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Only rabbits spawn in desert and snowy biomes, with the exception of the cold . Killer Rabbit of Carbannog, is a hostile white rabbit with horizontal red eyes. .. If two ghast fireballs meet, one explodes and one deflects in a random direction. Only rabbits spawn in desert and snowy biomes, with the exception of the cold . Killer Rabbit of Carbannog, is a hostile white rabbit with horizontal red eyes. .. If two ghast fireballs meet, one explodes and one deflects in a random direction. When spawning a bunny it has a chance to spawn a bunny called the killer rabbit from Monty .. Minecraft Memes, Games, Video Games, Food Cakes, Meet.

Pack Spawning On every spawn cycle, the game attempts to spawn a pack of mobs per eligible spawn chunk where a random location in that chunk is treated as a center point. The most minimum requirements of pack spawning is for the center block to be non-opaque, must not fill its entire cube and must be powered. Once a pack location fulfills all the necessary requirements, the session attempts a pack spawn, up to 12 attempts per spawn cycle.

A pack is either a ghast, 3 rabbits, 8 wolves or 4 of anything else. The spawn area for the pack is a square of 41 x 41 blocks that is a block in height. The lowest body part of each mob will spawn inside the pack spawn area. The easiest explanation for this is similar to this illustration: Though the spawn area is a a 41 x 41 square, the spawn attempt is biased towards the center of the pack spawn location.

All mobs within the pack are of the same species, though their eligibility is highly dependent on the different biomes in the Overworld and conditions in the Nether and the End. Forest, taiga, mega taiga, cold taiga and their variants can spawn wolves. Only jungle biomes can spawn ocelots. It also increases the spawn chance of chicken. Only rabbits spawn in desert and snowy biomes, with the exception of the cold taiga.

Beach, stone beach, river, ocean and mesa can only spawn hostiles and squids in water. Mushroom island biomes only spawn mooshrooms.

Ocean monuments can spawn guardians. Witch huts spawn witches. Any location without the above restrictions can spawn any mob that are not restricted only to a certain area. Slimes will only spawn in an eligible chunk with a height under 40 or in a swamp biome with low light. Nether fortresses spawn skeletons, wither skeletons and blazes. Ghasts can spawn anywhere except nether fortresses. Zombie pigmen, magma cubes and Endermen can spawn anywhere.

Only endermen spawn in the end, with the exception of shulkers that spawn only inside the walls of end cities. Passive Mobs Bat The bat is a flying passive mob that spawns in caves in the Overworld. Bats spawn on opaque blocks with light levels less than 3 under layer 63, except on superflat worlds where they spawn below the top non-air layer. Bats are classified as ambient by the game itself, making them have no use other than just environmental add-ons.

They do not drop any experience or items when killed. Bats are very small, with just half a block in height and width. They fly without real purpose, sometimes flying into lava and dying. Bats hang upside down on solid blocks when idle and fly away in the presence of players even if they are invisible. Chicken Chicken is an egg laying mob and one of the most common passive mobs on Minecraft. They naturally generate on grass blocks with 2 blocks for free space on top with a light level of 9 and up.

Adult chickens drop 0 to 2 feathers and 1 raw chicken when killed and can be affected by the Looting enchantment. If a chicken dies and they are on fire, they drop a cooked chicken instead of raw chicken. They also drop experience when killed and experience after breeding. Thrown eggs may spawn the baby chicken inside a wall when thrown, causing suffocation. Baby chickens grow within 20 minutes, though feeding them seeds will cut their remaining growth duration by 10 percent.

Baby chickens have no drops. They wander around aimlessly and can swim in water. Chickens are immune to fall damage as they flap their wings and glide slowly down when they drop. Regardless, their AI will still avoid falling cliffs high enough for fall damage.

When swimming, adult chickens need two blocks of free space above them while baby chicks need a full block, otherwise they will drown and die. Wild ocelots will attack chickens. When attacked, chickens will panic and run around.

Cow Cows are passive mobs that can only be found in the Overworld. They mob spawn in herds of 4 on top of opaque blocks with 2 blocks of free space above them and a light level of 9 and above. Cows do mob spawn when the world generates the first time, but they also spawn normal if there are no passive mobs in loaded chunks. There are two cow species: Adult cows will drop 0 to 2 leather and raw beef cooked steak if killed while on fire.

