Shivaya and sheesha relationship goals

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relations: "Bhagavad Gita As It Is" trial in Russia, A Deal in Ostriches, A Flight Om (John Coltrane album), Om Namah Shivay (TV series), Om Namah Shivaya, as Anantashayana Vishnu (both literally "sleeping on the serpent Shesha"), is a .. Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached is a sloka of Katha. Lord Shankar did not remember or meditate upon 'Om Namah Shivaya'. . It depicts the duties of relationships, portraying ideal characters like the ideal father , . It means that Rama's life is not only the path of illustration but also the goal to . He is portrayed as an avatar of the Shesha, the nāga associated with the Vishnu. This is also the weapon used by Lord Shiva to sever the head of his own son, Ganesha. Couple Games: “Tujhe kitna pyar karte hai sanam” and Bihar { now Jharkhand} to participate jointly for the purpose of building DVC. .. “ Sheesha ho ya dil ho, aakhir tut jata hai; lab tak aate aate, hathon se sagar.

The woman was walking along a bay in Melbourne when she became distracted by her Facebook feed and plummeted off the pier into the chilly water. They found her flailing around about 20m from pier, clutching on desperately to her mobile phone. According to the authorities, the woman — a foreigner — later apologized. Fortunately she managed to hang onto her phone. In this case, for dear life. The woman, Savita, left her husband and took their two children to go live with her parents about three years ago because she was sick of having to go to the bathroom out in the open.

Devkaran Malviya, 30, married Savita about seven years ago. After Savita left, she sought monthly maintenance from Malviya. However, it was only during court proceedings that the dirty details about the unsanitary toilet situation came to light. With overhits, the video features two young Vietnamese nicknamed Karik and OnlyC rapping as lyrics are shown in the background. The rap is about a girl who takes off her clothes to give to her boyfriend after she breaks up with him.

She starts fully clothed as she walks down a road in a wellto-do urban suburb, finishing off only in her lingerie and stilettos. Just two weeks after the first video was uploaded, several others like it have also hit the web.

Defending your Dong In response to the recent Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, one enterprising Japanese company has manufactured radiation-proof underwear for those wanting to protect their nether parts from natural, or in this instance, unnatural disasters. In another development, a Japanese company has launched a line of cameltoe underwear to wear to parties.

The nationwide smoking ban has long been in the works and several cities have banned smoking in public places. However, up until now, enforcement has been lax.

Give those arrows a bigger target by taking your sweetheart on these fun dates. Opt for the VND1. The only pitfall in between you and the perfect date is forgetting the toothpicks.

Start out with a Valentine-inspired set menu at Milan Restaurant from 6pm to Nothing impresses the ladies quite like a good glass of wine, or three. Embark on this wine journey for VND, per person.

Dinner for Two The Press Club hanoi-pressclub. A choice of beef fillet or grilled Norwegian salmon for the main course, ending with a decadent raspberry mousse with mango coulis and chocolate garnish for dessert.

Dinner and a Room Melia Hotel melia. Imagine dinner followed by a stay in your own executive suite. At Melia Hanoi, this dream date can be a reality, adding in a delectable seafood buffet dinner to the swanky package.

Indulge in a spread of tempting appetisers, scrumptious fresh seafood mains and sweet desserts at El Patio Restaurant, ending off with a sparkling toast and perhaps the promise of another date. But even latecomers are in luck, with a special menu and flower bouquet. Book one nights at VND2.

Ho Chi minh city what s on www. For more information visit lifebright. The Saigon Players March production of Two will play at 7. With an Indochine Night including a buffet, a complimentary free flow of wine and beer between 7pm and 9pm, there will be live music in the garden between 8pm and 9pm, and then later on DJs until midnight. With a raffle and free draft beer and rum sours until late, expect a night of fun, booze and of course great cuisine.

Monsoon is at 1 Cao Ba Nha, Q1 or at facebook. Aptly named the Early Bird, this buy-one-get-one special on cocktails, house pours, wine and beer is guaranteed to get you flying between the hours of 6pm and 9pm.

This actually improves on their kicking happy hour, maintaining the same discount on some of the best cocktails in town but stepping it up a bit on the previously percent-discounted rest of the menu. And on Tuesdays, the buy-one-get-one extends into the wee hours with Double Trouble, another fairly literal description of what the night holds for its patrons. Again utilising the two-gallery setup, Galerie Quynh is presenting new and unseen work by big-time California-based artist Lien Truong.

Through the use of humans, mythical creatures and imperialist landscapes of the 18th century, as well as the writings of literary and cultural critic Edward Said, she interrogates our collective history and invents new narratives. The exhibition goes until Mar. Disrupted Choreographies proposes alternate narratives between colonial histories, collective behaviour, systems of class and ideological thought. More information is available at anneefrancevietnam.

The exhibition is on from Feb. Sith Saigon Artbook Volume 2 Saigon Artbook is now two books into its ambitious project — capturing never-beforeseen works by three Saigon area artists in a limited-run art book given out for free at buzzed-about parties. Saigon Artbook Edition 2 is available for download at saigonartbook. Ride your mountain bikes through the tough jungle terrain of Cat Tien National Park, navigate circuitous rivers by kayak and breaststroke and stomp some leeches in the jungle run.

The quadrathlon is only open to 33 companies, sending two of their fittest competitors each. Company participation rates are VND4. To register or find out more, email info talai-adventure. Now with a food prep and takeout area in the front, and an airy sit-down dining space in the back, Zeus is also making strides with its menu, with fork-and-knife dishes like moussaka and fried rabbit introduced as mains, and a perfectly toothsome baklava as dessert.

Zeus is at Cong Quynh, Q1, and on eat. With two chrome-topped tables replete with plastic stools to go with the streetside stand, this is a great little place to get your fix of Mexico.

Here there are no swirls or twists, frills or extravagances. Think the likes of sole meuniere, magret de canard, terrine de fois gras, beef tournedos and salmon and tuna tartare. Mains cost around the VND, mark. La Closerie has already developed a following, and rightly so. Boasting a fusion menu that intends to take you even further afield, with options ranging from Japanese sashimi to Swedish salmon gravlax, the space is designed by Julien Smith of Less is More Design.

Run together with a close friend, who she regards as a sister, the new venture sits on the space formerly inhabited by Zen, and is another step forward in the gradual gentrification of The Pham.

Light wood panelling lines the beige walls together with locally themed artwork. Add in the garden furniture-style tables and chairs, and there is a fresh and airy ambience to the space. At present the menu is the same in both restaurants with Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican and Western cuisine all served under the same roof. However, over time this is set to change.

And as ever, visa and motorbike rental services are available. And one of the most impressive of the new additions is Cobalt, occupying the 30th and 31st floors of Pullman Saigon Centre. For bookings call 08 or visit pullman-saigon-centre. T3 has also designed a special range of furniture for EMM, a mix of hardwood and laminated, between vintage appeal and modern chic.

They intend to develop 11 hotels under the EMM brand in the next five years. Propaganda Restaurant serves classic Vietnamese cuisine, bistro style, with a strong emphasis on design and some clever turns on typical dishes.

But for one day, you can drink 30 beers at 6am Monday morning and yell at the TV. That day is upon us. Take your sweetheart out to Van Thanh for the day, and fill them up with poolside ice creams.

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See Big 5 Luscious Libations. Saigon Soul F or seven Saturdays stretching from Feb. Art and Music Festival. See Big 5 Melting Pot 4: From 1pm Saigon Outcast Midnight Xpress. Last Call February Word 29 hanoi www. Daluva Restaurant has you set, pairing the romantic atmosphere with special dishes and matching wine for the sultry evening. Reservations are necessary for Feb. From the heart-pounding apocalyptic thriller Hell — back by popular demand from the installment — to a subtle yet gripping family drama, Home for the Weekend, GoetheInstitut brings films that have already taken German audiences by storm, and will surely capture the hearts of Hanoi film-goers.

