Totaram 2012 press meet the

totaram 2012 press meet the

Page 2 PRESS of Southeast Queens Aug. , ETHNIC FOOD Asian: French: Indian: 3 at the law offices of Kawal Totaram, located at Liberty Ave. . Drivers at Tuesday's press conference expressed concerns with being able. Check Full Background Report to see Kawal's social media activity. . We assume the best of everyone we first meet, and agree with Hemingway when he said. The champions' portraits are highlighted in press reports and history records Arguably, Georgetown's two most progressive cricket clubs meet has provided ample support to left-hand chinaman bowler Totaram Bishun.

But then Burnham wound up leading Guyana to independence in Maycreating euphoric atmosphere in the country. In Februaryhe made Guyana a Cooperative Republic and embarked on state ownership of commanding heights of the economy, starting with the nationalization of Demba in July In Decemberhe embarked on a bloodless socialist revolution, and we can pretty much conclude that it was rapidly downhill from there for Guyana and Guyanese.

When he died in Augusthis successor, the late Desmond Hoyte, changed the political trajectory of the country, and while there were discernable signs of progress, his efforts were cut short by calls for free and fair elections, which resulted in the Jagan-led PPP taking power in October After Jagan died in Marchhis wife captained the ship of state, from December to Augustwhen Bharrat Jagdeo took over and presided until November Throughout the entire foregoing period after independence, Guyana and Guyanese experienced fleeting moments of stable and sound living, despite the socioeconomic constraints associated with a poor country, which was, nevertheless, sitting on untapped natural resources.

But the true meaning of political independence never seemed to resonate deeply with Guyanese, in so far as political and civil rights, economic and social justices were concerned.

Burnham became increasingly autocratic. Jagan went from staunch communist to strangely confused. His wife seemed more enamored of communism and the PPP than Guyana. Jagdeo, a symbol of youth, energy and hope replicated Burnham in many respects, except that whereas Burnham was overcome with political greed, Jagdeo was overcome with personal greed.

One died and left nothing much; the other is alive and has gotten much. So what exactly was the purpose of political independence? Where are the direct benefits of independence for Guyanese? It would seem that political independence benefited politicians and their associates than the people of Guyana, but nothing is more disturbing about the seeming failure of political independence than to recognize Guyanese now in countries under governments run by white people whom our political leaders spent decades vilifying.

What an indictment against our political leaders as Guyanese assumed foreign and even dual citizenships! No one seems to know the exact numbers, but we are told that overGuyanese live abroad. From the much despised Britain, to the disparaged America to the delicately detested Canada, Guyanese can be found living their dreams in another land. And what is worse is that even after the PPP returned to power innot only did its support base not return home in droves as expected, but the base keeps migrating from a country that is 83, square miles in size, with less than 1 million in population and untapped economic potential.

But even if we were to agree in unison that political independence has not delivered because our political leaders failed, how can the leaders not get the message from the people on November 28,that they want the government to change the way it does business? For once, symbolism can finally become substance!

After all, we should be celebrating November 28, not wondering about its possible consequences! The impact of that criminal phase on the human and economic fabric of this society has not yet become public debate and attempts are made to pretend it never existed. To towns and a city saturated with rubbish, human filth and fallen humanity that seems not to be the concern of any authority. Are we not witnessing the result of the legacy of the Bharat Jagdeo dispensation?

Parents today are hardly able to provide the basics, much less the environment for an education system that seems unsure of the text books they will use for each school term. Assignments have to be done with computer stations meaning computer, printer and adequate software plus inks and printing paper. But the State is accountable for waging war on young Guyana. From page 5 acknowledge the widelycirculated view that the PPP was abandoned by many of its supporters because of its wanton corruption, Mr.

With regard to the AFC, however, Mr. Bisram knows what it said in Indian villages.

This begs the question: How come he, a field pollster, has never heard of, or did not report, what the PPP said in Indian villages about voting along racial lines? As a patriot, I prefer to spend my time thinking of ways to build our nation. So this is my last response to Mr. Bisram on this issue. I hope that he will join with other patriots in demanding that the PPP government demonstrate its commitment to institutionalized democracy by coming clean on NICIL, reconstituting the constitutionally-mandated Office of the Ombudsman that existed under the PNCestablishing the constitutionally-mandated Public Procurement Commission, and allowing private radio stations as constitutionally-mandated and court-ordered.

In closing, I want to assure Mr. I can cite numerous cases in which the state cultivated or ignored lawlessness for its own callous prejudices and spite and all through that national nightmare, a traumatized young Guyana was itself involved.