They can also be milked using a bucket and mooshrooms can be sheared for mushrooms, which in turn makes them into normal cows. Killing a cow drops experience while breeding drops experience. The growth of baby cows can be accelerated by feeding them wheat, cutting down the remaining time by 10 percent. Cows have a height of 1. They will walk around slowly and wander, mooing and breathing occasionally. They will also avoid cliffs that are high enough to cause fall damage and will run in panic when they are hit or damaged.

Cows will follow a player holding wheat, as long as they are less than 10 blocks away. Mooshroom A Mooshroom is a variant specie of cow, distinguished by its red color and red mushrooms growing from its back. It is the exclusive spawn of a Mooshroom island, in itself a rare occurrence in Overworld biomes. Mooshrooms spawn on mycelium blocks of the island in mob spawns of 4 to 8.

Mooshrooms drop leather and raw beef steak if killed while on fire.

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Mooshrooms can be milked using either a bucket or a bowl, producing milk or mushroom stew respectively. They can also be shorn to drop 5 red mushrooms, but this will in turn convert the mooshroom into a normal cow.

A shorn mooshroom will not go back from being a cow. They drop experience when killed and experience when breeding. Mooshrooms have the same breeding mechanics and AI mechanics with the cow, going into love mode when fed wheat and produces a baby mooshroom. Its growth can be accelerated using wheat, cutting off 10 percent of the remaining growth duration. They will avoid going in cliffs where it can give them fall damage and will panic if they are attacked.

Pigs Pigs are rideable passive mobs that spawn on the Overworld. They are typically used as food resourcewhere they spawn on grass blocks with 2 blocks of open space above it. They mob spawn in herds during the world generation. Pigs drop pieces of raw porckchop cooked porkchop if killed while on fire. If a saddle is equipped on them, they will also drop the saddle. Adult pigs drop experience when killed and experience when bred. Baby pigs do not drop anything. Carrots, potatoes and beetroots can be used to breed pigs, though the console edition only allows carrots.

Piglets will mature in 20 minutes or a Minecraft day. A piglet will be near similar to the adult pig but with a small body. Feeding a baby pig will reduce its remaining growth duration by 10 percent. Pigs have a height of 0. They will follow any player that carries a carrot, carrot on stick, potato or beetroot that is below 5 blocks away.

Pigs can be ridden by equipped a saddle on them and control their direction using a carrot on a sticks. They will slowly accelerate up to 4. Pigs can swim up to 1 block deep water while ridden and go on a burst of speed when using carrot on a stick.

The pig will take fall damage while being ridden, being boosted by a 7 durability from the carrot on stick. There is no knockback if the pig receives damage. If a pig is struck by lightning, they become Zombie Pigmen. Rabbit Rabbits are small, passive mobs that can be found in the Overworld. They spawn in a small group of two to three: Their skins vary depending on which biome they are found.

As some rabbit spawn biomes overlap with wolf spawn biomes, wolves attack rabbits if left long enough. Rabbits drop rabbit hide and raw rabbit upon deathincreasing by 1 per level of Looting enchantment used, up to 4 maximum. Rabbits will drop cooked rabbit if killed while on fire.

Rabbits can be bred with carrots, golden carrots or dandelions. The baby rabbit has a Rabbits have six different variations: Furs colors are biome specific: There are two special rabbits apart from the basic: The Killer Bunny, formerly known as the Killer Rabbit of Carbannog, is a hostile white rabbit with horizontal red eyes. It will attack any player within a block radius and will charge faster than the basic rabbit.

Toast is an Easter egg rabbit that can be achieved if you use a name tag and name a rabbit Toast. Once this is done, the rabbit will re-texture its appearance to a black dutch — a black and white spotted rabbit.

Sheep Sheep are passive mobs in the Overworld that are used to supply mutton and wool to the player. They naturally spawn on grass blocks with at least 2 free spaces above with a light level of 9 or higher. They often spawn in flocks of 4. Sheep can spawn with different color wool. The most common is white with They can also be dyed, which will allow them to grow unnaturally colored wool in the process.

Wool drop rates and amount is not affected by the Looting enchantment. They also drop raw mutton upon killing, adding 1 extra piece per level of Looting and a max of 5. If the sheep dies while on fire, it will drop cooked mutton instead.

As with all breedable mobs, it drops experience when killed and experience when bred. Wheat can be used to breed sheep. Similar to the cow and pig, they will wander around, try not to fall from cliffs high enough and will bleat occasionally.

They will follow players who are holding wheat, but will give up if the player goes beyond 5 blocks far. Sheep will try to jump over obstacles that are 1 block high. They will also eat grass blocks and turn it into dirt, or tall grass and destroy it. This is how sheep grow back their shorn wool. If there is no wool, sheep cannot grow back their wool.

