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Standards and Legal Ability. SPRING NEWSLETTER portion of his life in Asturias, Oropesa Del Mar and Madrid, Spain and is fluent in Spanish. Stage 1. Wednesday, February 3 km Benicassim - Orpesa del Mar. Stage 1: Poels wins Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana prologue. In three successive years, , and , we won the British Travel . Romanesque Patrons and Processes (Routledge, March ) and . Crete: a legendary island where gastronomy meets diet Food writer . In autumn , Lizzy Holsgrove and Emma Bywater took on their first ever triathlon.

In we set up a George Gilbert Scott day for him, which he was only able to lead once. My Christmas present to myself in was a collection of his essays first published in Apollo — Anti-Ugly: Excursions in English Architecture and Design. I wrote to him to complain that it spoiled my Christmas; so compelling was it that I repeatedly crept away from family festivities to read another chapter. Few writers in his field wrote so well. Many regard The Memorial to the Missing of the Somme as his masterpiece — indeed, his own finest memorial.

He badgered us for years to set up a tour to the First World War memorials in France, but my opinion was that it should be delayed until after the centenary of the Armistice. Sadly, this turned out to be a wrong decision. I also regret deeply that I never joined one of his London Days. Always too busy, I suppose, but this has taught me to reconsider my priorities. He died too young. Further obituaries can be found online at: I grew up in the Midlands of England and as a child it seemed to me that Stourbridge must have been the furthest place in the world from the sea.

This may be why there has always been something deeply alluring about the latter for me, culminating in a decision to move to the coast. A common reaction when I speak Shqip is for people to laugh, but I like to think this is because they are surprised at my speaking it at all rather than because my grasp of the language or pronunciation is actually risible. Hellenistic, Byzantine, mediaeval, Venetian and Ottoman walls can be traced or seen in the city.

Some sections are like complex puzzles with layers of building and rebuilding, and fascinating spolia. Recently I recorded a section that contained, among other things, a fragment of drapery from a statue and part of an octagonal column drum.

The Bank is housed in a building designed by the Italian Rationalist architect Vittorio Ballio Morpurgo and inaugurated induring the period when Albania was a de facto protectorate of Italy. Moving here is a voyage of discovery in more ways than one and, though Albania may be an unusual destination for a relocation, it is and has always been a wonderful and welcoming place for visitors. I am following in the footsteps of Lord Byron, Colonel Leake, Edward Lear and Edith Durham, to name but a few, and am eagerly anticipating welcoming fellow travellers on the Albania: Crossroads of Antiquity tour later this year.

Crossroads of Antiquity, 11—20 April and 12—21 September Please contact us for full details or visit www. We will also offer two departures inin April and October. Please contact us to register your interest. I first visited Crete just 18 years after Ancel Keys. Roads, where they existed, were in poor shape, there was no gas supply and only the towns had electricity occasionally.

In the weeks I spent there, as a student-volunteer on an isolated archaeological dig, I felt much healthier than I did at home, in London. I instinctively knew that the reason for this was the food, the many miles I had to walk, and the sharing of our tables with friends and strangers. Cretan gastronomy, on the other hand, is a way of life that incorporates knowledge of the production and health value of foods with the art of enjoying them in ways that nurture mind and body.

To do this, cooks seek out the largest possible variety of grown or gathered local foods and eat them at their seasonal, nutritional best, the moment when they excite the most with their different flavours and textures.

These are based on breeding habits and the ability of animals to feed well. Centre-stage is olive oil. Extra-virgin, and preferably consumed in the year of its production.

Sweet-taste the natural way. Cretan thymehoney is more than a sugar-substitute — it has nutritional and healing qualities, too. With only a few days a year without sunshine and much pesticide-free land, bees have a good life on the island. Greens, too, the wilder the better. A neighbour of mine knew exactly where and when to find over 60 kinds of wild greens and herbs, and how best to prepare and serve them.

They contain more, and a greater variety of, nutrients than commercially-grown greens. Some of our own most nutritious and flavourful leaves end up on our compost heaps — beetroot, turnip, radish greens — when they could be foraged.

Turned into salads or side dishes khortaCretan-style — with plenty of olive oil — they make very good eating. And enjoy a glass of wine. Cheeses are on every table. Made with milk mostly sheep, some goat from animals that eat a melange of wild herbs and graze outside year-round, they possess nutrients that are missing from the highly-processed, factory-farmed milk cheeses we find on our supermarket shelves.

