Meet henry cavill the new superman

Henry Cavill: Personal Details

meet henry cavill the new superman

SupermanHenry Cavill will no longer play Superman as 'talks break Justice LeagueNew Justice League trailer teases what happened to. Henry Cavill, current Superman and upcoming foil to Tom Cruise in Mission: Let's talk a little about the new Mission: Impossible film instead. We interview Cavill at the Shard to talk Superman, Mission Impossible, The situation is relatable – which of us haven't donned a flashy new garment .. world , trying to make sense of things and make ends meet and all that.

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We inspired each other. But the school also gave Henry his first acting break when it was used as a location for the film Proof of Life. A few days later, he received a signed photo, saying: He played the Duke of Suffolk in 38 episodes of sex-soaked period drama The Tudors and in landed his first leading role as Theseus in The Immortals.

meet henry cavill the new superman

He was first cast as Superman inbut Brandon Routh took over the role in the ill-fated Superman Returns. That is when I truly relax… enjoying the wonderment of being on a private snazzy yacht and getting to swim in the sea every morning. Aged 22, he was in the running to be James Bond, but missed out to Daniel Craig, who may soon be quitting.

meet henry cavill the new superman

I had to play it cool. Be appreciative, respectful, professional. But the second we hung up, I just sprinted up and down my stairs cheering and whooping like a madman.

Henry Cavill News: Midweek Surprise: Fans Meet Henry In London

Cavill credits his early and unlikely confidence to his parents. You end up believing in yourself even more. Nick, the second-oldest, is a highly decorated Royal Marine, having served in Sierra Leone and Iraq and as an infantry commander in Afghanistan. His discipline is extraordinary. For Superman, for Henry, you want that. He no longer looks like a man-bear. Aside from his caloric intake, Cavill, showing both respect for trade secrets and a reasonable fear of Internet trolls, refuses to divulge any additional numbers.

Every job could be your last. The right eyebrow shoots up again. I literally asked to watch it twice in a row. I just want to show it to the world. Until a hero arrives.

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Bombs have gone off in Boston. His MO is so different to Ethan's that naturally they don't get along at all. Including the leading man: Tom Cruise broke his ankle chasing Cavill across the rooftops of London. Fortunately for on-set harmony, the men were filming at the time. Cruise, the utter pro, finished the take, but production was halted for several weeks.

Henry Cavill

Cavill spent the hiatus developing the character of Walker — and enjoying a little downtime. Cavill is made of sterner stuff, and insisted on performing the vast majority of his own stunts. And when we're talking about that kind of stunt, if the risk goes up just a little bit, people die. It looks like a painting below you rather than a massive drop.

It's only when you're closer to the ground that you fear hitting it. Impossible shoot, the other was the Cavill Moustache. It also might have proved the most expensive moustache in history, at least for Warner Bros — during reshoots for Justice League, the studio had to spend a fortune digitally removing all traces of facial growth.

In the past, Cavill has compared superheroes to the mythical Greek deities; what, then, does that make the modern action hero?

meet henry cavill the new superman

It is reachable — but highly unlikely. Extremely low — but it's possible. The chances of a guy in a blue suit and a cape suddenly zoom past at the speed of sound, or faster? His father served in the Royal Navy, and a brother is a major in the Royal marines. Beneath the pleasantness, there is a glint of inner steel; put bluntly, Henry Cavill could kick the shit out of you. But then being the fourth brother of five will teach a boy to toughen up. Born and raised on Jersey island, the Cavill childhood sounds rather idyllic, although he chuckles at my invocation of Enid Blyton Famous Five and all that.

meet henry cavill the new superman

I considered myself very, very fortunate. Sometimes you step out of bounds and the older brothers will unleash fury and hell upon you. Never punches in the face though. That was the one rule. Hollywood was a breeze in comparison to school.

meet henry cavill the new superman

Rejection was just like, yeah, whatever. My brothers are in finance. It can be enormously enjoyable.