Meet market athens dates for easter

The central market of Athens

meet market athens dates for easter

Feature: Cash-strapped Greeks prepare for frugal Easter meal A butcher cuts the lamb meat for customers at the central meat market in central Athens, 8 this year, is one of the most important holidays on their calendar. The Meet Market @Technopolis, City of Athens – EASTER EDITION. Date: Saturday 23 & Sunday 24, April Address: Pireos , The Easter Meet Market will take place at the Technopolis cultural complex in Gazi, central Athens, on Saturday, April 23, and Sunday, April

Due to the shortage of money, prices have dropped as low as never before. The lamb meat starts from euros per kilo and goat about the same," Kleanthis Tsironis, President of Varvakeios market, told Xinhua. Easter is a special festival for Greeks and even the poorest households will cook some lamb," he explained. Because of the reduced disposable income," he added. As everybody else we get only the minimum necessary.

100th Anniversary – Technopolis, City of Athens

We will spend the holidays at home with our children and grandchildren," Anna, one of the clients at Varvakeios, told Xinhua. For those who will not cook at home, restaurateurs such as Dimitris Kostakos, who in the past 33 years runs a traditional Greek tavern in an Athens suburb, are preparing a lavish Easter meal trying to keep the prices as low as possible.

The meal may cost about euros per person," he said. We do not increase them. Although VAT rates have increased, we are trying to keep them low so that we can keep our clientele," he told Xinhua.

meet market athens dates for easter

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The Meet Market At Technopolis - Easter Edition -

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meet market athens dates for easter

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meet market athens dates for easter

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meet market athens dates for easter

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meet market athens dates for easter

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