How old was the young man whose genitalia was mutilated, or the children of the disappeared cane cutters and Donna Herod, as they stood witness, and in the case of Donna Herod, Clement Rohee justified what had happened by blaming the village. Parents are indeed culpable. During the late eighties a negative materialism emerged with the new found money of suitcase and marijuana trading and the brand name nouveau riche emerged.

In that period I gave one of my children a sum of money to purchase school items. The child went to the Venders Arcade and bought a brand name sneakers. My child was able to get a bag, a strong brand less sneaker and some school accruements; did well at school and today has a significant career. In my day I wore the best, partied a lot, but I grew up.

A philosophy has to be imparted to parents. We must not assume that many of them, rich or poor, understand or know that fashion and advertised luxuries on TV are not intended for public mimicry.

Today, that nouveau riche culture has expanded to the extremes of political nepotism, intentionally strangling all else. Much work has to be done with our Educational system; the last Minister of Education was a disaster. I will give one example of concern with Education, I was asked by a member of the Lions to assist with preparing graphic posters at a primary school.

We on more than one morning encountered a youngster who was outside of the class and asked us to buy something for him to eat. Unlike Vic Puran, we recognize the constraints of many homes including ours, and we complied. One occasion he was outside of the class because he had hit another student, a female.

We proceeded trying to digest what she had said. After the third engagement with the children we realized that there was no art teacher at the school.

I protested explaining that at the primary stage art was necessary to teach them concepts, allow their imagination to develop, because art has mathematical principles which can be activated in young children. We endured this because we were all in the class room with the youngsters, thus the failure begins in that case with the teacher herself. Vic Puran must know as a recipient of affluent criminal clients that the Magistrates courts are the end result for many whose frustrations incline them to think; wrongfully so, that the evidence around them that crime pays, also applies to them.

Barrington Braithwaite Time for some real research From page 6 society, let me go on to answer by ardently stating yes, I therefore ask our religious leaders to take this issue of teen violence head on. I also ask those who are active members of civil society to treat this dangerous phenomenon of teen violence as urgent. And what about all those decent law abiding citizens let us reach out to help a youth in need, be a mentor to someone it will surely go a long way and positively benefit you in the long run, we each have a role to play.

Let us lobby our legislatures to take action now to arrest this avoidable and unwarranted threat to our youth. I ask the Tenth Parliament of Guyana to take action to save the future of Guyana, let us stop this senseless killing.

Lurlene Nestor Page 8 Kaieteur News Man chops police, shot dead Investigations are continuing into a fatal shooting yesterday afternoon during which one man was shot dead by a female police rank at Vergenoegen, Essequibo.

Dead is 42 year old Shawn Watkins of lot 25 Vergenoegen. His death same one day before his mother was to have been buried. The woman had collapsed and died earlier in the week. According to police reports, Watkins was killed after he attacked and chopped two officers who were responding to a call made by a relative against the man. Kaieteur News was told that after the officers arrived at the house, Watkins was allegedly armed with two cutlasses.

This newspaper was told Watkins attacked two of the officers. The injured officers were identified as Jomo Williams, 29, and Alex Solomon, This newspaper was further told that the officers made several attempts to calm the suspect down, but failed. Watkins allegedly charged the policemen and chopped them, prompting the others to open fire. The officer said that he and two others went to arrest Watkins.

After that Watkins still failed to surrender and the patrol called and asked for permission to shoot. It is unclear how many shots Watkins sustained but according to Solomon, he appeared to be dead. Solomon who received a chop wound on his hand was in the hospital waiting area.

He said he believed Williams is critical because he received chops in his back and belly. Meanwhile at the scene of the shooting none of the relatives was forthcoming with any information even though they had initially called and asked for the matter to be highlighted. Relatives said that they were not prepared to say anything since they were preparing for another funeral. They said that another relative who happened to be a very senior police officer told them to avoid speaking to the press.

The senior officer was also there but he kept his distance from the other relatives.

totaram 2012 press meet the

Meanwhile a short distance away from where the shooting occurred, a resident collapsed and died. This newspaper was told that the man whose identity has not been ascertained was walking along the public road when he collapsed.

Several attempts to call an ambulance were unsuccessful. According to reports residents covered the body with a piece of cloth until the undertakers arrived. Kaieteur News was told that the body was taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital mortuary for identification and post mortem. US-based foundation gives to less fortunate Persons collecting their bags from members of the foundation at a residence in Little Diamond In addition to teaching yoga and empowering women, the New York-based Krishna Foundation yesterday donated over bags of groceries, clothing, shoes, toys, books and other necessities to those in need.

