How to end a relationship with client

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how to end a relationship with client

Managing client relationships with care has always been essential for to their online reputation is to end a business relationship in a haphazard way – with the . That's why I was interested in a recent guest blog titled “How to End the Client Relationship” over at WritingWhitePapers written by Sharon. How to decide if ending a client relationship is the right move; How to frame your How do you end it without burning bridges or closing yourself off to future.

How To Break Up With A Client Without Burning The Bridge

To show you an example of how to frame a conversation, take a look at this email I sent to one of my clients: There are three points I used to help frame my email: What approach can you take to absolve your client of blame?

This should be based in the truth. Immediately is probably more preferable. I offered my services between the 30th March and 30 June to give my clients a three notice month period.

how to end a relationship with client

I was flying to Sri Lanka on the 10th of July, so that gave me a 10 day period of wiggle room incase anything went wrong. Your period can be shorter or longer depending on your project and the client.

how to end a relationship with client

Make The Transition Easy Think of how you can make the interruption to their business as small as possible. Here are some suggestions of positive actions you can take: Focus on offering value and reducing the friction for your client. How will I contact my client? What am I going to say? Is your client someone who wants to get on the phone and hash things out quickly? Do they prefer to converse by email so they can digest information and formulate a response?

Or do you conduct your meetings in person? My clients have generally only ever spoken to me by email. Most of the time, meeting them in person is most preferable but not always possiblea phone call second, and an email last. Write a draft and have a few people you trust look at it.

This makes it much easier to confidently and clearly explain yourself. You can even practice the call or meeting with other people if you need to. Reiterate how much you valued working with their business - even if the experience was overly challenging.

Breaking Up With a Client: How to Leave Without Burning Bridges

You never know when you might cross paths again in the future with the client or its team, so it is always best to end on a positive, amicable note. Never argue or become condescending - listen attentively and do everything in your power to remain calm as your business relationship changes.

Retaining a negative relationship on the client roster might only be good for the bottom line and nothing else; because no team thrives on servicing a client that they do not admire or enjoy. Too many agencies cling to clients for far too long in the fear that they will not be able to replace the income.

Good management planning is essential here and I would recommend the use of a client satisfaction barometer.

Assess the Situation Now What? Get in touch with their new account services rep. Are they taking the work in-house? No matter what the situation, find your point of contact, and keep communication clear. Divide the Property Who Gets What? If that's the case, you can simply remove yourself from the account access after making sure they still have their credentials on file.

If you're the agency that set up different services for the client, this part can get a little tricky. No matter what, follow your contract. If the contract is unclear, go with your gut on what feels right, and communicate that with the client.