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Title: Vanderbilt's Guide to Greek Life , Author: Vanderbilt Greek Life FORMAL RUSH: Official meeting by which three of four NPHC sororities . college, there is a financial commitment associated with joining a fraternity or sorority. such as a Super Bowl party, and our annual White Out and Fratlantis parties. However, Phillips more than meets the challenge by taking as his subject Published by JohnWiley & Sons Ltd, Garsington Road, Oxford OX4 2DQ, UK and. Main Street Heythrop College to see 'super kinds' for which we do not have a word Vegas/Zurich/Athens, Parmenides Publishing, , $ Sam went to a Board of Governors executive meeting. . They said the only universities that would survive were those that pursued excellence (intense interaction with students and culture). . The alumni association is super keen this year. .. Welcome to the last Council live blog of the year!.

Most chapters require a high grade point average fall semester. The Interfraternity Council operates through a deferred joining process. The minimum GPA required to participate Recruitment activities for men occur throughout the fall semester, but men are not in the IFC or Panhellenic recruitment process is 2. Upperclass or transfer males may accept a bid organization for NPHC chapters. For the National Pan-Hellenic Council Chapters, the member- GPA requirements for membership, so be sure to ask them about any specific national ship intake process schedule varies based on chapter.

Because the Greek community at Vanderbilt contributes to the founding. These organizations are rooted in founding principles that foster academic social activity on campus, it has taken great strides toward creating a responsible achievement, student involvement, community service, and lifelong friendships.

Greek and safe environment for its members. All fraternities and sororities have strict organizations are groups of men and women who come together to form a personal policies regulating the consumption of alcohol for underage members and guests. Vanderbilt University has a zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing that is consistent with Tennessee state law. Hazing includes any activity that subjects members to harassment, ridicule, intimidation, physical exhaustion, abuse, or mental distress.

Hazing is contrary to the purposes of the Greek community and the university. Hazing is not tolerated. If you are asked or told to participate in inappropriate activities, you should report it immediately. Like any opportunity for involvement in system on our website: Financial obligations differ among individual chapters. Individual chapters elect officers to manage the day-to-day operations of the organiza- expect to pay higher dues their first semester than in subsequent ones for one-time initiation fees.

Active member dues range from: All of our Panhellenic soror- Additional costs throughout the semester will go toward chapter meal plans, pictures, ity houses and two of our IFC fraternity houses have a live-in house director hired by the gifts, T-shirts, etc.

There are payment plans available for students, as well as scholarships organization to manage the day-to-day housing operations. Alumni who act as advisors assist these officers. Ten of the twelve Panhellenic Council chapters are housed in the Greek area, while Lambda Theta Alpha number of scholarships to students each semester.

While you are participating in the recruitment process, make sure that you ask about the financial obligations of membership. Many of the chapters have listed their dues in their sections throughout this book. Thirteen of the IFC chapters have houses in the Greek area. Each residence houses six chapter members who are in chapter leadership roles. The chapters hold an internal process to select the members who will live in the chapter facility.

Non-residents do have access to the chapter house. All other chapter members are free to participate in the university housing process to secure on-campus housing in one of our residence halls or pursue off-campus living in the Nashville community. The Interfraternity Council promotes the interests of its member fraternities through its preservation of the community's high standards while also ensuring interfraternal cooperation. Through this partnership, our fraternity community strives to continually foster personal and professional growth for Vanderbilt's fraternity members.

Officers are selected by an application and election process. These students work together to objectively govern the IFC community as well as provide collaborative programming opportunities for the council and the broader campus community.

They meet weekly to discuss issues relevant to the Greek community. They are available to answer any questions that you may have about IFC at Vanderbilt. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Officers are selected based on rotation ensuring that every chapter has representation on the council.

These students work together to objectively govern the NPHC Community as well as provide collaborative programming opportunities for the council and the broader campus community. National Pan-Hellenic Council Facebook: Joining a sorority is a life changing experience that helps undergraduate women form lifelong friendships and become more involved on campus.

The Panhellenic Council is responsible for organizing activities of mutual concern and interest to all Panhellenic sororities on campus. These women disaffiliate from their chapters to objectively serve the wider Panhellenic community. The following women are members of the Panhellenic Council Executive Board: Panhellenic Executive Board Facebook: Vanderbilt Panhellenic Council Instagram: There are time and financial commitments, as well as academic and social expectations. Being a chapter member is a significant time commitment.

Similar expectations continue in the chapter throughout your time as an undergraduate member. You must understand that from the day you accept your bid or cross over into your organization until long after graduation, you are always wearing your letters. You represent your chapter and the entire Greek community in the classroom, on the playing field, and even on the dance floor. Taking care of your brothers, sisters, and guests is an important aspect of your membership and something that you should always be mindful of as a member.

You should expect to be held accountable for your actions and to hold others accountable as well. There are usually some additional out-of-pocket expenses. There are a very limited number of scholarship opportunities available from the chapter and the governing councils. Most chapter scholarships are only available to initiated members; therefore, new members are not eligible for these awards. Many of our chapters offer payment plans.