Its Founder and President, Sandy Sooknanan, said that the charity is one that was set up specifically to help Guyanese. She explained that the bags for those who have been identified by members of the foundation were packed accordingly. The foundation also has its widow fund. This is set up to assist widows and or single mothers in doing repairs to their homes, as well as providing training for them to take up a trade.

The programme is an annual one that has been going on for seven years. It was registered in the United States four years ago. Its members are to return in a few months with even more items to donate. Sunday May 27, Fire strikes MFK building, damage totals millions of dollars Firefighters manage to open the building after more than 30 minutes.

Fire fighters had their work cut out last night before they finally contained a fire of a so far unknown origin which had engulfed the G.

totaram 2012 press meet the

The blaze which started around The other floors of the four-storey building along with the items that were stored there suffered significant water damage as firefighters, using the state of the art crane used to fight fires in high rise buildings, battled desperately to prevent the fire from spreading throughout the building. Their aim was also to contain it to the building since another major enterprise adjoined it.

Kaieteur news learnt that the entire building was secured since Friday as yesterday was a public holiday. The owner was reportedly in Berbice and no one else had the keys, as thick smoke billowed from the few windows at the top of the building that were left opened.

Southeast Queens Press Epaper by Queens Press - Issuu

After about 30 minutes of trying to break the locks, the firefighters were then able to access the inside of the building which by then was completely dark as a result of the electricity supply to the building being cut off.

Fortunately there was no shortage of water, as the nearby hydrants were in working order. According to a source, the sound of a generator being started was heard following by what appeared to be an explosion.

This story was corroborated by a security guard who worked at a nearby building. In less than five minutes firefighters from the nearby central fire station arrived and went into action. Eventually, two hours after the fire started, the owner of the building arrived on the scene but by then the business had suffered tremendous losses.

Smoke still billowed from the building because it could only go up. A senior fire officer said that had the building been accessed earlier the fire would have been contained to the first floor. Instead, it spread to the other floors, fed by the flammable materials inside. He lamented the absence of a building code.

The building was too tall for the zone and that in itself created problems. At times, the fire would break out at a location where it was thought to be contained. This caused the firemen to train their hoses from one location to another. In the end they fought the blaze from above and below.

While there could have been no inspection of the damage it was doubtful that anything escaped water damage. The arrival of the owner allowed for easier access to the entire building and two hours later the firemen were certain that the fire was well and truly contained. In the figure was 3, cases; inwe surpassed 4, cases. Of these cases more than 50 percent have been committed in Region Four while Regions Three, Five, Six and Ten where cases range from six to 16 percent.

This is a tragedy. What is more mind boggling are incidences that have not been reported and those that continue to take place and go unreported given the geography of the other regions.

Our children have fallen victim to various types of abuse physical, sexual, verbal, neglect and abandonment to mention a few. The statistics reveal that the majority of our children who are abused are of primary school age. These are followed by those at the secondary level, particularly those not attending school.

Many of these children are taken out of their homes and sent to live with other family members since the perpetrators, to a large extent, are parents, relatives, and step-parents. Even with the passing of specific legislations to address the plight of our children, the abuse continues unabated.

This leaves us with the task of finding other mechanisms whereby we can successfully address this crime inflicted upon our future generation. This brings me to the point of parents and parenting. The values which we were known to embrace as a people have changed dramatically. We are obligated as leaders to ensure that those who are given the opportunity to be mothers and fathers are given the knowledge and understand their responsibility in the upkeep and upbringing of their off spring.


While some will make mistakes, there are those amongst us who will seek to neglect their responsibilities and we must ensure that they are dealt with in accordance with the law. Children must not be kept from attending school because they must baby-sit the younger ones, nor should parents be allowed to spend the Public Assistance on clothes, beauty parlours or on their paramours. On the other hand, Government must be willing to give assistance where a legitimate need exists.

Specific efforts must be made to ensure that equal opportunities exist for all sections of our society. Discrimination must never be encouraged; there must be equitable distribution of the national wealth to our people.

Regrettably, the Budget falls woefully short in addressing this issue. The yearly increase of persons using the Night Shelter — 5, in and almost 6, intells the dismal story of the inability of persons to cope on their own.

Further, the almost residents at the Palms remind us that families are at their breaking point and cannot carry the burden of taking care of their senior relatives. The Budget does not begin to address in any tangible way these issues. I want to publicly declare that the issues which our people face each day must be addressed. APNU believes that the Budget must be the beginning of this process. This is an affront to Guyanese.

totaram 2012 press meet the

We will not accept the reductions in the appropriations for the Social Services while the Government boasts of six consecutive years of positive growth and a revenue of We therefore, will carefully attend to the appropriations as allocated in the estimates of this Budget and ensure that justice is served.

We hope that the Government, which boasts of their concern for the ordinary people will be like minded and make the necessary adjustments to ensure the smooth passage of this Budget.

Hot Wax and Broken Glass Dr. Jamaica Gleaner From page 3 around and within us which frighten us from fully engaging in the present moment. The truth remains that the world outside of us is the distorted like pieced together broken glass. Wholeness exists within each of us should we choose to look deep within our glorious nature! While each of us entered into a human experience with a flame within to offer the world, some of us shine brighter not because of genetics, but due to choice.

People focus on enhancing their gifts with enlightening people and circumstances which increases awareness and in turn, empowers others.

By comprehending the far-reaching impact of negativity, you slowly realize that to clean it up involves crawling around in the debris of that which you created in the first place. The illusions of what you think you see about yourself and the world around you easily dissipate when you shine your own light of insight and understanding on your beliefs.

A man see police wid gun and he decide to attack dem. The 19th British historian Lord Acton famously observed: All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Generally, corruption is regarded as a consequence of political and economic, socio-ethnic, and even moral reasons: After all, the latter is supposed to be held in trust for all the citizenry and to be distributed fairly. Now all the foregoing might very well be true as far as the genesis of the phenomenon of corruption is concerned, in our country.

But as the cancer has metastasised and overtaken almost every institution in the country — in and outside the state - the quantitative has altered the qualitative nature of the disease.

Corruption itself has become the overriding factor that defines both the state politics and economy, and even social relations in our society. With the departure of the British, especially afterwe have gradually but inexorably created a new form of the state and political system — in which their foundations are firmly based on unmitigated, absolute corruption.

It is important to note that it does not matter what the nominal form of the state might be: The democratic system of checks and balances, legislative and judicial autonomy, an unfettered and free press etc.

Consequently, the only path of survival for such corrupt systems of whatever variety is to attack and eliminate democratic principles from state and societal processes. Take the problem of bribery and graft that is so prevalent in our country.

There is a great outcry as to why the constitution, laws and regulations are not applied with the same vigour to all transgressors. The answer is simple: The formal rule of law is a sword to destroy the critics and a shield to protect the power elite. However, there is a more insidious aspect to the widespread acceptance of bribery and graft by those in power. When a citizen proffers the bribe and the official accepts it, they both fulfil their immediate wants.

But most importantly from the standpoint of maintaining the corrupt regime in place, the transaction means that the citizen tacitly accepts the status quo. Corruption becomes a substitute for violence.

Then there is the role of the press. The corrupt politicians become incensed when incidents of corruption are charged to the political regime by the press. They would rather than corruption goes unreported, or at worse, is blamed on the local lackeys.

The true extent and nature of the corruption — which is the entire political system — must be hidden from view. It is imperative that the veil of secrecy be lifted over all transactions: Monday November 26, Letters Where your views make the news Ultimately, the will of the people must be respected DEAR EDITOR, The Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs has the prerogative to apply his interpretation of the Constitution and advance argument in defence of his cabinet colleague, but this prerogative must be challenged at the point when he decides he is going to insult the intelligence of the citizens.

Votes in the National Assembly reflect the will of the majority, and as per our Constitution, unless otherwise stated, a simple majority carries the day on the issue. As such, any Head of Government or Head of State that is prepared to work in the interest of the people must take note of this timehonoured principle and practice and act accordingly.

Consequently, the strident position to oppose the will of the people by applying a mangled interpretation of the Constitution and laws is indicative that we are operating in an atmosphere where dictatorship reigns.

There are three branches of government — Executive, Legislature and Judiciary- and each branch must be respected and allowed to do its work. And in the case of the current Minister of Home Affairs being denied the opportunity to speak in the National Assembly on matters pertaining to internal security, if anyone has objection to the decision of the National Assembly, the Court must be allowed to do its work and adjudicate on the matter.

Ultimately, the will of the people must be respected. If our parliamentarians, on both sides of the House are serious about their role and responsibility under the Constitution and to the people, they will ensure that whatever strategy they employ on this matter, at the end of the day the No-Confidence Motion must be upheld, unless otherwise determined by the Court or the people ask that they change direction.

