People meet pit bulls for the first time

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people meet pit bulls for the first time

The pup had the BEST reaction when he met his new dad for the first time ❤️. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about this wonderful breed. There are many myths surrounding the American Pit Bull Terrier and hopefully after reading MYTH: Aggression towards other animals means people are next. Often, after the first serious fight, relations between the dogs are never the same. If this will be your first dog, you probably shouldn't get a Pit Bull. But there will always be purebred dogs, and people will always buy them. . with your lists and stick to your guns about waiting for the right dog that will meet your needs.

They were entrusted to protect homesteads from predators and worked as vital helpers on family farms. They were constant companions to the young children who were entrusted in their care. Pit Bulls earned their place as an important part of the fabric of a developing nation.

people meet pit bulls for the first time

The Pit Bull was also a favorite dog among politicians, scholars, celebrities. Many reading this website may have grandparents and great grandparents who kept a favorite Pit Bull as a pet. Today, this tradition continues with tens of thousands of Americans who love and cherish their family Pit Bulls.

How did we get from there… to here? While huge numbers of Pit Bulls in this country are cherished family pets, many not so fortunate suffer the consequences of a nation with multi-layered social and economic problems. Pit bulls were soon associated with poverty, crime, and newspaper headlines of back alley dog fighting rings.

Those seeking a status symbol or controversial fashion statement are irresistibly drawn to having a pit bull of their own.

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So, just as we struggle as a nation to understand how to deal with the social and economic ills that affect our cities, we are also left with the sticky puzzle of what to do about our once favorite breed of dog that is so feared and so loved at the same time. Once again, the APBT breed reflects back to us who we are: You will learn that pit bulls make wonderful and loyal family companions. Like all dogs, they require intelligent, responsible, and dedicated ownership.

They must also be aware of the myths urban legends, really surrounding their dogs. Owners must be well educated about bully breeds, because they will likely face comments from friends, families, and neighbors. Unfortunately, some people obtain pit bulls for the wrong reasons—to boost their own image, for dog fighting, or for backyard breeding—which makes life difficult for responsible owners.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that they are still chosen for this purpose, even though it is illegal in all fifty states and, in certain instances, as the Michael Vick case illustrates, a federal crime.

people meet pit bulls for the first time

Adopting a pit bull, loving it, and training it as a breed ambassador are the most important things any of us civilians can do to combat people like Vick. Pit bulls are not unique in this sense. To put it simply, no matter what kind of dog you have, understanding its breed is the first step toward being a good dog owner. By nature, pit bulls are intelligent, fun loving, and affectionate. Pit bulls are wonderful, loving animals that deserve the chance to have a good life. Pit bulls have superior physical and mental characteristics that make them excellent partners for responsible, active, and caring owners.

Luckily, pit bulls are intelligent, very responsive to training, and, above all, eager to please. Therefore, pit bulls should be enrolled in obedience classes as soon as they are up-to-date on their shots. Pit bulls are more susceptible to parvovirus, so it is important that they receive all their vaccinations before coming into contact with other dogs or entering areas of high canine traffic.

A well-behaved pit bull is the best ambassador for the breed. Many people use crates for short times, put dogs into separate rooms, use kennels, or have outdoor areas set up for separation that are safe and secure. American Pit Bull Terriers have P. All figures describing biting power in such terms can be traced to either unfounded rumor or, in some cases, to newspaper articles with no foundation in factual data.

American Pit Bull Terriers lock their jaws. Treadmills are only used to get dogs ready to fight. Many responsible owners utilize treadmills to help exercise their dogs. This is useful in places where weather prevents outdoor exercise, or in situations where off-leash exercise in not an option.

people meet pit bulls for the first time

The treadmill is used by people that show their Pit Bulls, and do sporting activities like weight pull and agility to help keep their dogs in shape. Because Pit Bulls are athletic animals, responsibly using a treadmill can help them be healthier and happier.

This rumor started with the Doberman, and has since been said about game-bred dogs in general. Under the best of circumstances, it is great to know the history of a dog, the history and health of its parents, and what that line of dogs were bred for.

people meet pit bulls for the first time

If a person is buying a Pit Bull from a breeder, this information should be of top importance. The Pit Bull at the shelter will often be a wonderful pet. It is important to know the general behavior of the dog.

Has it shown any aggression towards humans? Most Pit Bull rescues will not accept or adopt out Pit Bulls with any level of aggression or excessive shyness towards humans.

Amazing Things Happen When People Meet Pit Bulls for the First Time

How does this dog do with other dogs? Has it shown any undesirable behavior or habits? It is suggested that a potential adopter of a Pit Bull bring the whole family to meet the dog.

Often, shelters and rescues will allow you to take the dog for a home visit to see how they respond to the new surroundings. This is true of every breed, not just pit bulls, because two dogs of the same sex are likely to see each other as rivals.

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Release pent-up energy by exercising your dogs. This can lead to dog fights. Walking your dogs together forms a stronger pack. Dogs that have formed a strong pack are less likely to fight.

Pit Bull Myths – Debunked

Spay or neuter your pit bulls as early as possible. Sexual hormones cause them to be much more aggressive than usual.

people meet pit bulls for the first time

Never leave your pit bull unsupervised with other animals. Watch your dogs when they are playing. Two dogs who stumble across a toy or a bone could start fighting over it. Always keep your pit bull on a leash when you take them for a walk, and keep them away from other unleashed dogs.

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