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bob cigars track meet manager

Track Meet Manager Offers all the tools you need to run an efficient and successful track meet. Online Entries with our track meet software: Will save you hours of. Track Team and Field Program at Florida State University from for non- profit, educational Resignation of Mike Long as athletic director at Sarasota Conference the yard dash, with Bob Sable adding relay strength and depth. Coach Mike Long, a man who enjoyed a good cigar, was the last man to. that had a colored athlete, and George McCarty, our athletic director, was the coach short, bald-headed George McCarty sits under a wreath of his own cigar smoke "They just don't understand," says Willie Cager, one of the basketball team's . "If a Negro looks for help he doesn't find it," says Bob Beamon, the best long.

Although he was denied a Derby win that year, he finished third in the race with Congaree. Baffert won the Derby a third time the following year with War Emblem.

The colt went on to win the Preakness Stakes, giving the trainer his third shot at winning the Triple Crown.

bob cigars track meet manager

The colt lost the Belmont Stakes after breaking poorly from the starting gate. Baffert did not have a horse hit the board again in any of the Triple Crown races untilwhen he trained Pioneerof The Nile to a second-place finish in the Derby.

History of the male varsity track and field program at Florida

Finally, after waiting eight years, Baffert trained Lookin At Luckyco-owned by longtime client and good friend Mike Pegramto win the Preakness Stakes in The colt skipped the Belmont Stakes but became the champion three-year-old colt that year. InBaffert saddled Bodemeisternamed for the trainer's youngest son, Bode, to second-place finishes in the Derby and Preakness.

He saddled Paynter in the Belmont Stakes later that year, but that colt, like his stablemate Bodemeister, finished second. InBaffert trained the champion two-year-old colt American Pharoah to win the Triple Crown, the first to do so in 37 years.

bob cigars track meet manager

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They have been in my humidor for over a month now and have settled down quite well. This batch are just ok. He completed his day's work by finishing second to reamerst Woody Parker in the broad jump. The busy day of Woody Parker began with the anchor leg of FSU'a second-place-finishing yard relay, ending with a yard anchor leg on the winning mile relay. On a whim, Parker petitioned Coach Miller to enter him in the broad jump.

With Lbeapproval of the opposing coaches, Miller was able to make Parker a last minute entry. The event had already begun, when on his first jump without warm-up, Parker covered 22' 0" for the best jump of the competition Parker, Woody Parker r ewtote the FSU quarter-mile mark by flashing to victory with a: Parker was pleased with his performance but had been unaware of the quality of his effort.

On the other hand, there are races where you don't feel you have really performed your best and the time was out- standing. Florida State copped five of nine running events, hot were overpowered in the field events. Joe Fracassi cleared 12' 6" for the only Seminole victory in the six field events. The day was not without its Seminole star. Wes Minton bolted to a quick victory in the yard high hurdles in a school record set- ting time of: Minton closed hard in the yard low hurdles to overcome favorite Baradel of Loyola in another school record shattering time of: His clocking in the low hurdles was five-tenths of a second faster than Tom B-wan's old mark.

Woody Parker captured the yard dash with a time of: Wagoner had finished second in the mile behind Chauvin of Loyola, but turned the tables on the Jesuit distance specialist in the yard run.

Kenneth Jarrett won the first race of his career at FSU with his personal best time of The meet was a thrilling sequel to the encounter of the previous year, in Tallahassee. The competition was hard fought, but the second and third place Miami finishes behind Ken Jarrett's With only the mile relay remaining, the Seminole foursome of John Kulzer, Robert Jones, Dick Mize, and Elwood Parker won the last event to narrow Miami's winning advantage to only one point as the final point standings were 66 to Woody Parker captured both the and yard runs with times of: John Poston was the only The second race was the yard high hurdles.

Bob Baffert

Coach Miller described Wes Minton as "a talented, but erratic hurdler" Miller, Unfortunately the Miami encounter was an off meet for Minton in the l-yard high hurdles. He followed his previous: The winning time turned in by a Hurricane hurdler was: Minton redeemed himself in the yard low hurdles by blazing to a: The two races epito- mized Coach Miller's characterization of Minton. However, during the two weeks following the Miami meet, an altercation broke out between Coach Miller and several of his key athletes.

The dispute led to the voluntary departure of veterans who had been instrumental in the Tribe's scaring all year Miller, Thus, the Seminoles entered the contest weakened, but determined to succeed Jarrett, This attitude was best illustrated by Bruce Jacob. Jacob was a field event man, but when the top Mississippi Southern distance run- net doubled in the yard run; there were only two men left in the two-mile field.

Jacob agreed to run the two-mile for team points. Ken Jarrett won the event easily, and when the Mississippi Southern runner developed cramps, Jacob went on to finleh second Jarrett, The Tampa sophomore added a second in the yard dash to ran his individual point total to Julian Hurst won the yard high hurdles with a sparkling time of: Joe F-cassi ended his four-year career at Florida State on a winning note with his vault of 11' 6".

Ken Jarrett copped the mile and two-mile runs as the Seminoles won nine of 15 events, but succumbed to greater depth by a score of 73 to Richard Mize garnered the best place for the Tribe with his third place finish in the yard dash.