Joe Hunt of Wisconsin, USA and myself that at no time, have myself or the Strategic Advisory Services, which is a private investigation and security consultancy firm, been contracted by the PPP to spy on opposition members. SAS, of which I am proud to be the local director, is a professional organization made up of highly-trained specialists, and our policy has always been to stay clear of any political activity.

We have, however, over the years, conducted several specialized training programs on intelligence investigations and security for several government agencies and individuals. I further state that there is no need for the PPP to restrain us to monitor the elements when they have at their disposal the Central Intelligence Unit, Police Special Branch, army intelligence unit, and two other state controlled spy agencies capable of conducting espionage and counter espionage activity.

As a responsible private sector body, my agency remains duty bound to report to the authorities any illegal activity that is observed while conducting private clandestine field operations that can affect the smooth running of the government. SAS also has a policy that they will be loyal to the government of the day.

Where your views make the news In fact, we appreciate the interest shown by this citizen to events in the city, particularly the garbage crisis facing the Mayor and City Council and residents of all local communities.

Indeed, this civic attitude could only help the Council and its officers to pay more attention to their responsibilities to the citizens, and to enhance their capacity to provide a better service to the city.

However, we are challenged to understand certain aspects of his letter. We will point these out and at the same time seek to explain the realities facing the Municipality. First, in paragraph 1, Mr. It is more visible in Georgetown because it is the capital, and obviously, more people traverse the city to do business and for pleasure than any other region in Guyana. When they come they bring and generate waste, which we have to deal with in circumstances where our limited resources are already overstretched.

Furthermore, we were never under any illusion that our efforts alone could actually fix the solid waste problems in the city. We continue to say that the unhealthy situation blighting Georgetown requires the cooperation and support of all concerned: This is the reason why we welcome all environmental initiatives, projects and activities, including: This is why too, we continue to appeal to the electronic and print media to make a special effort in their daily reports to include aspects of the environment and issues that affect health, and to promote those citizens who are trying to keep their surroundings clean and to encourage citizens to do more to stamp out littering.

We agree that it is not the responsibility of the media to do that but responsible journalism could not ignore it. Gill seems to believe that Council must be blamed for the current condition of the city.

However, we have a different view; citizens must demonstrate civic pride and respect for their general surroundings and the environment. We have said and continue to say that the problem we face as a municipality is not to clean up the city but to keep it clean. Also, we have to say that many big businesses are involved in illegal dumping around the city. Every morning, workers employed by some businesses along Regent Street, Water Street and Robb Street could be seen sweeping debris from their stores into the street drains.

Others wash the pavements, in front of their stores, with scented things in the mist of pedestrians and others who use these thoroughfares. We have been appealing to businesses not to do that but a few of them insist on this crude method of collection. We will write the Private Sector Commission and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry on this issue, and seek their help to persuade their members to account for their waste and to secure the integrity of the city.

We had also suggested to businesses, particularly food restaurants and other provision shops that they should assist by putting in place adequate receptacles on their business premises to allow their patrons to dispose of wrappings and boxes and other things in an environmentally friendly manner. Therefore, we must be very clear that not only the vendors but also some big businesses and many citizens are involved this really embarrassing action.

Citizens will ask about us enforcing the law but this has its own challenges as well including the processes involved in apprehending litter- bugs and the cumbersomeness of the courts.

Nevertheless, our antilitter campaign has been modestly effective. Gill talks about relocating the vendors: Perhaps, there is need for research and a comprehensive project to address street vending in Georgetown. What we know is that some businesses and vendors have a symbiotic relationship. Indeed, many are encouraged to ply their trade by some businessmen, who provide them with credit facilities. Also, the traffic congestion, in certain areas, mentioned in the letter, could not be fairly linked to street vending alone.

There are numerous other factors that contribute to the vehicular traffic problem in the city, including, the need for a different approach to public transportation in Guyana, the lack of proper parking facilities and a good network of appropriate public spaces to encourage cycling and walking by citizens.

For example, the Constabulary is working way below its authorized strength, we are short on staff at the Public Health Department and the city coffers are peculiarly shallow. Some time ago, we had put forward the suggestion of a Municipal Court to expedite such matters as littering. Also, we had suggested instituting the ticketing system for litterbugs. Therefore, the effectiveness of that approach depends on the appropriate resources, which the Council does not possess at this point in time.

As a result, we have to depend on the individual pride and cooperation of citizens to our efforts to improve the condition of the city. Over the years I have heard and seen some things, but this beats all. When he returned on Wednesday, the problem had become worse and I was then told to let him remain at home for the rest of the week so that this problem could be remedied.