How did zuly and rocky meet

Bgc rocky dating zuly Rocky Vs Zuly - Twitter Beef - YouTube

how did zuly and rocky meet

I remember because when he came to visit Rocky, she was blown that the sex wasn't They were beefing on social media and shit, something about Zuly using .. And she said something like "it's not everyday people get to meet a celebrity. Raquel "Rocky" Santiago (also known as The Cali Contender) is a bad girl replacement on Season Rocky is currently 25 years old and currently reside in New York City, NY. Back for More · Season Twisted Sisters · Season Social Disruption · Season East Meets West Lover, Zuly (ex- girlfriend). As predicted, Rocky (Season 10) and Zuly (Season 9) stir up some serious drama among the This frustrates Tiana, who says in the confessional, "This is a new season. Owen Wilson 'Refuses To Meet' Newborn Daughter.

how did zuly and rocky meet

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