Florida State wound up with seven and one-half points, and a sixth place finish overall. The season began on a positive note with three straight victories, but narrow losses to Loyola University and the University of Miami, coupled with internal strife caused the Seminoles The Tribe continued to set new school records at a brisk pace.

Carlos Fraundorfer added the broad jump to his growing list of school marks by traversing 22' 10" in the Florida Relays. He improved his shot put mark to 45' 1", while upping his discus record to ' 2". In an erratic freshman year, Wes Minton displayed flashes of brillance. He set school records in both hurdle events by running the quick times of: Joe Fracassi continued his upward trend in the pole vault by establishing a new record when he cleared 12' 10" against Mercer Colleg on April 4.

Fracassi chased the elusive foot vault throughout his career at Florida State University, but unfortunately, this dream was never realized by one of the most consistent scorers in the past four years.

Searing the quarter-mile in: The immediate future did not unfold as Coach Miller had predicted as the Seminoles opened with an impressive thumping of Mercer College but then skidded to six straight dual meet losses. Ir was the longest losing streak in Florida State University track history. A combination of factors thwarted Coach Miller's attempt to rally his team. The fatal weakness in the Seminoles was the lack of overall team depth.

The unfortunate exodus of quality athletes at the end of the season and the graduation of key performers, left the Tribe void of seasoned veterans. A more demanding schedule soon exposed the Seminoles' achilles heel. The Seminoles had the greatest depth ever in its coaching staff.

Mike Long, an assistant coach in football and basketball, donated his time to help Coach Miller. Walter Grage served as a graduate assistant for the track program. He would identify talented athletes by perusing the result sheets from surrounding state prep track meets Miller, A letter would be sent to selected athletes expressing FSU's interest in having the young man attending Florida State, and participating in their track and field program. Within the framework he had to operate, Coach Miller's system worked very well.

The best example of the effectiveness of Miller's recruiting system occurred in the spring of Coach Miller was scanning the results of the Georgia State Track Meet, which included a photo- graph of the finish in the quarter-mile.

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The picture was an eye- catcher because the winner, Jim Casteel, had stayed in his lane for the entire race. These were the days when the yard dash was not run in lanes. All contestants ran the first curve in lanes, breaking for the inside down the backstretch. A letter was immediately sent to 54 the young man out of Avondale, Georgia. Coach Miller did not receive a reply to his missive, yet in the fall ofthe greatest quarter- miler in Seminole track history appeared on the Florida State University campus as a result of the contact Miller, There were many good freshmen track recruits joining Casteel at Florida State in the fall of The need was great; as the names an the roll of the missing were impressive.

Woody Parker, the school record holder in the yard dash and participant on two school record setting relay teams had entered military service Parker, Bill Wagoner, the FSU record holder in the yard run and anchorman for the record setting sprint medley relay had elected to forego his rnmain- ing two years of track eligibility Miller, Wes Minton dropped out of school to enter military service, while Joe Fracassi, school standard bearer in the pole vault, To, Sebring, former school record holder in the discus, and Richard Mize, participant on the school record setting mile and sprint medley relays, had graduated.

Six men who had held or helped set nine school records were gone.

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This was the highest place for a Seminole relay team, ever, in the prestigious relays. Coach Miller described the Tribe's performance this way: Their individual splits were Davis ,6Bright: The Aggregate gave the Tribe a 3: Having thought the relay team was "out of its class" Miller,Coach Miller 7cry pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Thus, he became the first Seminole to run under the two-minute 7,the Seminoles participated in tl. The Florida Gators captured the team ribe garnered second with 53 markers Go. Florida State wilted under was the other Seminole to join Casteel in ,nnpa native raised his own school record t ive in the shot put. On his next appearance on the track, Casteel sped to a: The versatile freshman finished second in the broad jump behind teammate Carolos Fraundorfer.

Lawrence Hounthe returned to form with a 2: Joe Davis and Warren Stricklaod were the only other Seminoles to snag victories. Davis' a winning time of ten seconds flat in the yard dash tied him with Tom Bovman for the second fastest time in Seminole track history.

Now the Seminoles had only one more dual meet left on the schedule.

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With victory on their minds, the Tribe j ourneyed to Hatties- burg, Mississippi, on May Casteel was unbeatable as he raced to victory in the yard dash: Lawrence Hountha dipped under two minutes in the half the third time during the campaign with his top spot earn 1: The Seminoles again won more events than the opponents, but still lost the meet by a 69 to 62 margin.

This brought to a close the official season. The meet was not officially on the schedule c the date falling during final examination week, and all school scored athletic events were prohibited Annual Report, E Weaver competed as an unattached participant, winning fourth p] the javelin Atlanta Constitution, 23 May Sumrmar Florida State University had endured the wors son of its six year history of track and field.

The Seminoles 60 seniors on the team. Many impressive performances forecasted a brighter future for the garnet and gold. Jim Casteel was undefeated in the yard dash in dual meet competition, twice dipping under the existing school record. He first broke Woody Parker's record with his blazing: A week later, Casteel tied that mark in the meet with Miami. Coach Miller stated that his prize quartermiler was "one of the outstanding college freshman runners in the entire country" Miller, Florida State set a new record at the Florida Relays in the sprint medley relay.

The freshmen foursome of Joe Davis, Frank Bright, Charles Watson, and Casteel raced to the second fastest mile relay time in Seminole track hiistory with a time of 3: