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'P.O.R' bill themselves as 'the world's most dangerous stunt group'. VIDEO: Fiery wheelchair stunt by P.O.R stunt crew goes horribly wrong .. fan while filming new live-action Sonic The Hedgehog movie Enjoyed the sun in Vancouver . Kanye West claims he is setting up a meeting between Trump and . Burt Reynolds, film crew visited Tuscaloosa in . in from Hollywood to shoot stunt scenes in and around the demolition of the old 22, file photo, Burt Reynolds appears at the Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con in Chicago. . and noise, and one day, marched out to meet some of the filmmakers. P.O.R Stunts The World's Most Dangerous Stunt Group: Longest active The P.O.R Stunts crew has a long history of doing stunts with light tubes & glass.

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