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meet the parkers characters

Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of The Parkers with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at The Parkers is an American sitcom that aired on UPN from August 30, , to May 10, The Parkers main characters of Season 1: (l-r) Nikki Parker, Desiree Littlejohn, Kim Parker and Professor Oglevee (center) convinces him to crash Nikki's wedding to a man she met several weeks prior, and propose marriage. Kimberly Ann Parker, commonly known as Kim, is the daughter of Nicole Parker. Kim was one of the original characters who originated as a regular on the.

Though she is usually behind most people when it comes to academics, her big heart and dreams makes up for it.

Kimberly Parker

Kim is also a lead singer in the group named Free Style Unity, which also include her friends Stevie and "T". At the end of series, she does not graduate from Santa Monica Community College due to failing grades. However, Kim goes on to become a successful fashion designer Kim originated as a regular character on Moesha.

Nikki cares a lot for her family, and lets nothing stand in the way of love. Throughout the series, she has several relationships with other people but her love always remains steadfast for the Professor Oglevee, despite his apparent hatred of her a running gag that occurs throughout the series In the series finale, she finally wins him over after five years of chasing him.

He proposes to her, she accepts and they marry on that same day. The two live happily ever after. She only appears in the first season and is not credited as a regular later on during the season. She is not seen after episode 13 and is replaced by the Andell Wilkerson character.

meet the parkers characters

Stevie is from a wealthy family and has a tempestuous relationship with her mother. Although his duty as a loyal friend, "T" can sometimes be side-tracked when he and the professor let their wannabe mack daddy status get in the way of true values. At the end of the series, "T" goes on to attend Berklee College of Music. He loses several companions particularly Veronicabecause Nikki either scares them off or completely sabotages the relationship.

He is a type of role model to "T" and often counsels him about love—sometimes with disastrous results. Twice during the series he is convinced he loves Nikki, but changed his mind the first time.

The second time, which occurs in the series finale, he realizes that deep down he has feelings for her. Depressed and confused, he sees a vision of himself in the mirror that ultimately convinces him to crash Nikki's wedding to a man she met several weeks prior, and propose marriage.

Nikki, of course, accepts and they marry on that same day. She was first going under the alter-ego, Madame Nubian, telling people their fortunes, along with Kim. The girls were able to make money to pay for their own stuff but after their neighbor was misguided by a fortune they told her, causing her to live out on the streets, the two gave up so nobody else would be in harm.

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Nikki then decides to sell Lady Nubian to raise money but the products proved to be worser than Madame Nubian, resulting in bad things happening to her customers.

Andell was also a victim as Nikki once told her "Your eyebrows grew back, didn't they? Also, a seller in one episode, had a facial mask of the product and it froze on her face. However, the product proved to be good after Kim baked them into cookies and they were delicious.

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Nikki was also known for her superior strength in the episodes, example being when she threw T into the ceiling and Stevie caught him when he descended. She also has strength over other women who come against her and the Professor and she has always proved to be stronger than the women who were with him.

meet the parkers characters

However, the only women who proved strength over her was Rachel, an experienced boxer who nearly beated Nikki in a boxing match and Paris, a woman who plotted to kill the Professor for money and broke a table in half with a single palm strike. In the first season, Nikki tried out for a sorority along with her daughter Kim, but after being mistreated constantly by Big Sister Regine who mocked Nikki for her weight, her age, and the fact that she's in college, she scolded out Regine because of these comments and told her she's no better.

She was even angry when Kim still wanted to be in the sorority but learned to accept her daughter's decision after a talk with Desiree. It is revealed in "Daddy's Girl" that Nikki was once involved in a marital relationship with her ex-husband Mel Parker and he's the father of Kim.

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However, the two seem to not be in such good terms with each other, prior to Mel and Nikki breaking up. She even showed anger when Mel threatened to take back Kim because he wanted to be in her life and Nikki responded that he wasn't there when she was a baby.

At the end of the episode, the two make up for Kim. Nikki then befriends Kim's friends T and Stevie and both her friends find Nikki a cool person but somewhat crazy. In the first season also, Nikki and Kim have problems trying to get along. One of the beings of that was in "Daddy's Girl" where Kim and Stevie go to jail after having a party with unlicensed liquor.

Another time was in "Quarantined" where Nikki and Kim come back early from a trip to Mexico and the two sharing sides of a story of how they both got kicked out. It gets worse when in the episode "Moving On Out" where Kim moves out of Nikki's house and does not invite her to her house-warming, angering Nikki.

She and Sharon, Stevie's mother, come to the warming, drunk, and cause problems. Things get worser as Kim gets married to Jerel and moves to Paris but this shows Nikki trying to escape Kim from a mistake she made in the past only because she loved her but Kim was determined that she loved him until Jerel's mother comes, telling them that he's 17 and Kim stays home.

Once again, Nikki is following Oglevee once more to get him to be hers. However, every response comes out "Stay away you psycho". However, there have been times in the episodes that Oglevee appreciates what Nikki is doing for him, example being in "Taking Tae-Bo with My Beau" when she accidentally injures him and takes care of him and the two have a fun time together.

RelationshipsKimNikki has a great relationship with her daughter Kim, although the two don't get along at certain times. There have been times where the two works as a team to help themselves or others or Kim just simply gets involved with Nikki trying to get the Professor.

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Nikki has shown care for her daughter whenever she falls in love with someone, example being Jerel when Kim goes to Las Vegas to marry him and Nikki and Oglevee go to Las Vegas to stop her from making the mistake that she made years ago.

Kim has also shown love and respect for Nikki on certain bases of levels. Despite being dim-witted, Kim has been smart enough to help her mother and follow on the things she tells her.

She claims to be his fiancee or wife, despite that some people have figured out the truth of this.