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Second Shot: Chiam See Tong's Legendary Makeshift Cubicle at the Void Deck

Meet-the-People Session Date/Time: Every Monday, pm (Except Eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays) Venue: Blk Choa Chu Kang North 6. their MPS (meet-the-people session) at the void deck, not by choice Viewed from the top (see my street map above), the shape is like an. Chua Chu Kang GRC. Mr Zaqy Mohamad. Phone: [email protected] Branch Information Serving the people is about being honest, fair and objective. ".

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Leonard prepare for us all essential tips around their apartment. The room is warmly decorated and very clean, especially the restroom, with a lot of tree and fish in house.

Size of Choa Chu Kang Cemetery to be cut by one-third to make way for Tengah expansion

Certainly come back next time. Couldn't ask for a better experience! It is light and there are lots of nice fish and homely touches. I felt very comfortable and welcome there.

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There is a bus stop right outside, and a train stop at the end of the road. There is also a 24 hour supermarket and some other shops and food places just opposite.

The room is nice for a traveller and the bathroom was clean. We really enjoyed our stays and impressed by their cute decorations. The house is clean and quiet and full privacy. Highly recommended for those who are searching the review for this room. Karen always keep the house clean and take care of all our daily routine needs, she prepared well for all we needed.

Really thanks to both of them for their kindness. Potong Pasir Station with her proud MP. If the MP was a pushover, the station could very well be named Sennett Station. The station is quiet as it serves a small estate with no shopping mall, a most unlikely destination for non-residents.

The station reminds us of another legacy of Chiam: Read this from Wikipedia: The intended name for the station was actually Sennett It seemed that the route planners did not want the station to sound synonymous with the estate. It was also rumoured to continue staying closed, together with Woodleigh when the North East line opened in It was also claimed "the name made more sense". Potong Pasir Station and its environs.

Chua Chu Kang Group Representation Constituency - Wikipedia

Potong Pasir is a small estate after all. The block is located at the edge of the estate. I do not know why the fence was enacted see the street viewas if to demarcate Potong Pasir estate.

What do you think? The blocks are old but not terribly dirty. My travelling companion told me at Hougang, the blocks are also old but dirtier than at Potong Pasir. She must have meant the area around Lorong Ah Soo and Hougang Ave 1 where she visited a friend recently.

Safra to open ‘club in a park’ at Choa Chu Kang

I had originally wanted her to assess the cleanliness of the two opposition-held wards and was somewhat disappointed hearing her assessment. As a non-resident, I found the design of the block unique. Viewed from the top see my street map abovethe shape is like an inverted "L" and jagged on the longer side. I'm more used to the uniform rectangular block that one can see from one end of the void deck to the other so Blk was a bit disorientating.

The round chess table at the void deck of Blk Potong Pasir. Where did Chiam conduct his MPS? If this was the place, I expected to find his makeshift cubicle here but I could not. The void deck has many chairs permanently setup which was a bit unusual to me the non-resident. There was also this wooden bench by the Potong Pasir Town Council for "study use only" in front of the chairs.

The area looked to me as the most likely place for a consultation with Chiam during MPS, if we use the analogy of patients waiting in line to see the doctor. At Blk Potong Pasir. Why are there so many chairs at the void deck? I was wrong of course and since I never felt I was right, I left Blk a little disappointed.