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meet other digital artists council

technological realities while also furthering the collective capacity of the arts sector to meet the How can Canada's arts sector better respond to the shifts and disruptions provoked by Towards the launch of the new Digital Strategy Fund. Brent Holland of Des Moines is a visual artist who integrates digital and Meet the Artist is a series of interviews with the Iowa Arts Council Artist Fellows. I also enjoy being surrounded by the other artists in the building. The Allied Arts Council is a non-profit, charitable organization where artists, both amateur and professional, meet to encourage and help each other in a friendly.

Small and Joe Callahan who organized a very successful fundraiser and fun evening of music at San Souci in Belleville in October, and to all the musicians who volunteered their time and considerable talent!

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In the QAC also continued its promotional partnership with Downtown DocFest and wish to congratulate the dedicated DocFest committee for the production and organization of the event. Not only does the festival present world-class documentary films to the public, it attracts hundreds of people to downtown Belleville. The Umbrella arts newspaper has continued to be the voice of arts, culture and heritage in our community and is an excellent vehicle with which to promote the activities of our membership.

We appreciate the articles and information submitted by our members and the many advertisers that help support the costs of production.

meet other digital artists council

The weekly arts calendar distributed to our membership provides timely information on what is happening each week as well as calls for entries and other opportunities of interest.

Throughout Carol Bauer, editor of the Umbrella, website guru and creator of the arts calendar continued to undertake quality communications activities both online and offline to promote our membership while encouraging members of the public to participate.

Graphic designer, David Vaughan, and volunteer assistant editor, Jane MacKenzie, also contribute greatly to the success of Umbrella.

meet other digital artists council

In we faced the challenges that the Build Belleville infrastructure project presented when the upgrades were made to Bridge Street. We experienced a big reduction in traffic from June to November, which impacted sales but we are confident that the new and improved gallery space with extended hours will help increase sales in Thank you to Lynda Pauk who works in the gallery on Thursdays as well as artist, Dennis Stembridge, who helps to deliver and hang the exhibits at AITC locations throughout the year.

It also provides information to tourists and the public by offering promotional material provided by members and groups.

What is Digital Art?

Staff and volunteers are always ready to answer questions or give further information. It also acts as a box office for local member groups to sell tickets to their events.

We encourage our members to continue to take advantage of this service. For three days, painters interpreted the scenic beauty of Belleville and five other sites in Quinte. On the Saturday, numerous artists performed and exhibited at our two downtown venues.

Visitors were able to sit and enjoy the musical performances or stroll through the art exhibits. We were pleased with the success of the festival and plans have begun for a second one to be held in May of Our programming and services would not be possible without the support of our members, donors and sponsors. Our marketing and media partners provide vital services to help us to market and support QAC events and programs. We celebrated our 50th year with a bang and are bringing in the 51st year with positive change and vibrant energy.

We get to say goodbye to wonderful staff members who have left a legacy that the future staff will have a tough time to match.

Carol Feeney who is going on to new adventures, Carol Bauer who will be retiring in the summer, and Kim Lidstone who took a full-time position last fall, are our friends and have shown us that we can survive anything as they have with the many challenges they have overcome over the years.

Although they are no longer in our gallery and office, they will always be there participating in the art events. Please welcome them as they will honour our mandate to support the artists to the best of their ability.

I will stay on for one more year to see the transition completed. We have an excellent board and, with your approval, some new board members to help us in this exciting journey.

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Since this time I have served as an active and involved member of the Board serving on numerous committees, acting as Co-Chair of the Communications Committee and as Chair of the Plein Air Committee. The Plein Air Painting Festival would become part of a much larger celebration and showcase of the arts in Belleville and the Quinte Region. We have much support for this expanded community event. I am also interested in assisting with the re-introduction of the Holiday Home Tour.

This event was very successful in the past, enjoyed by hundreds of people each year and served as a positive fundraiser for the QAC. The Holiday Home Tour as an example requires many volunteers.

Over the years, our healthy staffing has been greatly depleted and we therefore very much depend on volunteers to maintain our programs. I hope to assist in re-establishing a strong volunteer base.

My main interest would involve direct communication and relationship-building with members and former members both individuals and organizations who for various reasons have become disenchanted with the QAC.

Their input and involvement is essential if we are to continue to move our organization forward. An example of my efforts in this area would be to help ensure that Belleville artists and arts groups have reciprocity with other local arts councils.

The performers were well-received, and we even raised a bit of money for the QAC after all the expenses were paid. In my role as Constitutional Chair, I formed a committee to start revising the by-laws formerly known as the constitution of the QAC, which had not been updated since The updated by-laws will comply with the new Ontario not-for-profit regulations that will come into force around Our committee will continue to meet in to steadily work on the revisions.

Ultimately, we plan to present the newly revised document to the membership at the AGM. This work continued past the end of the fiscal year.

meet other digital artists council

I was teaching art classes to adults and children. I did however, voice my opinions via email and in person from time to time as the meetings were hosted at my place of business. When there was no longer a conflict, I resumed my attendance at meetings and remained a strong voice for the QAC and in particular the visual artists.

Fresh perspectives

I remain a big proponent in bringing our exhibitions to a more modern approach. I am seeking to establish industry standard principles and practices for digital submissions of artwork.

A gathering of artists and those who love the arts The recent Idea City meeting hosted by the Arts Council of Rockland at the lovely Nyack Boat Club was a vibrant evening that gathered over 70 artists in all disciplines, business supporters and community members who love the arts to share their ideas about expanding the presence of the arts in everyday life in Rockland County. At the meeting the following ideas engaged the imagination of the community: There was broad agreement that this was something that should take place on a regular basis beginning as soon as possible.

This project incorporates the additional ideas mentioned or written on the Idea Pads during the evening including: The Arts Council will initiate the next meeting in March.

Date and place to be announced. This project incorporates the following ideas noted or written on the Idea Pads: The Arts Council has begun meeting with Rockland politicians to present the results of the Idea City meeting and begin public conversation about the creation of an Arts Center.

The Arts Council spoke with South Nyack Mayor Bonnie Christian regarding the feasibility of putting this on the agenda in discussions with the state.

She responded that is far too early to discuss what might be part of the Exit 10 area. A key component of this project would include promotion for the bus and for events. This project incorporates the ideas mentioned or written on the Ideas Pads: