Boss employee relationship love poems

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boss employee relationship love poems

Books shelved as boss-employee-relationship: Broken Hart by Ella Fox, Until Ashlyn by Aurora Rose Reynolds, Not-So Temporarily Married by Fiona Davenport. Poems about work, Inspirational work poems, Poems about relationships at work and appreciation I love Edgar Albert Guest's poems because they always give me a message that will help me in the real world Thank You Poem For A Boss. I Love You Messages · I Miss You Messages · Inspirational and Motivational Thank You Poems for Boss: Thank you notes to bosses and managers are generally written on Boss' day. incidents to remind your boss of the great working relationship that you share. . Thank you card short poem to boss from employees.

Bethany already had a job waiting for her and I tagged along wanting to make something of myself and after a few rough starts at different companies I found myself at Hadley Inc. I looked up at the person who called my name and stared into the dark blue of Mr. Logan Hadley, my boss.

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He smiled at me before shaking his head. Logan Hadley was only thirty one years old, only three years my senior, and yet when he had taken over the company a few years before I had come here, he had made the company flourish and reach its all time high and stay there. We were doing remarkably well for the economy we were in. But besides him being a business genius it seemed he was also a very attractive man. Though I had never seen him out of his business suit personally, tabloids told all.

boss employee relationship love poems

Standing at six foot two he commanded presence. His broad shoulders and chest did nothing but reaffirm his high position and according to the tabloid pictures I had seen, he had a very well built athletic body beneath his suit.

I'm In Love With My Boss Who Is Married To Someone Else

And his sandy brown hair only added to his appeal as well. Me on the hand, stood at five foot eight, taller than most girls, steel blue eyes and though I didn't consider myself model thin, I thought I was well built, besides living and working on a ranch I had played soccer for recreational fun and then ran track in high school, but I was nowhere near the zero percent body fat, and had average B size breasts.

Which I thought were too small for my height and body, but that was me personally. Shaking my chocolate hair I ran a hand through it and got back to my own work, it was only a matter of a few hours before I would be able to go home and for that I was grateful.

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I wanted to curl up in my sweats and tank top with my fur ball cat and a quart of my cookie dough ice cream and relax the night away. Thank goodness it was Friday, and the weekend was now here. I needed a break, and I said that to myself every Friday afternoon at work. Weekends kept me sane. It was surprisingly busy on my end when five came rolling around.

boss employee relationship love poems

I always stayed until about five thirty to finish organizing and making sure the last few minute phone calls didn't come in. I approached my desk, having just used the little girl's room and when I was within feet of my desk I heard the laugh, and it wasn't a males laughter either, and my stomach clenched in knots.

Sitting down at my desk I tried to concentrate of the last few things of the day telling my brain to ignore the constant laughter that kept permeating out of the office behind me. My fingers were practically punching in the last few appointments for the week and then the door opened and my body froze.

I heard the noise of a kiss going on, whatever that sounds like, all I knew was that it was going on. The female giggled, or rather Heidi Lathrop giggled.

Heidi was the girlfriend of my boss and had been for about eight months.

boss employee relationship love poems

Her platinum blond hair and green eyes made her the stereotype of blondes out there. And her model body was something I had envied for the first five minutes before I realized all she ever ate were salads then I threw that envying out the window. One outing led to another and soon we were around the city, hand in hand. I stayed alone so it was but easy for me to hangout late or call him over to my place. One evening after a ride when he asked me for tea, I called him over.

At times, I regret that moment of acceptance or invite. We gossiped over tea and smoke and the environment brought us close into an intimate relationship. Deep within, my conscience knew, I had always wished for this.

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That incident led to many others with us meeting every second day, making love. He instead, spoke about his marriage and that it was too late to begin.

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Share this quote My heart sunk but I pacified myself with the thought that the formal ceremony was yet to commence and there was still hope for me. We did make love that day as my feelings had overpowered my sense of judgement by then.

boss employee relationship love poems

I was shattered and tried to hurt myself to divert my mind from the pain within. I cried for days, going without food or any social connect. A friend, who knew about me and the trauma I was going through, conveyed my situation to him. Share this quote Though I understood it was difficult for me to accept and all I could say to him was to drop me home. He left as I ran home, sobbing and cursing myself for getting into this.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and as I collected myself to get to it, I see him in front.