Rikuo and yuki onna relationship goals

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rikuo and yuki onna relationship goals

Nura Rikuo, may be an ordinary boy. Ryuuji glared at Rikuo and Tsurara. After a couple of arguments, Yura finally left the Keikain House with a new goal in . In the story, the first one who like Rikuo is YukiOnna and then second is Kana, but there's no Veronica relationship between Kana and Yura. As a child, Rikuo respected and looked up to yōkai, playing pranks on members of desperate to prevent his school friends from learning of his connection to yōkai. When Rikuo becomes the new head of the Nura Clan, Tsurara is " promoted" into To reach this goal of immortality, Abe devised a means for his mother.

So, where does this King's Group reside in? But since you Onmyouji don't seem particularly educated I'll give you a hint. So we called ourselves Exorcists now. And my name is…oops, save that for later. Seems you've sent me company. Why have I never heard of these guys? There's no way those things exist! They work side by side with Youkai like you.

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This is the attire for a Knight of Rounds. Like Knight of the Round Tables? That fictional legends stuff? Humans can't possibly live for that long. Rikuo raised an eyebrow, " You say it's disgusting that Youkai and Onmyouji work side by side. But, look at the Demons storming the Keikain House.

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Aren't you doing the same thing?! The man's eyes opened widely, "Exorcists working beside Demons?

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I'm ruling over them. They obey us Exorcists. We killed their leader, Dracula and they've been obedient ever since. Isn't he with Ryuuji? Why do they want Kiyoshi? I'm the 3rd generation leader of the Hyakki Yako. You won't get past me. It's not only the age of adulthood in the youkai world, but Kana was cursed by the Purple Mirror to die at that age.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship goals

Gyuuki is this, twice. Rikuo's grandfather beat him and made him his friend centuries earlier, then Rikuo does the same when he and Gyuuki end up fighting. At first tasked to assassinate Rihan, Kurotabou learns he has been brainwashed by Sanmoto Gorozaemon and joins the Nura Clan after helping Rihan dispose of Sanmoto and his former group, the Hyakku Monogatari.

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Aotabou falls ass backwards into becoming the leader of a Japanese delinquent biker gang. Rihan apparently does this a lot. Enough that it drives Kubinashi to swear. Does This Remind You of Anything? After Rikuo uses his new Matoi ability with Tsurara, allowing them to combine their attacks, other characters talk about using it with him, and the conversation makes it seem like they all want to sleep with him.

This comes complete with Tsurara becoming angry that Rikuo has already used Matoi with other people and refusing to do it with him again when he asks. Also, after he uses the Matoi ability, when he asks Itaku to use the Matoi ability with him, the dialogue sounds like he wants him to sleep with him.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship goals

I want you, Itaku. So in addition to your habit of swinging them around when you think the person is an enemy, your weapons actually shrink when you feel pressurized!

Will you stop it! And you're drinking already?! Dragon with an Agenda: Implied with Rihan first wife, Yamabuki Otome who couldn't bear his children due to Gitsune's curse. When her memory returns after the Kyoto battle, she tells Rikuo that he's the son they should've had. Chapter Torii and Maki display Genre Savvy by hiding with a group of girls in a place where Mook Youkai can't enter without permission.

So, the one making the Youkai simply turns the walls and windows into Youkai, bypassing the permission thing.

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It absorbs the spirits of those it kills and transforms them into power for its wielder. The more it kills, the more it looks like a living thing. It was originally Sanmoto's heart. The anime is extending the Shikoku arc using more encounters with the enemy.

However, in the latest omake chapter, 'Tsurara's Love Comedy', Tsurara is ordered by her mother to steal a kiss from Rikuo before she leaves.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship goals

While in school searching for Rikuo, she is told that he is in the gym with Kana, and becomes jealous. Therefore, she rushed over there, only to find that she herself was alone with Rikuo. Suddenly, the equipment in the gym collapsed, causing Rikuo to fall on top of her, and later even initiating a kiss. However, this was interrupted by Aotabou.

It is hinted that Rikuo has a crush on Tsurara in the tankobon when he was asked when will he marry Tsurara and blushed. He is not above arguing with him if he thinks Karasu-Tengu's decisions are unnecessary.

Because of his small size, Rikuo can easily swat Karasu-Tengu away if he's annoying him. Kubinashi Kubinashi is loyal too, and cares a lot for, Rikuo.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship goals

She is one of the two most loyal follower the other one is Tsurara of Rikuo. After Gyuki's attempt to kill him for the sake of the Nura clan, Rikuo learned of how devoted Gyuki is to the clan and his grandfather.