How do groupies meet athletes

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how do groupies meet athletes

Welcome to the world of a professional athlete. You wake up to the smell of cash, sore from the night before, next to a groupie you met at the. Among pro athletes and those who love them, Groupie Rules are so beer- burgers-and-games chain that Steve McNair would later meet. Today, players are less likely to meet girls at a strip club or bar than an athlete learn to blend old and new groupie tactics when it comes to bumping into a player. Bloggers at make a sport of outing groupies.

Inwhile still a member of the Houston Texans, the fourth-rounder told listeners, in an interview with Sway on Sirius XM's Shade 45, that he thought basketball has the best groupies. Now, Quin is married, so he had to keep his guard up, but his logic is sound. Groupies in the NFL don't always see these players faces and bodies behind their facemask and pads, like they do in the NBA.

Per Quin, "9 times out of 10, people don't know who we are! Although Newman did mention that the best part of the All-Star event was the basketball itself, when questioned why it wasn't the LA ladies, he said "that's a given. Who wants to hookup with a guy once a week on a road trip, when these groupies can have a carousel of NBAers in their city every day. He finished up by saying, "We need to focus on the important stuff He has written several works of sports fiction, and has received multiple awards for his prose.

One of his non-fiction works, The Dark Side of the Game: Sex, Sex, and More Sex? First, a real groupie will travel around between guys and even different sports teams, bringing with her various sorts of abominable "luggage," or diseases, which she is more than happy to share.

Once caught in her trap, the player can never escape. It's the cash flow that keeps these women quiet though. His inability to give his women money or financial support in some small way. I don't think those women wanted a new car or their house paid off, but if you're having sex with a waitress, give her a grand every few weeks.

Don't do that, and she'll say he's heartless and be much more inclined to divulge all the dirty details of their relationship. Kudos to this baller for coming forth, and we understand the reasoning behind his anonymity.

how do groupies meet athletes

Ochocinco was not only known for his high-flying ability on the gridiron, but his playboy attitude off of it. The three-time First Team All-Pro receiver was caught up in a love triangle back instemming from a few racy pictures that Johnson allegedly sent a groupie. Brothers with whom I happened to have incestuous relationships.

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Surprisingly, I only slept with three guys on a team of about But I did get drunk and roll around nekked with a lot of them. And none of them seemed to care about the others.

how do groupies meet athletes

All athletes wear boxer briefs. This might be one of the most tragic things I found out through the last six years. All the rest wear the stereotypical boxer briefs, and they are terrible. The thought process that goes into my underwear selection before I see any athlete is the equivalent to the thought I put into where I was going to go to college.

It can make or break a situation. Looking like a goddamn model when you take my clothes off. They make your legs look thin and creepy. Wear boxers I can put on after we bang. Because you know what? When I was in high school, my guidance counselor called my mom and told her he thought I had an eating disorder.

The point here is I have weighed lbs. I have a metabolism that may or may not be the hand of God. He was a big kid, and let a really terrible situation aid him in packing on the pounds.

Nutrisystem was the answer. And one night after the bar, it became evident that I was not meant for diets. My Yankee minor leaguer was also a stickler for food, but in a different way. I later told my baseball player that he could kiss my lb. Athlete Bros, seriously, I value your bodies, I do. I get the diet fad, and the need to keep your body in check and occasionally count the calories.

But do us a favor: As sick as it is, the laxer with the reversal of anorexia and I used to bang and then weigh ourselves totally not normal but kind of funny. Eating cardboard and watching other dudes grunt on the weights, or sweating it out nekked with a chick? Take your pick, but just be warned, if you choose the latter, you might have your balls revoked by the man club. I am the only legitimate jersey chaser who has never had cosmetic surgery and succeeded in banging a hot athlete.

how do groupies meet athletes

They are real-life inflatable dolls. Boob implants, nose jobs, tummy tucks, fake nails, fake hair color, extensions, lip injections.

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I have, on a good day, a B cup. I have never even contemplated dying my hair, and I bite my nails. I know the value of my own body, and for that, I gotta thank the athletes, because they are the guys that tend to point this stuff out to me.

Language barriers annoy me and are super-unattractive to me. So when I started hanging out with a defenseman for the New York Islanders at the time, I had no expectations that there would ever be any sort of language barrier. I had hung out with Canadians before; I knew what the accents were like.

Groupies share secrets on website

But Vancouver or Toronto has nothing on other parts of Canada. But then came the sex.

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Talk about a high point in life. The invention of picture text messages was equivalent to getting drafted in terms of importance to most athletes. So to keep interests and spirits alive, I had to learn to basically create a Playboy Magazine spread with a 2-megapixel-camera phone, assorted household items, and a mirror.

And good God, I could have won the Pulitzer for photographic journalism I was that good. Hell, they ended up being some serious morale boosters. You name it, I could have had a Hallmark collection of cards for the pictures I managed to bust out on my BlackBerry.