They despawn after 18, ticks or 15 minutes if they are not triggered. The chance of trap horses spawning during a thunderstorm is 0. When a player is within a 10 block radius, lightning will strike the horse. The skeleton trap horse will become a skeleton horseman that will have skeletons riding them, spawning a total of 3 in the area. It is best to proceed with caution or avoid a skeleton horse if you are not properly equipped, as the skeleton horsemen will have an enchanted iron helmet and an enchanted bow upon spawn, together with 3 seconds initial damage immunity.

Squid Squid are 8 legged mobs and are the only passive water mob in the game. They can spawn in any body of water between layers 46 and sea level. They cannot spawn in superflat worlds since the sea level is at Y0 in those worlds. Squids drop ink sacs, which is usually converted to black dye. They also drop experience when killed. Squids cannot breed and always hover around water by moving their tentacles open and close.

They are not attracted to light and will remain passive to the player, only escaping farther when attacked. Squids will suffocate when on land and will take fall and fire damage. Guardians are hostile to squids and will attack them. When attacked in Pocket Edition, squids will produce a cloud of black in and swim quickly in the opposite direction of the player.

Endermen are endemic to The End, even though they sometimes spawn on the Overworld on solid blocks with light levels of 7 or less. In the End, they spawn in groups of 4 called hauntings while on the Overworld, they spawn in groups of and are rarer than most mobs. In the Nether, they also spawn in groups of 4 and are extremely rare.


Endermen may drop ender pearls when killed, up to 4 when using the Looting enchantment. They also drop 5 experience when killed. If an Enderman is holding a block, it will drop that block. Endermen can teleport to a random destination within a 32 block radius per axis, adding its movement area to a 64 x 64 x 64 cuboid centered on its current position. The teleportation will succeed if there are no liquid blocks to hamper them or there is enough free space for it to stand on.

It will always teleport when attacked with a melee or if it takes damage from water. Any type of projectile shot towards an Enderman, except positive potions, will not hit and it will always teleport away before the projectile hits. Endermen will remain neutral and not be hostile towards the player unless it is attacked or the player looks at its head from up to 64 blocks.

When provoked, the Enderman will open its mouth and shake violently in rage. If it has been provoked by a stare, it will also make a long, screeching sound and attack the player. They will take damage from water, rain and splash water bottles, teleporting away if they are hit by either. They will also teleport with other types of DPS hits like poison, wither, suffocation, fire or lava.

An Enderman cannot be provoked by players looking through transparent blocks or wearing a pumpkin. They will attack endermites spawned from ender pearls as long as there is no players close enough to the endermite. Polar Bear Polar bears are typically neutral mobs that can be found in ice plains, ice mountains, and ice spike biomes. These will remain raw even if the polar bear dies of fire damage.

Polar bears have variant behaviors depending on the situation, with the cubs being passive at all times. Polar bears will stay neutral unless attacked.

The adult polar bear will go full hostile if you go close to a polar bear cub. If you attack a polar bear cub, all adult polar bears within a 41 x 21 x 41 cuboid range will become hostile. Attacked an adult that is 16 x 8 x 16 cuboid distance from a cub will also provoke hostility within a 21 x 21 x 21 cube range of the attacked adult.

Polar bears are faster swimmers than players and they attack by standing up and mauling. Zombie Pigmen Zombie Pigmen are the most common neutral mobs that live in the Nether.

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They are humanoid pig-zombies that hold a gold sword in their hand and are endemic to the Nether, but also spawn from Nether portals or pigs. If a lightning strikes within a 4 block radius of a pig, it will become a zombie pigman. Zombie pigmen will drop 0 to 1 rotten flesh and 0 to 1 gold nugget upon death, increasing in amount per level of Looting enchantment.

Upon player kill, zombie pigmen have a 2. They will drop 5 experience when killed by a player, while their baby version will drop 12 experience. They will also drop whatever items they may have picked up upon death. Zombie Pigmen tend to walk around slowly and can be killed by drowning and fall damage but are immune to fire and lava damage. Like normal zombies, they will bang on wooden doors and in Hard difficulty, will even break them.

If the Zombie Pigman thinks that a weapon on the ground is better than their golden sword, they have a 9. When aggravated, they walk faster and become more aggressive, snorting a noisy aggro.

