Meet and greet goofys kitchen

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meet and greet goofys kitchen

Like most Disney character meals, you will have an opportunity to do a meet & greet with Goofy in his kitchen before your meal. The photo op. If you want to meet a gang of Disney characters without waiting in line for each Step into Goofy's Kitchen to be greeted by your host, Goofy. Goofy's Kitchen is the #1 character dining option to visit with the “original Goofy and his friends visit each table, offering personal meet & greet.

Disneyland Character Meal Options So now that you know scheduling a character meal is a smart choice, how do you evaluate the options? It is fairly easy to keep them all straight with one shorthand.

Goofy's Kitchen

There are five locations offering character dining within Disneyland Resort: Each meal at Disneyland has one guaranteed character meet and greet that corresponds to the name of the character who hosts the meal.

While all five offer the classic breakfast Disney guests love, only one restaurant is also available for character dining at lunchtime and one offers character experiences at dinner.

meet and greet goofys kitchen

The meal options are: First, do you want to be in a park or outside in one of the hotels? Alternatively, the in-park meals are smart choices for long park days where you can take break and recharge.

meet and greet goofys kitchen

Look at your overall schedule and make a choice that makes these logistics as easy as possible. Believe it or not, babies and toddlers recognize characters earlier than you might think! My son already knew and recognized Mickey Mouse at a trip to Disneyland when he was 14 months old. So if your tot is crazy for a particular character, pick a meal that improves your chances of getting that all important meet and greet. Even though each meal at Disneyland has only one guaranteed character, several others are often regulars at certain meals.

Here are a few parting tips! Disneyland accepts reservations over the phone or online up to 60 days in advance.

Goofy's Kitchen Character Dining in the Disneyland Hotel

Book early to get the time and the meal you want, especially on weekends and during busy holiday periods. Have your cameras ready. As of springthe Disneyland Resort offers four different Character Dining locations. Of the four, only one requires a park ticket. The others are located in Disneyland Resort hotels.

meet and greet goofys kitchen

Here are all the Character Dining restaurants and options at Disneyland: This is the only Character Dining experience that requires a park admission ticket, and there is something truly special about being inside Disneyland.

If your schedule does not allow a day off for Character Dining at the hotels, this will be the most convenient option. The biggest change coming to this Character Dining experience will be the food options. When should I go? Since Character Dining is a special meal experience, it can be incredibly popular.

I recommend making reservations as soon as you can. This will give you more options for the restaurant, time and date. Disney will allow you to book your reservations up to 60 days in advance.

meet and greet goofys kitchen

Keep in mind that reservations and payment are different things. Keep reading to find out how you can pay less for Character Dining after you make your reservations. There is no charge for kids ages 2 and under at any Character Dining experience.

Character Dining with young children can be so cute and memorable.