Also set for the week long cinematic extravaganza is Berlin-based coming of age story Oh Boy! The German Film Week begins on Feb. Films are shown at 7pm, with two matinee showings of Grimm fairytales on Feb. All films are captioned with Vietnamese subtitles, with a majority also subtitled in English. For more information, contact info hanoi. Made up of JC, Spectrum and Vaughan, LDN Underground ensues a night of pulsating bodies on the dance floor as they dish out their arsenal of beats all night.

LDN Underground is on Feb. Entrance is free 30 Word February From sewing to drawing to Photoshop, learn authentic craft skills from internationally qualified practitioners at Work Room Four. Now located in Module 7 in the scenic Tay Ho area, it is always great to pick up a new skill or hone those that you already have down pat.

Rudrakshi had no expectations from Daksh because it was eternal true feel and she believed in True Love is sacrifice and wanted his happiness wholeheartedly. So with heavy heart she said bye to him. He had slight clue of her feelings and didnot want to hurt her and wished her goodluck for future. She just told Daksh over a chat how he inspired her back into writing and he just said one line that keeps her going till date-Keep up the Good Work.

Remember Life gets better. She sincerely asked him to chase his soccer dreams always. As they parted their ways, the song coincidentally played in college mess was-Sheesha ho ya dil ho aakhir toot jata hain and Rudrakshi just laughed thinking how weird things seem with such co-incidences.

Rudrakshi nicknamed Daksh as "DEV D" not he is some Devdas but she refrains emotional attyachar as he means the world to her: As time passed by, Rudrakshi told Kabir how she genuinely fell for Daksh and how lucky she is to have a best buddy who unknowingly eased her pain by his magical presence and at same time Kabir also was coping with his recent breakup with Christine, Spanish national whom he met in college exchange fest.

Meanwhile Rudrashi's father fell ill and was admitted in hospital. Those crucial moments Rudrakshi used to talk with other college close buddies Shankar Nath, Bhabesh, Vanessa, Kaushik whom she trusted and confided everything and one of them she treated like her own younger brother named Subroto Sen. After a while when her father was discharged from the hospital and there was a Mohit Chauhan Live in concert at St. Unable to move on from Daksh's thoughts in head she decided to watch the concert with friends in her hometown.

That night she was restless and message Daksh wishing him all the marital bliss ahead thinking he is going to tie the knot with his sweetheart soon. Kumar posting about the other batch's convocation. She just clicked generally to know about the event and her happiness knew no bounds to see Dakshi winning a medal in the prestigious convocation ceremony. Rudrakshi remembered in her birthchart it was mentioned she will be lucky for her beloved friends.

Kaushik was excited to break the news to Rudrakshi about Daksh "Dada" as he fondly addresses his college senior. But before he could, Rudrakshi interrupted as she knows everything about her 1st love before anyone else. Kaushik was a brat who loves to travel and was dating Karishma, bold beauty he encountered in one of his trip to Switzerland-olalala romantic city where even Raj-Simran DDLJ romance was shot.

Rudrakshi was talking to Bhavesh who broke strange yet shocking news to her that Daksh was dumped by his girlfriend. Rudrakshi brushed it aside causally thinking it to be some rubbish rumour. After a month, romantic dreamy girl's world was shattered as the man who loved her the most in this wide world left for heavenly abode and yes we getting it right here, her beloved Father whose one of the greatest desire to see his daughter's marriage.

Rudrakshi was torn apart and only strength in such testing time for her was her doubtfree Faith in Her Mahadev and Buddhist chant. She was super active member of a Buddhist Organization spread across countries and originated in Japan. Shankar Nath, her true friend used to always cheer her and she confided in him about her liking for Daksh. Shankar respected her thoughts and said this wonderful line that Love is too perfect in his mind just like poetry is for him.

He made her smile citing Ghalib-Duniya Main aur bhi gaam hain Mohabbat ke siwa: At midnight she received most touching message wherein Daksh said God will give her the strength to cope her with such precious personal loss and he is sure she will meet a great guy and much better than him in future. Also added his signature line she adored like hell-Remember, Life gets better: As days passed and Rudrakshi contemplating to leave Shillong and seek greener pastures on her work front and she was happy to know that Daksh and others got great job offers.

Daksh will be based in Kolkata closer to home sweet home and so his happiness knew no bounds.