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meet the thornberrys characters

Donald Michael "Donnie" Thornberry is a feral boy who (as revealed in the 4-part TV movie, The Origin of Donnie) was raised by orangutans after his. Sir Nigel Archibald Thornberry KBE is the son of Radcliffe (also as they had met while Donnie's parents were on their honeymoon. This article contains a list of characters who appear in The Wild Thornberrys. Main Characters Elizabeth Thornberry, Darwin, Donald Michael Thornberry.

He looks almost identical to his father, they're even both voiced by Tim Curry. She operates the film camera and edits their nature show. Marianne is a strong woman, often the voice of reason, and sometimes loses patience with Nigel.

She is usually the one to take on disciplinary duties, trying to keep the girls out of trouble and finish their homework. Jodi Carlisle Action Mom: At times, she can be just as adventurous as her husband. Her choice of wardrobe leaves her midsection exposed. Marianne always drives, and she never asks for directions even when her sense of direction isn't exactly the best though it works out.

She tries to make sure her kids get a good education while traveling the world and makes sure they always do their homework. Though she always steps in to help her daughters if they are ever having trouble with their schoolwork. She also puts Debbie in charge of teaching Donnie proper English. It's made clear several times throughout the series that she loves her husband and the feeling is mutual.

She has very pronounced hips. One episode had Marianne facing her fear of sharks to rescue Debbie who was trapped in the ocean about to be eaten by several sharks. Is the more sensible one when working with her husband.

  • Donnie Thornberry
  • Elizabeth “Eliza” Thornberry
  • Darwin Thornberry

Kip O'Donnel and Neil Biederman A pair of poachers who antagonized the Thornberrys in the original pilot and some of the show's earlier episodes. The fact that they were featured in the original pilot and are shown to have personal grudges against the Thornberrys suggests that they were originally intended to be the series' main villains. Unfortunately, they stopped appearing after the second season.

After season two, Kip and Biederman just disappeared from the show.

List of The Wild Thornberrys characters

Kip has a very raspy voice. Kip O'Donnel is frequently addressed as just Kip. Neil Biederman's first name is rarely mentioned. No Celebrities Were Harmed: Biederman bears a more than passing resemblance to Joe Pesci.

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Number Two for Brains: It is revealed that he was able to pick up sign language from watching his parents teaching it to orangutans. We only see him sign one word familyand it is unclear how much he knows. Nevertheless, this proves Donnie's intelligence — something which the audience sees further evidence of in a drawing he does of his parents alongside the orangutan family that raised him. Debbie voiced by Danielle Harris is Eliza's older sister.

meet the thornberrys characters

She becomes the only family member to know about Eliza's powers but is later warned that she will be turned into a baboon if she ever tells anyone.

Debbie dresses in grunge clothing and sports a distinctive peekaboo hairstyle. Darwin voiced by Tom Kane is a chimpanzee. He usually wears a tank top with horizontal blue and white stripes used to be Debbie's lucky tank top and blue shorts.

meet the thornberrys characters

He speaks with a distinct, upper-class, and English accent even when he is cautious for good reason since Eliza at times tries to foolishly approach and socialize with potentially dangerous animals lions, for example.

It premiered in Septemberand was the first Nicktoon to exclusively use minute stories episodes of other Nicktoons usually featured two 10 — minute stories, using minute stories only on occasion. The series was designed to have a focus on parents after focus groups run by Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo uncovered that children were talking about the real struggles of the parent-child relationship; this was opposed to Nickelodeon's view of only featuring kids in children's programming.

meet the thornberrys characters

Season 1 was released on June 24,[4] and Seasons 2 through 5 were released on December 1, He babbles wildly and makes animal sounds but nothing Eliza can understandoccasionally spouting blurbs of English or showing random signs of sophisticated education, such as table place setting or properly drinking tea.

He might also know French, as during a lesson he stated that an apple was a 'pomme', which is French for apple.

meet the thornberrys characters

Donnie is four years old for most of the series but turns five in The Origin of Donnie. It was shown that while his parents were teaching orangutans sign language, he learned as well.

meet the thornberrys characters

Though only one sign was shown familyit is unknown how much he actually knows. Contents [ show ] Description Donnie Thornberry was discovered in Borneo by Nigel and Marianne as they did a show about orangutans.

His parents were killed by poachers, so Donnie was raised by the gentle primates since he was a toddler.