Soldier love story meet my mom

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soldier love story meet my mom

Its a Wonderful Movie - Your Guide to Family and Christmas Movies on TV: Meet My Mom / Soldier Love Story - Hallmark Channel Movie starring Lori Loughlin. Meet My Mom / Soldier Love Story - Hallmark Channel Movie starring Lori Loughlin and Stefanie Powers. PM mixagrip. MOVIE REVIEW. When Sergeant Vince Carrera returns he meets Jared and his mom Dana Right at the start of Soldier Love Story, we meet Jared Marshall.

Vince comes home in short order and is stationed at a base very close to Loughlin and Jared.

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Then of course he shows up at their door. But as soon as she opens the screen door she looks like this. I guess I did have some snark and jokes in me. Oh, then the biological dad calls.

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And thank you for not caring movie. I am so sick of Hallmark movies that suddenly bring back old flames just to create friction we know is ultimately meaningless.

soldier love story meet my mom

At this point, the son kind of steps out of the picture. Well, this is as good a time as any. Vince certainly likes what he sees. He is going to ship out again.

He really likes Loughlin and the kid.

soldier love story meet my mom

She wants to be an architect. She even applies to go back to college to become an architect. I also liked that the couple in Lead With Your Heart came to a real adult compromise.

soldier love story meet my mom

However here, his dialogue leads me to believe that he would really prefer quitting the army and being a stay at home dad. He talks about how baseball was a real passion for him, but it fell through. He talks about how architecture is a real passion for her. And it was clear as day to me that he would gladly spend his days taking care of Jared.

soldier love story meet my mom

And unexpectedly he also finds himself dating Dana although both agree that when he gets his next posting they will call it a day. If only love was that easy. Taken on face value "Soldier's Love Story" is a simple romance drama between a single mum and a divorced soldier who having been cheated on whilst serving abroad has no plans of going through the heartbreak and risk of falling in love again.

You know how this will end up especially when this is a TV movie made to make you feel good but it is a pleasant story. It is pleasant because it is wholesome; the whole Jared writing to Sergeant Vince and then he not only writing back but paying him a visit is sweet.

Meet My Mom

And whilst it is obvious from the less than subtle meet cute between Vince and Dana that they have immediate chemistry the way their relationship plays out is just as sweet. But whilst pleasant "Soldier's Love Story" is a movie which is less than subtle, in fact at times it is so unsubtle and forced that you find yourself trying to contain the laughter. Now I know this is a movie with its heart in the right place but every time Dana's mum reiterates that God has a plan for us that may not be what we plan it feels over emphasized.

And over emphasized is a common theme with Vince being a real "yes Mam" sort of guy who hasn't got a nasty bone in his body as he is so understanding. As I said "Soldier's Love Story" does lack subtlety and at times it borders on being too much. But then "Soldier's Love Story" is a movie which is not only meant to be wholesome and charming but also one which delivers a message. In fact that should be several messages built around the theme that God has a plan for us which may not be what we are planning.