Herbs are measured by hand, not with a spoon. Or please contact us to register your interest in this tour in Crete, wood engraving c. In wealthy America, heart disease was on the rise. An American researcher, Ancel Keys, discovered that, in war-torn, poverty-stricken Crete, heart disease was relatively rare. The timing of his study has since been criticised it took place during an Orthodox fast which, in the s, was strictly followedbut the general good health of the people was there for all to see.

One of our most frequent lecturers, Dr Antonia Whitley, recalls some scary moments in her early years as a tour leader. Now entering my twenty-first year of lecturing for Martin Randall, I have a fund of memories, but what sticks out from the early years are two incidents that caused me some palpitation to say the least. In the early days, of course, there were no mobile telephones and no tour managers, making the role of lecturer at times even more challenging.

The first of these memories involves me losing the whole group. I am not sure I ever told the office. That visit would involve the excitement of going up on the scaffolding, since the frescoes were undergoing a lengthy and much overdue restoration.

I suggested to the group that they make their way to the Piazza Grande, the picturesque mediaeval centre where there was a choice of places in which to have lunch, saying I would come and fetch them there at 2pm. Meanwhile, I scuttled off to queue for the tickets for our visit to see the frescoes. He told me that there was no entry to the square, because it had been cordoned off due to filming taking place there.

I pleaded with him to let me in, since my group was awaiting me. My evident distress was to no avail, since, as he assured — it was quite impossible that any of the group could be within the cordon….

Now, in case anyone reading this is worried about the fate of our clients that day — let me reassure you, they are not all still walking around the seventh circle of Hell — and we did link up in the end!

The second memory that stands out involved another hazard of the business. It was pouring with rain that day and the group and I made our way along the cobbled streets of Florence to the Dominican church of Santa Maria Novella, where we were to spend the whole morning, viewing all its wonderful painted treasures. I could not help noticing that while I was talking, someone at the back of the group, kept putting his hand up, as if to say something.

When I had finished my introduction, I turned to that person and asked him if he had a question. I went cold, I was pretty new at the job and had not then anticipated having a plan B. I quickly thought one up…. It is all part of the rich pattern of lecturing for MRT.

And let me add, mobile phones and tour managers make a significant difference to the experience today! Cradle of the Renaissance, February please contact us to register your interest. Emmanuela takes over at an exciting time for the ST team, with more members than ever before, and ambitious projects in the works.

If you would like to help us to reach our goal, you can donate on our Virgin Money Giving page: AFC works alongside partners such as the National Trust to inspire young people to become the next generation of nature conservationists. As before, along with offering our clients the option to pay a carbon offset donation every time they book a tour with us that includes flights, we also make a carbon offset donation for every lecturer, tour manager or member of office staff travelling by air on company business.

Through these donations, we support the India Solar Water Heating project, which provides in-house hot water supplies fuelled by renewable energy to homes, community buildings and small to medium-sized businesses throughout India.

Working exclusively with young people aged 12—18, via workshops in deprived inner-city schools and on residential camps, they help to fill a significant gap in provision in the UK — there is otherwise very little in the way of conservation education for young people in this age range. We have reached this through a combination of generous donations and two of our own fundraising initiatives: On a day-to-day level, our office endeavours to be as sustainable as possible.

This includes recycling old IT equipment and office furniture as well as the more obvious items such as paper, packaging and food waste. All three are doing well. In autumnLizzy Holsgrove and Emma Bywater took on their first ever triathlon and half marathon respectively, in order to raise money and awareness for Mind, the Mental Health Charity. Lizzy jumped in at the deep end and swam m in a lake, cycled 40km and ran 8km at the picturesque Hever Castle, childhood home of Anne Boleyn.

Working with HALI magazine We are delighted that our collaboration with HALI magazine, the leading publication in the world of antique carpets, textiles and Islamic art continues to result in new and highly original itineraries. These expert-led tours focus on carpets and textiles but also allow plenty of opportunity to explore the architecture, decorative arts and cultural history of the regions we visit.

See page 36 for preliminary details, and please contact us to register your interest. Its collection of over churches includes irreplaceable examples of history, art and architecture representing 1, years of English history and attracts almost two million visitors a year. For full details, please contact us or visit www. York Minster, engraving by H. Our close collaboration enables us to combine exclusive access to collections not normally on public view and indepth specialist commentary with an excellent overview of the culture, history, architecture and cuisine of the countries to which we travel.

The relationship that we have with MRT is second to none, and we are always happy to recommend the company both to our clients and indeed our prospective clients. As we approached Hanoi, dozy from the long flight from London, we were greeted by the multicoloured spectacle of the Nhat Tan Bridge, lit up at night, swiftly followed by another colourful feast, the night-time flower market.

