Gretchel solutions meet her moms friend

gretchel solutions meet her moms friend

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When I was a newer mom of two little ones, living hundreds of miles away from female relatives and friends, my social network was sadly sparse. Why is it so hard to meet people and create friendships as a mom?

Why is it so hard to make mom friends? Solutions to 2 common obstacles

The venues are all wrong. How did you make friends in school or at work? Well, you were thrown together day after day, for hours at a time, working together on the same projects, sitting together in the same cafeteria, running around on the same playground.

Over the days, weeks, months and years, friendships naturally grew. Contrast that with a trip to the playground, where two preoccupied moms might have ten or twenty minutes, tops, to strike up a meaningful conversation, make a connection, and then try to swap contact information before being having to rescue a child off the top of the monkey bars or push them on the swing.

How To Be a Good Friend & a Busy Working Parent | Bright Horizons®

Or a library story hour where parents are too busy trying to pretend to do the hokey-pokey alongside their kids while still hanging on to the scrap of dignity they have left. The places we tend to congregate with other parents, especially when our kids are small, are just not conducive to meeting like-minded people and actually conversing with them. Create your own venue. Let the kids run amok while you drink coffee and get to know each other.

Repeat until you would feel comfortable calling her during a childcare crisis. If your problem is meeting people in the first place, think outside the playdate box. Join a book club or knitting circle. Some of this making friends stuff requires guts. We all want the best for our children and that means spending quality time together.

gretchel solutions meet her moms friend

But we also know that when we are well-rounded individuals, we are models for our children to live a good, full life. One important component of this is making and maintaining friendships.

Why is it hard to make mom friends? Obstacles & Solutions

Friends fill out our lives and give us a place to share secrets and joys and to offer and receive support. Friendships are where we can play and eat together and enjoy time with people we care about. The best friendships stay with us throughout our lives and are at the core of what it means to be uniquely human.

And yet, as busy parents, it is often tough to prioritize our own friendships. We deftly juggle scheduling play dates for our children with making sure they get to parties and practices with their friends, leaving our own friendships out of the equation. Many working parents decide that our children are the priority right now and we neglect our friendships with the hope that we can pick them back up when our children are older.

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For some of us, that may be the best solution, but for others, a few tips follow on how to make friendships a priority. We spend hours in the stands during soccer practice or waiting during ballet class.

gretchel solutions meet her moms friend

Take advantage of this time to make friends with fellow parents or nurture existing friendships with other moms and dads. These friendships can be beneficial and convenient for both you and your children.