5 people you meet in heaven movie free

Five People You Meet in Heaven Movie Quotes

5 people you meet in heaven movie free

Eddie (Jon Voight), a war vet and amusement park worker, dies while trying to save a girl from an accident, and in the afterlife, five people help him understand . Oct 6, While “The Next Person You Meet in Heaven” has potential to do big (Mr. Albom's writing continues to appear in the Detroit Free Press. ''Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven,'' a production of Hallmark Eddie spends much of the movie in heaven -- the place that.

He tells her he fears that he failed to save her and he remembers feeling the little girl's hands in his just before his death.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven (DVD, 2005)

But Tala tells him he did indeed manage to save her, he had actually pushed her out of the way, and then reveals that it was her Tala's hands that Eddie had felt instead as she pulled him safely up to Heaven. So in reality, Eddie did manage to save the girl at Ruby Pier. Tala teaches Eddie that his life was not for nothing and that its purpose was to protect all the many children at Ruby Pier through his care for the safety of the rides.

In this way, Tala explains, he also managed to atone every day for her unnecessary death. He is shown a vision of all the many people he saved along the years by his maintenance work, and consequently all their children's children down the generations. For he wants everyone to be free of accidents, everyone safe. He is once again told that every life touches another and that everything is connected, it is all one big life.

He is also one of the five people to be met by the girl whose life he saved when she dies Characters and their characterizations Eddie: The protagonist and main character around who the story centers; at the start of the story, he is killed on his 83rd birthday. When he awakes in heaven, he is taken on a journey to meet five people whose lives intertwined with his in many ways which he never expected. As an adult he wanted to work as an engineer. Eddie would always remember "her waving over her shoulder, her dark hair falling over one eye.

Joseph's skin had been turned blue when he was a boy because of repeated ingestion of silver nitratethought to be an effective medication at the time. He had been given this medication to cure his "nervousness" and bed-wetting at a late age, and Joseph simply attributed all the side effects to not ingesting enough.

5 people you meet in heaven movie free

Handicapped by this disfigurement, Joseph eventually made a life for himself at Ruby Pier. Joseph is a "middle-aged man with narrow, stooped shoulders, naked from the waist up. His belly sagged over his belt.

His hair was closely cropped. His lips were thin and his face was long and drawn. Eddie's commanding officer at war. He has a "full head of dark hair" and looked to be "only in his 30s. A woman for whom Ruby Pier is named by her fiance Emile. Ruby's face was "gaunt, with sagging cheeks, rose-colored lipstick, and tightly pulled-back white hair.

5 people you meet in heaven movie free

Ruby's husband, who also created the original Ruby Pier. He wore "a chalk-stripe suit and a derby hat. Eddie's mother was known for her tenderness" towards Eddie and his brother Joe. He abused Eddie his entire life. He smoked cigars[18] and was a card player. He is a family friend. He worked with Eddie's father "fixing rides at Ruby Pier.

Mickey attempted to rape Eddie's mother because of loneliness and depression. Mickey and Eddie's father fought, and Mickey was almost killed by Eddie's dad, but eventually, Eddie's dad ended up saving Mickey from drowning in the ocean, causing the pneumonia that killed Eddie's father". He is Eddie's friend and coworker at Ruby Pier. He is "a lanky, bony-cheeked young man. Amy or Annie is the "little girl with a pipe-cleaner animal".

5 people you meet in heaven movie free

Tala is a young girl Eddie sees in a burning hut. She is a Filipina, maybe five or six years old with "a beautiful cinnamon complexion, hair the color of dark plum, a small flat nose, full lips that spread joyfully over her gapped teeth, and the most arresting eyes. Nicky is a young man who visited Ruby Pier, and practically the reason why Eddie died. He dropped his car keys in the Freddy's Free Fall ride, causing its gears to jam and its cable to snap.

Nicky claims to be Ruby's great-grandson. Selected quotations "It is because the human spirit knows, deep down, that all lives intersect. For the most part of his life Eddie was angry and the root of his anger came from the feeling of neglect and abuse from his father.

He never really showed his son much attention or love. It cannot be helped Albom Thus, he should let go of the anger he has for his father and forgive him so that he can be at peace. The fourth person Eddie meets in heaven is his wife Marguerite. Marguerite discusses the topic of love and its power. After Eddie lost his wife he really felt empty and alone.

In fact, he was even a little angry that his wife had died and left him. Memory becomes your partner. You hold it Albom Tala is the last person Eddie meets in heaven. She is the child Eddie seen in the burning building that night when he was in war. Tala addresses the topic of people purposes and reasoning in life. For years, Eddie felt as though he did nothing with his life and accomplished nothing by working at Ruby Pier.

But, Tala tells him that he was supposed to be there because he kept the children safe. An act that you thought was random might have cost someone's life or have substantially changed it. This suggests that in reality no act is random; everything we do no matter how insignificant it may seem leaves an imprint in the world.

The blue man might have died but his death allowed Eddie to live. This is a recurring theme of the story, that lives are interconnected, and every man's action has a way of affecting other lives. We all made them.

But you were angry over yours. You kept thinking about what you lost. You didn't get it.

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Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be. It's not something to regret. It's something to aspire to. Eddie wasn't aware that their captain died during the war. While they were trying to escape the mine and Eddie was unconscious due to the bullet shot in his leg, the captain accidentally stepped on a landmine. When Eddie was released from the hospital, he just wanted to forget about what happened and didn't get in touch with his fellow war veterans.

The captain taught Eddie that sacrifice is a part of life and that the beauty of sacrifice is the act itself. You're just passing it on to someone else.

It cannot be helped. Youth, like pristine glass, absorbs the prints of its handlers. Some parents smudge, others crack, a few shatter childhoods completely into jagged little pieces, beyond repair. They've never met on Earth but Ruby witnessed the last moments of Eddie's father in the hospital because her husband and Eddie's father were in the same room.

The lesson that Ruby shared is my personal favorite. It was about forgiveness. It eats you from inside. We think that by hating someone we hurt them but hatred is a curved blade and the harm we do to others, we also do to ourselves. He was mad at his father because of the way he treated Eddie when he was a child.

Eddie wanted attention and affection but his father has another way of expressing them, not the form that Eddie wanted. The hatred he feels for his father is also making his heart feel heavier and so he was unhappy.

Realizing this, Eddie allowed himself to be freed from hatred and finally forgave his father for all the hurt he caused him.