In the days that followed, our first impressions of this luminous, awe-inspiring country would not be disappointed. The next day we found our bearings in Hanoi with a cyclo tour of the historic centre, exploring its fascinating maze of back streets, followed by a street food tour sampling local delicacies, such as vegetable rolls, broths, bun noodles and traditional egg coffee — a welcome antidote to jetlag.

The Temple of Literature aka the Confucius Templefounded in the late 11th century, was the first university in Vietnam. It is now a popular place of prayer for students before exams and for photos afterwards, in full graduation garb.

The Tran Quoc Pagoda, located on a small island on the west lake, is the oldest pagoda in Hanoi. Taking a scenic train down the coast to Danang, we continued by road to the sleepy coastal city of Hoi An. Here ancient merchant houses display Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese architectural influences; there is a sixteenthcentury Japanese bridge and the Assembly Hall, with its intricate woodcarvings.

The market brims with local specialties; meanwhile, a stay in Hoi An is arguably incomplete without a visit to one of the many tailors, where you can see all the stages of production, from the silkworms spinning and the machines weaving, to an overwhelming selection of fabrics from which to choose for your garment. Here we took a jeep tour, passing sites such as the iconic Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral — a red brick edifice with twin spires constructed from materials imported from France — the Central Post Office, completed inand Reunification Palace, the headquarters of the Saigon Government during the American War until the Viet Cong stormed its gates in We concluded our trip with a restful final day on the Mekong Delta, where we cruised past banana and pomelo plantations, stopped off at a brick factory, a coconut farm and a rice mill.

The ingredients of our fascinating trip will form the basis of our Vietnam tour, soon to be launched. Our trip also included visits to military sites such as the Khe Sanh US airbase, the Vinh Moc tunnels and My Lai, which will feature on a Vietnam War history tour that we hope to launch next year for If you are interested in either of the above we invite you to register your interest for upcoming information.

Vietnam, 12—26 Februarylecturer: Halong Bay, photographed by Emmanuela Wroth. On our cruise we passed floating villages, underground caves and climbed up rock formations for jaw-dropping views.

Hue is home to many private garden houses, a couple of which we visited, and whose inhabitants explained to us the fascinating geomantic principles underpinning their construction. However, Hue is best known for its Old Citadel. There are few other areas whose geography includes practically all the landscapes for which Italy is famous — rocky mountain ranges, mediaeval hill towns, white-pebble beaches, clifftop woodlands, verdant valleys, ancient sites — which have resulted in an abundant range of cuisine and wines, as well as excellent terrain for walking.

The first base for the tour is Ascoli Piceno, an enchanting Roman market town sitting in a valley encircled by wooded hills and the Tronto River. Of all the green olives grown in Italy, those from the Ascoli region are celebrated as the juiciest and sweetest. The Migliori family fill them with an aromatic meat stuffing traditionally leftoverscoat them in breadcrumbs and fry them. These go down very well with a glass of local white wine, such as Verdicchio or Pecorino.

The garden was designed by the German botanist Ludwig Winter — and is home to a variety of plant species, some of which are incorporated into the traditional dishes created by Marchigiano chef Davide. Here we went our separate ways: Alberto to test out the shady woodland trails and panoramic views of the Pian Grande, and me to meet the pescatori fishermen dei moscioli of Portonovo.

Moscioli are a particular type of wild mussels, found only in Portonovo, and are a designated Slow Food Presidio product. The white sandy beach almost all the other beaches on the Riviera del Conero are pebbled is home to several simple restaurants, all supplied by the local fishermen.

Alberto walked down to meet me here: One is set in a nature reserve in a valley near Tolentino and Urbisaglia, and starts at the Abbazia di Fiastra, a beautifully preserved Cistercian abbey, following the course of the river Fiastra through both woodland and open countryside; the other is a real truffle hunt near Acqualunga, considered by some to be the truffle capital of Italy, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. Alberto continued without me to Senigallia, where Uliassi two Michelin stars provides a contrast to the robust, peasant cooking of the agriturismi and the simple steamed mussels of Portonovo.

The Tastes of Le Marche, like all our Italian gastronomic tours, also takes in art and architecture along the way — how could it not? It is home to most of the best art in Le Marche and is one of my favourite places in Italy. In this tour will have even more of an art focus — instead of the walks truffle hunt exceptedgastronomy lecturer Marc Millon will be joined by art historian and Le Marche expert, Dr Thomas-Leo True.

Le Marche is still reeling from relatively recent earthquakes, and for this reason the more mountainous Monti Sibillini not visited on by us or on the tour remain impossible to visit. One explanation as to why the area is relatively under-visited is surely because its terrain means that it is more difficult to access than Umbria and Tuscany.