Once angry, all zombie pigmen within a 67 x 67 x 21 to x x 21 blocks centered on the attacked zombie pigman will crowd and attack the player. They will all target the aggravator and subsequently any player within a 35 block radius of any zombie pigman who is hostile already, calling more zombie pigmen within 40 blocks. Since a zombie pigman deals 5 damage on Easy, 9 damage on Normal and 13 damage on Hard per hit. Zombie Pigmen will remain hostile for 20 to If the player goes out of the Nether or leaves the area, players will still encounter hostile zombie pigmen when they return.

Spider A spider is a common neutral mob that can climb walls. They spawn on the Overworld on a 3 x 3 x 2 space on solid blocks in light levels of 7 or less in groups of 4. They also spawn from monster spawners found in dungeons and, in rare situations, the hidden room in the Woodland Mansions. The spider has 3 variants: Spiders drop strings upon death. It also drops 5 experience when killed. A spider measures 1. Spiders are officially listed as neutral, though they are hostile to players as long as light levels are 11 or less, otherwise they will not attack until provoked.

Once provoked, they will keep aggro even in well-lit locations as long as they are not damaged by another source like lava or fall damage, which resets their hostility meter. Spiders can climb walls and obstacles. It will keep going forward even when it loses its aggro status, up to a full two seconds.

This may result in the spider to climb any wall in its path. They are not affected by the poison status and will just a jumping lunge attack, pouncing players. Spiders have a variant called the Spider Jockey; it is a spider with a skeleton riding its back. In cold biomes, a stray jockey has a 0. Cave Spider A cave spider is a neutral mob variant of the spider.

It exclusively spawns from monster spawners in abandoned mineshafts. Their location is telling as the spawner will be surrounded by a continuous stream of cobwebs along all directions of the mineshaft it is found. Cave spiders are much smaller than spiders, clocking in at 1 block wide and half a block tall and they have a poisonous attack.

They drop 5 experience once killed by a player or wolf. Cave spiders are made neutral by light levels of 10 or higher, but an already hostile cave spider will still attack once hostile. They will climb walls, unhampered by cobwebs or poison and can go through spaces between Nether Brick and Fences.

Their venom inflicts Poison 1 for 7 seconds on normal 2 damage and 15 seconds 5 damage on hard difficulty. They have an attack power of 2 damage on easy, 2 with poison 1 on normal and 3 with poison 1 on hard. Hostile Mobs Blaze Blazes are floating hostile mobs that can be found in the Nether. They are yellow monsters with rod like bodies and smoke particles. They naturally spawn in the nether under light levels of 11 and less or via monster spawner on a 9 x 9 x 3 square prism area with the spawner on the center.

Blazes drop one blaze rod when killed by a player or a wolf, increasing the max drop by 1 per level of Looting enchantment. In the console edition, they also drop glowstone dust. Additionally, they drop 10 experience points when player killed. Though blazes know how to fly, they typically stay low in the air when idle. They are resistant to fire or lava, but will take damage with water.

As they are endemic to the Nether, they will swim in lava but will avoid water but will make no attempt to get out of water once pushed there. Blazes will target players within 48 blocks and once it acquires a target, it will try to gain a higher ground of around 0. Create New In RuneScapethe player is required to get rid of a "giant wolpertinger", and says that it is just a "harmless wee rabbit". Subverted of sorts when it turned out to be a dangerous and heinous monster.

The relevant quests have been rewritten. Now the giant wolpertinger is summoned by the player, and the enemy trolls are the ones who disregard it as a harmless wee rabbit, until it scatters them. Runescape also teaches us that penguins are evil Soviet expires hell-bent on exterminating humanity and conquering Gielinor.

Fantastic Dizzy has cute little snails. These loveable, unkillable, little geranium-munching monsters are really good at chipping away at your health normally, but if you drop from any ledge on the right-hand side of Dizzy's village you risk the humiliation of being stripped of your entire health bar in moments as one cheerfully and aimlessly wanders past Dizzy while he is stunned.

Do not mess with the snails. Several of the weaker Heartless fall under this, especially the Shadows, which are the first type of Heartless that you encounter in the original game. They may be Made of Evilbut they're still adorable. Yes, they're man-sized dragons, but they're very cuddly-looking man-sized dragons.

And the Black Fungus enemies. They ARE cute, but they are hostile unlike their cousins, and have high defense. And in the prequel game, Birth by Sleepsome of the Unversed may or may not qualify, but they also notably feature a literal Killer Rabbit amongst their ranks, called amusingly enough the Hareraiser, which is described as being "the anti-cuddly".