Is the baby okay?

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Is that why you're hungry? Midna's face only turned a bright red and she knocked her head back out of laughter, leaving Link in a confused blunder. While he questionably stared at her, brow raised and a part in his lips, Midna wrapped her arm around his shoulder and began to lead him back to their chambers. The next week passing with flying colors — no disturbances, troubles. It was rather peaceful. Link didn't expect a calm week at all with the circumstances of the twili council.

He knew certain things would be brought up at the meeting that day. The meeting was the one postponed after his small incident with a minor councilman. He wasn't going to screw it up this time — nope.

link and midna relationship goals

He wanted it to remain as placid as possible. With a sigh, Link tossed and turned under the sheets, slowly waking up from the night's slumber.

Sitting up, he rubbed his eyes with his hands before opening them. With a quick glance back, he expected Midna to be sprawled out across the bed. But, what he expected was not there. All he heard was a wretched cough come from across the suite. Standing to his feet, Link hurried to the source of the sound, stopping in the doorframe of the room.

Alone in the washroom, with a small lantern lit, was Midna crouched on the floor, emptying the contents of her stomach into a small wastebin. Quickly entering the room, Link knelt down beside her, wrapping his arms around her. With a small gasp, Midna glanced up at him and the shock left her face in an instant. I was getting up anyway.