How did aventura meet

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how did aventura meet

Meet five modern-day Miami parents who are making a difference at home and Part of the latter is exposing them to service at a young age. Reserve Aventura Meeting Rooms & Conference Rooms in Florida Davinci has executive meeting room centers in Aventura Town Center. Pick from day. Aventura is the first bachata group to originate from the United States instead of the Dominican Republic. It consists of Anthony “Romeo” Santos, Henry Santos.

On-Site Administrative Assistant Davinci meeting rooms in Aventura feature on-site administrative assistants who provide professional first impressions. Audio-Visual Equipment Davinci Meeting Rooms in Aventura come equipped with state-of-the-art technology including audio-visual equipment. High-Speed Internet Access All Aventura meeting spaces booked through Davinci come equipped with reliable high-speed internet access. Administrative Support When booking a Aventura meeting space through Davinci you will receive administrative support to ensure your meeting runs smoothly.

how did aventura meet

It is a city that continues to grow and progress. The city is ideally situated near to major places and locations such as the Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Aventura is home to a variety of businesses, including technology, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, and professionals like attorneys and doctors. Aventura offers many advantages for businesses. The city also have a positive tax structure for businesses. In addition to no personal state income tax, there is no corporate tax for business set-ups like limited partnerships and S corporations.

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Manufacturing companies also enjoy no tax on goods-in-transit or inventory. One of the best ways to save money is to rent conference rooms in Aventura or meeting rooms in Aventura for operations. With both temporary and short-term rental availabilities, companies can avoid the expense of a long-term lease. These meeting rooms are the ideal venue for corporate gatherings and solution for companies on a budget. Reservations are simple to make.

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Businesses can easily find, book and reserve private space with great rates and cheap deals for meeting rooms in Aventura, FL, right online. What do you want to teach your children about acceptance?

We teach our kids to love and accept themselves and to always respect others. They are aware that all families are different and unique, and not to judge people by the way they look.

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How do you balance family life with a busy career? You live and work in Aventura, what do you like to do there as a family? The most important thing in life is family. We want our kids to know that mom and dad love each other unconditionally, and that love, communication and compassion are key.

It is also very important that our kids see us as a team. Tell us about this new concept.

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We have brought in an array of beautiful lines from all over the Mediterranean and the US. How do you run a busy restaurant and a new business and still manage to spend quality time with your son? We live a block away, and as hands-on parents, it gives us the opportunity to be at home to have dinner together as a family or tuck Alex into bed. Alex has literally grown up in the restaurant; he took his first steps there—it was quite the moment.

How do you divide and conquer as parents and still make time for yourself as a couple?

how did aventura meet

We do this easily. We both have our moments in the day that are for quality time with our son. Anastasia wakes up with Alex and makes his lunch, while Ahmet enjoys doing drop-off and pick-up and we make a point to have dinner together every day.