Phi Beta Sigma

You will be provided with detailed financial information for each Panhellenic and IFC chapter during the fall semester. The first semester is often the most expensive semester.

But always remember that you are a Vanderbilt student first. Your chapter commitments should not get in the way of your academic schedule. The financial commitment of membership can seem overwhelming at first. Each chapter determines dues payments. Your chapter is a home away from home, presenting members with venues to socialize in, networks of support by older members, and countless opportunities to make new friends.

Above all, Greeks are students. Our chapters recognize the importance of good scholarship, with each organization maintaining standards that their members must maintain. The governing councils and individual sororities sponsor programs aimed at maintaining these high standards, including academic incentives, tutoring, study hours, and faculty relations programming.

Chapter officers coordinate meetings, service projects, and social events. Many of these programs entail large budgets and involve hundreds of people.

The councils and the chapters additionally provide educational programming in areas such as time management, leadership, communication, and other useful topics.

At Vanderbilt, the leaders of many campus-wide organizations are members of Greek organizations. Your chapter will encourage you to become involved in additional activities. As a member, your chapter will expect you to engage in a certain 10 number of service hours every year. This expectation ensures that the founding value of commitment to community remains strong and lasting.

As a fantastic display of their commitment to the Nashville community, our students held the annual Greek Week of Service last October. Greek members contributed more than 45, hours of community service to the local community last year. Chapters sponsor numerous activities each year that benefit the local community, including events that raise money for their individual charities and agencies. The camaraderie of the community is apparent in many ways, from joint benefits and socials to the individual friendships that exist between members of different organizations.

Our Tri-Council Circle initiative has been in effect for seven years and brings together chapters from each council to engage in campus events. Panhellenic sororities typically host parties each semester at venues around Nashville; they do not have parties in their chapter houses.

These parties include formals and semi-formals, in addition to themed events. The Greek community contributes a great deal to the social activity on campus and is always taking steps toward creating a responsible and safe environment for everyone. IFC recruitment eligibility requirements apply to all potential new members regardless of class standing and are the following: Academic Requirement Potential new members must have at least a 2.

Additionally, a potential new member must have completed at least 12 credit hours and be a currently enrolled student at Vanderbilt. Conduct Requirement In addition, students are not eligible to join a Greek organization if they are placed on disciplinary probation. Students can be placed on disciplinary probation for violations of state law and university policy, including but not limited to underage consumption of alcohol, intoxication, possession or use of fake identification, fighting or drug usage.

As such, men interested in joining should conduct themselves in a respectable manner and make responsible personal decisions so that their behavior does not prevent them from joining a Greek organization. Service Requirement Community service is a foundational element of fraternity.

As such, it is important to understand that each of our fraternities have a set requirement of completing community service to maintain membership in their chapter. Potential new members must have completed at least 3 hours of community service with a fraternity or Nashville community agency.

Our fraternities will host community service events throughout the fall semester for potential new members to assist with the completion of this requirement. A potential new member can perform this community service with any fraternity; it does not need to be with the chapter he ultimately ends up joining. Potential new members will learn more about the IFC recruitment process including tips on how to have a successful recruitment experience from chapter recruitment chairs.

Afterwards, potential new members will be able to travel to each of the chapter facilities or designated campus rooms for informal open houses. This event will educate potential members about recruitment and will enable potential members to meet brothers from each chapter.

This is a mandatory event during which you will have the opportunity to register for fraternity recruitment. At the event you will complete the Release of Information Consent Card so that we can check your grade eligibility for membership.

During the event you will also complete the online registration process. Interested men should plan to attend the event for the entire time 2: Individual Chapter Recruitment Activities Throughout the fall, each chapter will host individual chapter recruitment events including sporting events, meals, service and social activities in large and small group settings. These events help both the potential members and chapter members to get to know each other better and narrow down their options during the recruitment process.

Each checkpoint will provide an opportunity for potential new members to document which IFC chapters they are interested in pursuing while also getting a chance to educate themselves about topics geared toward well-rounded development of our fraternity community members.

Final Selection Round Friday, January 9, Potential new members who receive invitations to attend a final event at the chapters that are still considering them for membership must check in with the IFC to ensure they have completed all of their eligibility requirements.

wiley college meet the greeks 2014 super

After visiting the chapters, potential new members will make their final selections, ranking the chapters in order that they would accept a bid should it be extended to him. Chapters will also be completing final selections regarding membership invitations at this time. Bid Night Saturday, January 10, Potential new members will come to the Student Life Center to receive their bid and then go to their respective locations to be welcomed as new members within the chapter.

Meet as many fraternity members as your schedule will allow during the fall semester. Each group has its own character, but all have similar programs and activities. They all encourage academic achievement, community service, social activities, leadership development, and strong friendships.

Practice effective study skills and seek assistance from your peers and professors.

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Remember that you are no longer in high school. Chapters will have a variety of events available for you to participate in throughout the fall semester. You can complete service with any chapter s.

