How to give a ted talk youtube relationship

how to give a ted talk youtube relationship

We compiled this list of the best inspirational TED Talks to give you an doing what you love to building more open relationships with others. and the most useful and inspiring Youtube videos about gratitude. Photographers who enjoyed Schwartzberg's TED Talk should give this one a .. and speaker Jane Ransom discusses the relationship between gratitude. TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, What makes life worth living in the face of death A queer vision of love and marriage.

There are many examples given to better understand the connection of math to love. Hannah Fry gave three tips on how mathematics can help with online dating success, selecting the perfect partner, and how to avoid divorce. It is a story of how an experiment that involves asking 36 personal questions led to two strangers falling in love.

The story itself is not that hard to tell. It is the follow-up question regarding the outcome that is difficult to prove.

14 Best TED Talks on YouTube Your Relationships Will Thank You For

I love this TED Talk because I understood how the power of simple questions turns into conversation that will eventually lead to falling in love between strangers.

Mandy Len Catron talked about her own experience which made an impact on how we view the process of building relationships.

She made it clear that falling in love is different from staying in love. The lesson is relatable to those hopeless romantics that would want to take a shortcut to love, wanting to discover if the 36 personal questions are effective enough to create and guarantee a lasting love.

10 Best Inspirational TED Talks You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

The traditional ways have been annihilated and totally changed as the years go by. We have become narcissistic especially when it comes to wanting to be desired and lost all traditions of tenderness and acceptance. This must be seen and read by the new generation of people who has a wrong perception about what love is. It explains that in the advent of technological advancements and popularity of social media, there is no direct effect in the true meaning of love itself.

I loved this TED Talk because I understood the real effect of technology in the way we express our love for another.

how to give a ted talk youtube relationship

Helen Fisher clearly differentiated that it is the process of courtship and slowing down of how we enjoy love that is affected by technology, and not actual love. For singles depending on online dating sites, they have to know that while technology may present us with a lot of choices on who to meet, it will not dictate who we choose to love.

The Science of Love: In the end, the invention of the hologram becomes connected to how we view love as something like a personal goal. I loved this TED Talk because I was carried away by the fact that we think we are doing things for love without taking into consideration the consequences that go with it.

They discuss the factors on how they are not any different from others who are considered male and female by society. It does not marginalize them or prevent them from experiencing the same love and freedom that others enjoy. Perfect way to tell everyone that acceptance is the key to a great love and good marriage.

It also mentions the different chemicals that are involved when we feel the emotions that go with it. I loved this TED Talk because I found out that love can be observed by the sudden changes in the activities inside the brain. Helen Fisher tackled the different ways in which a person can act according to what he or she thinks is love. The human brain cannot lie and it wants love, motivation, craving, and focus. This is for those who are literally and figuratively addicted to love.

Jealousy changes the way we see the person we love. I loved this TED Talk because I understood the hidden truths about jealousy through comparison of fiction and reality. Parul Sehgal was able to demystify where jealousy comes from and where it takes us.

Jealousy is always present in love and relationships, and it is good to learn the behavioral effects and realizations we can make out of it. Because even when she was swamped by the despair of rejection and failure, she returned home to the one thing she loved more than she loved herself: And so, when Eat, Pray, Love thrust her in the opposite direction of all her failures and put her under the withering glare of the spotlight, she was able to find balance and harmony by returning, once again, to the thing she loved the most.

How to make stress your friend. In this illuminating Ted Talk, McGonigal takes the idea that stress—pinpointed as a cause of everything from cardiovascular disease to the common cold—is your worst enemy and flips it on its head.

How does she do that? By explaining that stress is bad for us only if we slog through stressful moments on our own without the support of others. On the other hand, when we share—and sharing could mean talking out a problem or simply giving or receiving a hug—our stress with our friends, coworkers, or family members, stress hormones such as oxytocin help negate our anxiety faster while also improving our cardiovascular health.

Why we all need to practice emotional first aid. In this Ted Talk, Winch explains that we neglect our mental health the way people living more than one hundred years ago neglected physical hygiene.

What happens when you treat yourself to emotional first aid? A more positive outlook—which you can attain either by yourself doing something you love, or perhaps talking to your best friend—will go miles towards improving your health, your state of mind, and your ability to get the most of life.

But instead of succumb to it, they embrace it: Benjamin Zander, The transformative power of classical music Benjamin Zander is a successful orchestra conductor who also happens to be an evangelist of classical music.

And of course, I wanted to know whether I was doing that. How do you find out?

how to give a ted talk youtube relationship

You look at their eyes. What kind of person can I be that will awaken the possibility in others?

how to give a ted talk youtube relationship

Chris Hadfield, What I learned from going blind in space While most of us will never go into space, Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut, has.