It is a region of abundant charm, great and sometimes wild natural beauty and irresistible food — yet remains a delightful secret awaiting discovery. Tastes of Le Marche, 17—24 September Or May — please contact us to register your interest.

Photographs, opposite page from top: Taken by Hannah King. Now I can fully appreciate why our Art in Japan tour allows two whole days here at the end of the itinerary, with time to explore the incredible museums, art installations and breath-taking sea views. While it might be considered far off the tourist track, I think it is fair to say that few places in the world can boast an entire island of eclectic art set in such dramatic scenery.

Originally a sleepy fishing town, Naoshima was transformed into a home for the Benesse Art Site, an impressive collection of contemporary art, architecture and installations, in the late s.

Although the island is small, spanning a mere mile circumference, it is filled with curiosities and eccentric character. It started with the architecture of the ferry terminal, which consists of mirrored glass walls that reflect the spectacular surrounding scenery. I took a shuttle bus across the island, passing traditional wooden houses of the former fishing village, all the while catching glimpses of the vibrant sculptures that scatter the coastline.

Perched at the end of a pier, the Yellow Pumpkin by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama came into view.

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The sculpture is playful and exuberant, yet it exudes an overwhelming sense of serenity due to its contemplative setting on the seashore. Being both a museum and a hotel, Benesse House is a remarkable place to stay.

The hotel buildings, called the Oval, Museum, Beach and Park, are subtly nestled in coves along the waterfront or sited neatly on a clifftop. With his simple lines of concrete, glass and wood, the complex complementing the natural surroundings beautifully. A series of concretewalled spaces built semi-underground blend into the landscape. The museum thus warrants multiple visits, since the experience of the spaces can change dramatically depending on the season and time of day.

My final stop was The Naoshima Art House Project, which takes some of the empty houses in the old fishing village and turns them into works of art. What I loved about Naoshima was how even the residential streets, with their old traditional Japanese houses, are seen in an artistic way, encouraging a positive interaction between residents and visitors and beautifully incorporating the history and everyday memories of small-town Japanese life. Art in Japan, 20—31 May and 18—29 November Chef and owner Lara, who grew up nearby and returned to the region after university, told me of her mission to preserve the dishes of her childhood.

There are also echoes of collecting habits of earlier eras in the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. Graham Sutherland drew exotic flowers and plants in the extraordinary gardens.

Natural resources and climate have drawn invaders and visitors to Nice and its surroundings from the Greek colonists of classical times to the jet-set of today. Monet first visited Antibes in ; Signac bought a house in the fishing village of StTropez in ; Renoir moved to Cagnes-surMer in and remained there for the rest of his life.

Matisse, Chagall and Picasso are merely among the most illustrious of the artists who chose to live in the South of France. Many of their fellow modernisers followed suit: Braque, Bonnard, Dufy, Picabia. All six nights are spent in Nice. Vallauris is a centre of contemporary pottery revived by Picasso, whose masterpiece War and Peace is here. Drive east to St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat to see the paintings, sculpture and furniture of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, a mansion set in attractive gardens.

Drive west to StTropez, which has been popular with artists since Paul Signac settled here in The first museum dedicated to the works of Bonnard opened in Le Cannet in Fly from Nice arriving at London Heathrow at c. Art historian, artist, and lecturer at the National Gallery. Lydia studied at Newcastle University and the Courtauld Institute, specialising in Matisse and 19th—20th century European and American art. Practicalities Price, per person.

Patrick Bade Please contact us for full details or visit www. See page 3 for what we include as standard in our prices. Single rooms are doubles for sole use. There is a fair amount of walking and standing around in museums. Average distance by coach per day: Right, Dresden, Zwinger Palace after Prout c. At first, power coalesced around the archbishop but subsequently shifted towards civic institutions, the merchants and manufacturers, only to be seized in by a scion of the dominant family, Ottone Visconti — who, as it happens, was the archbishop.

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All products and services are available only in Florida and subject to Terms and Conditions. Green was the order of the day for this St. Patrick's affair that had many dancing the night away. Rotarian may register at www. Children Dental bottles for local charitable events including The new board will work closely with Clinic. Markel to continue the organization's mission This icon of the music industry, who is as of showcasing our youth in every area from kind as he is talented, has written 4, songs athletics to creative and cultural arts.

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A one adult guest for free with them. PAMM education initiatives are made possible by begins with our thought-provoking exhibitions and arts endowed funds granted by the John S. When everything works together, connecting to your world is more entertaining.

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