Meet the spartans breakdance movie

Meet the Spartans Movie Review

meet the spartans breakdance movie

Dumb, raunchy comedy is a tired spoof attempt. Read Common Sense Media's Meet the Spartans review, age rating, and parents guide. cast member. Step up 3D. cast member. Dance Flick. cast member. Meet the Spartans. cast member. Epic Movie. breakdancing pirate. Tambourine - Eve .

Sure, the jokes were mostly pop In all honesty, this movie isn't nearly as bad as it is being made out to be. Sure, the jokes were mostly pop culture references and even those were hit-and-miss, but honestly good comedy is hard to come by these days. IT pulled a few laughs out of me, and although I didn't love it, it fullfilled its purpose.

Apr 15, As a movie its one of the worst I've seen but it still made me laugh a good few times.

meet the spartans breakdance movie

If you're going to call other people "incompetent high school drop outs," maybe you should double check your own comment for proper grammar first. At least these "rehash comedies" are honest in what they're doing. They're not claiming to have an original plot, in fact they're an engaging form of satire because they reuse, for the purpose of comedy, cliches, tropes, and stock rhetorical methods other "serious" or … Expand 0 of 2 users found this helpful 5 DamaniB.

Meet the Spartans

Jan 25, Whatever, I'm just gonna give it a 5. I bet half the people who posted all of these retarded comments haven't even seen the movie There's SOME parts that are funny, and thats mostly the bad acting. But yeah, you cant really give it a rating if you haven't seen the movie. I mean, its no movie of the year, but it does have some good jokes. The prob is that they keep using the same joke for so long that it kinda gets lame like the breakdance part, some of I don't think the current rating 2.

The prob is that they keep using the same joke for so long that it kinda gets lame like the breakdance part, some of scenes were just stupid and was not funny … Expand 0 of 0 users found this helpful 5 Jamison12 Jul 23, Horrible acting, just another stupid movie.

meet the spartans breakdance movie

But the funny parts really made me laugh. Don't come in expecting Scary Movie, but don't expect Disaster movie. Expect one right in between.

I begin to feel very alone. Only six minutes have passed. For 2 and a half minutes. What's funny on America's Funniest Home Videos is only funny cuz the videos are about 10 seconds long.

This is the first time I smile in the entire film. Then Carmen Electra says she likes to do it with big black dudes, and he tells Leonidas, "Dawg, your wife's a ho. We knew this was coming. There's literally an entire minute of Britney Spears shtick before she's kicked in. If it's not, then K-Fed gets kicked in next. Then Sanjaya, who gets kicked in as the little girl crying in that one episode talk about a very moment specific gag!

meet the spartans breakdance movie

Some American Idol judge impersonators judge Leonidas on his performance, and they get kicked in. Then a Ryan Seacrest impersonator jumps into the pit, as he yells "Seacrest out! The joke is that Ugly Betty is the oracle.

Or maybe the joke is Ugly Betty is in Sparta, and that's funny. I'm really not sure how simply mentioning Ugly Betty is funny.

She then says to Leonidas, "Save the cheerleader, save the world. I immediately realize that I could do this for a living, and grow optimistic about my chances of being rich and famous. These are just some of the greatest hits of gags I'm touching on here. God bless him, he's trying. But his first joke is introducing his son, who has a big package. The son enters, and sure enough, he is carrying a large box. Boards - Viewing topic # - The Official Meet the Spartans Post.

This is the second reality TV show judging parody. I start looking around the theater for the exit signs. All is not well. The Spartans all hold hands and start skipping around, singing I begin to think that this is my own personal Battle of Thermopylae. Early on, there's a sequence involving a Subway sandwich. Now, there's a fake Gatorade commercial, where the Spartans sweat blue. Conversely, the fat kid is eating Every time there's a blatant product placement, it makes me want to protest those products but fuck that, I could use a Krispy Kreme right now for some energy.

My first quasi-laugh is Kevin Sorbo laughing about how he saw the Paris Hilton sex tape, simply because the idea of this dude watching the Paris Hilton sex tape is mildly humorous for some reason. Maybe this film is simply killing my sense of humor. The Paris Hilton shtick played by the same girl who played Britney goes on for literally two and a half minutes.

And they end the bit with the same joke as they ended the Britney gag with: Because they show off their hoohahs! I find myself wishing I was watching the Larry the Cable Guy movie. Leonidas says, "We bout to Stomp the Yard! There aren't gags, just a lot of Persians and Spartans breakdancing. The War Mongering Latent Homosexual just ended.

Might have been a halfway decent SNL sketch if it were shorter, better written, and funny. He's introduced as "Xerxes, who looks like the fat guy from Borat. Guys, I can't make this stuff up. But again, it's only because these lines are being said by Kevin Sorbo.

Everything Wrong With 300 In 10 Minutes Or Less

I wish the whole movie was Kevin Sorbo. I literally don't feel well, and I don't think it's the Mike and Ikes. I begin thinking of the ways PTP could put together a parody film about a thousand times more clever than this one. I just endured another 2 and a half minutes of Paris Hilton shtick. This gag got one laugh from my audience the first time.

The ensuing ten times were met with silence. I begin to understand what Marlow went through in Heart of Darkness.

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Didn't that movie not do great? The fuck are they parodying that for? This doesn't shrink his head, or result in any sight gag. Rocky just keels over and dies, face looking absolutely normal. I guess they just wanted to reference Botox, and thought that'd be funny enough.

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They imagine some young friends, going "Haha! Man, they killed Rocky with Botox! Oh shit, bro, awesome! Remember how fucking weird is was there?

meet the spartans breakdance movie

Yes, someone drives by and he steals their car.