Meet the pitch perfect cast member

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meet the pitch perfect cast member

Considering she is such a devoted fan of "Pitch Perfect", it wasn't so surprising that Angelica's wish was to meet actor Skylar Astin, one of the movie's stars. True story: Pitch Perfect nearly killed me, but in a really good way. You see, when I first Cast members auditioned with a variety of songs. Getty Images. Pitch Perfect 3: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and other cast members share The Barden Bellas hit their final notes in Pitch Perfect 3 (opening next And then when I was meeting about the movie, I was like, 'This is a thing.

Utkarsh Ambudkar as Donald, Bumper's right-hand man, a lead vocalist, beatboxer, and rapper. Nicole Lovince as Kori, a former member of the Bellas who was kicked out for having sex with Donald, one of the Treblemakers.

The Untold Truth of Pitch Perfect

Caroline Fourmy as Mary Elise, a former member of the Bellas who was also kicked out for having sex with a Treblemaker. Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Tommy, the university's constantly harassed audition launcher.

John Benjamin Hickey as Dr. Benjamin Mitchell, Beca's father, a professor at the college. Drew Seeley as male voice 5, he sings for the Treblemakers. The Quest for Collegiate a Cappella Glory. Rapkin, senior editor at GQ magazinespent a season covering competitive collegiate a cappella. He followed the Tufts University Beelzebubs the inspiration for the Treblemakersthe University of Oregon Divisi the loose inspiration for the Bellasand the University of Virginia Hullabahooswho have a cameo in the film.

Rapkin's book mainly covers the singing, groupies, partying and rivalries. Two members of the a cappella community, Deke Sharonwho founded the International Championship of College A Cappellaand Ed Boyer, both in Rapkin's book, were brought on board to arrange songs, produce vocals and act as on-site music directors, where they ran a month-long "a cappella boot camp".

meet the pitch perfect cast member

It was actually gross, actually cold. But it was fun. Is anyone else gagging at the thought of that, or is it just me? There was a lot of room for improv Getty Images Multiple cast members described the flexibility for improv in the scripts for both Pitch Perfect and PP2. As Banks told Colliderscriptwriter Kay Cannon "wrote amazing jokes, so we had this great script," but was working on 30 Rock when filming began.

Try this…do whatever you wanna do.

Pitch Perfect Cast Reveals Their Quirky Audition Stories

There was on the first one too, but we knew each other's comedy so well, we really had a chance to play. First, the nickname Fat Amy actually originated with Amy Poehler: Cannon also approached Wilson via Facebook about playing the Fat Amy role, and although social media can be a bit of a double-edged sword, we can all thank our lucky stars that Facebook facilitated Wilson being cast in the movie!

Most surprisingly, Wilson had originally planned to use an American accent in the movie, but she later stuck with her native Aussie accent after director Jason Moore heard her regular voice.

Castmates are friends in real life Getty Images Given how well the cast gets along on screen, it's not a surprise to learn that they get along in real life, too. Lee told Young Hollywood that "Filming was like summer camp.

meet the pitch perfect cast member

We were there four weeks prior to filming — we would have four hours of dance and two hours of singing a day…We're still friends now…We were all from a different place, yet we were altogether making this beautiful and fun movie together. Cast-mates Wilson, Banks, and Ben Platt attended their fall wedding in California, according to Peopleand Snow was even one of their bridesmaids. She also said that the whole cast remains close to each other, noting that "we're on a massive text chain with each other…We all really love and support each other.

Meet the Unsung Hero of "Pitch Perfect" Who's About to Be Your New Fave

When co-star Dean isn't acting, she's also an accomplished song writer: In an interview with GlamourDean described herself as "a very emotional writer. I always need to have a boyfriend. I always need to have some food. I always need to have a heater at my feet, and I drink this thing called Cool Brewwhich I found in Louisiana.

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It's like condensed coffee. I normally work like a vampire. Around 8 to 9pm, what I call 'the spirits' actually show up, and then I just go in the booth and scream on top of a track. I only sing on the mic. I don't sit down and write anything. I've started my own clothing line, Hanamahn, which means 'just one' in Korean.

meet the pitch perfect cast member

A lot of my pieces are fierce and avant-garde. Twerking injuries and airborne burritos Getty Images As you can imagine, it'd be nearly impossible for a movie franchise like Pitch Perfect to be made without a veritable cornucopia of silly moments.

In an interview with SplitSiderCannon said, "I was running on the side of a highway and a group of five guys drove by, one threw at burrito at me and I fell over.

I looked down and thought I was looking at my guts when it was really just beans and rice.