Just as you will be observing their behavior, they will be observing yours. Be mindful of your decisions and act respectably. Disciplinary probation means not being able to join a fraternity. Keep that in mind as you experience your first semester of college. You can have fun without ending up on probation. Be mindful of the history of each organization that you are considering.

National organization websites and vanderbilt. It is important for you to know about the values of the organization and what it means to be a member of the organization. Our email is greeklife vanderbilt. For more membership information, please contact the students listed on each of the chapter pages. These standards include academic achievement 2. Students who are on disciplinary probation may not participate in an intake process. Such requirements are designed to promote the building of strong and effective chapters.

Each affiliate organization shall implement its own membership intake process. To learn more about NPHC organizations, interested students are encouraged to research the individual organization and chapter websites as well as attend various events hosted by NPHC organizations on campus. The fall semester is limited to upperclass students who meet the requirements of the organization they wish to join. As a result, Charles I. Brown was named as the third member of the founding group. By Novembera committee was established to begin to lay the foundation of what was to become Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

Soon after the first committee meeting, Taylor, Morse, and Brown chose 9 associates to assist them with the creation of the fraternity. Those men were the first charter members of the organization. A Building in Washington, D. The first two years of the fraternity's existence would see them organize and maintain a Sunday school program, led by A.

Brown, open a library and art gallery to the public, the foundation of the Benjamin Banneker Research Society, and also the Washington Art Club. Community, the members of Sigma were also impacting the campus of Howard University. Walker was elected associate editor of the Howard University Journal. The following year, Walker and Founder A. Langston Taylor, were elected Editor-in-Chief and circulation manager respectively. Other members were also taking leadership positions as W.

On the athletic field, captain John Camper and J. House Franklin were standout football players for Howard University. In the spring ofthe fraternity was seeking to further its intellectual pool. As a result, several affluent African-American scholars Dr. Alain Leroy Locke, were inducted into the Fraternity. On March 5,Herbert L. Stevens was initiated, in turn making him the first Graduate member of Phi Beta Sigma.

Beta chapter became the first chapter of any African-American Greek-lettered organization to be chartered south of Richmond, Virginia. As a result of the conclave, an official publication for the Fraternity was authorized and member W. Vincent was elected as the National Editor. However, the Alpha chapter had about seventy members in uniform.

The General Board was forced to re-organize as a result of death and other dislocations brought on by the war. Scruggs would ask fraternity founder and then National Treasurer A.

Langston Taylor to contact members as soon as they re-appeared in civilian clothes. Langston Taylor, work began to establish the new sorority. The five founders chose the name Zeta Phi Beta. The similar names of both Sigma and Zeta are intentional in nature, as the ladies adopted the Greek letters 'Phi' and 'Beta' to "seal and signify the relationship between the two organizations".

I shall never forget the first meetings held in dormitory rooms of Miner Hall. Miss Hardwick, the matron, never knew I was about until I was escorted out by Arizona, who was her assistant. I was Miss Hardwick's favorite boy. The two Sigma Brothers had been a source of advice and encouragement during the establishment, and throughout the early days.

Phillip Randolph was seen as a key intellectual player during the Harlem Renaissance. The s also witnessed the birth of the Harlem Renaissance - a flowering of African-American cultural and intellectual life that began to be absorbed into mainstream American culture. Philip Randolph were participants in this creative emergence, led primarily by the African-American community based in the neighborhood of Harlem in New York City.

wiley college meet the greeks 2014 super

The journal was the official organ of the fraternity; Eugene T. Alexander was named its first editor. This would lead to the first inter-fraternity council meeting between the two organizations the following spring in Washington, D. It would, of course, be developed, embellished, and varied in the years to come. Scruggs [11] InFounder Taylor called for the assembly of the Black Greek-lettered organizations of Howard University to discuss the formation of a governing council.

Although the efforts of Taylor failed on that particular day, they would sow the seeds for what was to become the National Pan-Hellenic Council eight years later. The magazine's name change was suggested by members of the Mu chapter at Lincoln University to reference the symbolic meaning of the crescent to the fraternity. At the conclave, a special exhibit introduced the concept of the "Bigger and Better Negro Business".

This would lead to the establishment of Bigger and Better Business as a national program at the conclave. At the Conclave, held in Louisville, Kentuckythe tradition of branding the skin with a hot iron, as a part of the initiation process was officially sanctioned by the fraternity.

Woodson was invited as a guest speaker and saw the creation of the Distinguished Service chapter. The fall of saw the crash of the nation's stock markets.

Like many other organizations during this period, Phi Beta Sigma faced financial difficulties. With brothers faced with financial worries, some members were forced to leave their respective institutions due to lack of funds to continue their educations; several chapters became inactive. The fraternity saw its income drastically shrink to the point of nearly disappearing completely. As a result of the bank closures, the remaining funds of the fraternity were frozen.

Wright, as head of the new Bigger and Better Business program. The first objective of Phi Beta Sigma's new program was to call upon colleges to provide business courses for its students.

The fraternity went forward with its plans to implement the bigger and better business program and aid as many financially strapped chapters as possible through scholarships for brothers. Later that year, at the Conclave held in Tuskegee, Alabamanorthern region vice president C.