How do build a relationship with god

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how do build a relationship with god

As Christians grow in faith, we hunger for a deeper relationship with God and give you every help you need to build an intense, intimate relationship with him. “How do I build a relationship with God?” is a question I'm often asked, and it's tempting to make the process more complicated than it needs to be. This post is. Just like when our relationships here on earth, a relationship with God takes time just a few of the several ways you can begin to build and grow the relationship.

God wants you to know how much He loves you. He wants to offer support and guidance to you. Sometimes I only recognize God's voice in retrospect.

6 Simple Steps To Building A Relationship With God

Make contact throughout your day. Being in touch with God doesn't have to be only during times of meditation or prayer. It can be while you're on the run, when you're in the midst of activities, or when you have a moment's break. Malcolm Boyd wrote a wonderful book back in the sixties whose theme is still relevant today: Take action when you hear God's voice.

If you feel God is guiding you or telling you something, take action on it as soon as possible. The insight you receive may only show you where to take the next step, but once you've taken that step, the following step will appear in front of you.

Even though there is electrical power in your house, the light doesn't turn on until you have flipped the switch to harness that power.

how do build a relationship with god

God's power is waiting for you to remember to flip the switch. I believe in the notion of the Trinity—that God is three-in-one: If you identify with one form more than another, by all means, use that in your visualization of God. Make these six steps regular practices, and expect it to take time.

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You'll find yourself gradually learning to recognize God's voice and beginning to trust it. One day, you'll realize you're in a relationship with God that is treasured and invaluable in your life. And what exactly does that mean? This is the commandment, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in it. In the Bible, the word walk is often used to refer to one's lifestyle—how we live our life.

To walk according to God's Word means to apply it, to put it into action. To walk with God means to obey His commandments and to follow—imitate—Jesus' example. This includes keeping the Fourth Commandment as Jesus did.

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Observing God's Sabbath day provides a whole day to focus on drawing close to God. As you see, we must talk and walk with God. Does spiritual fasting also help in drawing close to God?

So we fasted and entreated our God for this, and He answered our prayer. Fasting is valuable when we are faced with a big problem and we urgently need God's help. Even when we aren't faced with big problems, we should fast occasionally as a special form of worship and to draw closer to God. When you sincerely fast, God is pleased and will help you grow spiritually.

5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With God

When we meditate on God's ways and His creation, can we learn valuable lessons? As we discussed in Lesson 4 in this series, God has two primary means of revealing Himself to humanity: His written revelation—the Bible—and the evidence of creation.

Creation is fascinating, because we never cease to learn from it and be inspired by it. From creation we learn many things about the Creator. Will we be much closer to God if we stay away from bad influences? As God has said: I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you.

We often must choose between exposing ourselves to bad influences or surrounding ourselves with good influences including other believers. God is very displeased when we choose evil or what will lead us toward evil. The mind is like a sponge that will soak up whatever you expose it to, whether good or evil, and what goes in stays in, to a great extent. A computer is a good comparison. A computer's output depends on what was input. Garbage in, garbage out.

God knows our every thought. Don't allow experiences and thoughts in that you will be ashamed of when you face God. Do materialism and an overly-busy life interfere with relationships? You cannot serve God and mammon [money, materialism]. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Money is not evil, but the love of money is a major root of evil. So, yes, materialism and a super-busy life interfere with all our relationships and especially our relationship with God.

how do build a relationship with god

They can choke to death our spiritual life like weeds choke to death the life of garden plants. When money and things become overly important to us, they are becoming our gods, which means we are breaking the first of the Ten Commandments by prioritizing them over God. Are satanic and demonic influences a significant danger?

As you listen, God will speak to your heart and you will find the answers that you are looking for. Worship Worship is recognizing and acknowledging God for who He is and what He has done in your life. It can be through music or spoken word. It can be through the written word, dance or art. Whatever way you were created to worship, do it.

Worship is not only powerful for us but is a great tool for fighting when the enemy attacks. Fellowship You will never regret having a deep intimate relationship with Him. We were never meant to be lone rangers. We learn about God through others. What they have overcome gives us to courage to face what we are going through and win. That is why the church is so important.