Relationship between aries woman and aquarius man

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relationship between aries woman and aquarius man

Aries Woman – Aquarius Man Aries is a very direct and cut to the chase type of person, so this trait of his will She will love how much fun they have together. Sexual contact between signs of Aries and Aquarius can be really stressful or extremely exciting. Usually it is both. Their signs go well together in general and. A relationship between the Aquarius man and the Aries woman can sometimes look like an exercise in selfishness, but this couple do have more in common.

He may think that only through a lot of pain can we gain something, and only when we go through the dark can we achieve light. He can also be humourous and funny which she may get attracted to, as she is also a fun loving person. Also he has this quality of being unpredictable which she really admires, and that works as a charm for her. He is ever ready to keep on learning new things from her, and also likes to share knowledge with her and teach her new things that she is not aware of, which makes the bond grow stronger.

They will also share a great physical relationship, though she may seem to be more passsionate and fiery but soon he will match upto her, after taking his own time. So, both of them do have sympathies and concerns for one another, which does give a glimpse of the Aquarius man compatibility with Aries woman.

They do understand each other, but there are some differences between these sun signs where work is needed, to lead the relationship ahead in a smooth manner.

relationship between aries woman and aquarius man

Benefits And Challenges Both these Aries-Aquarius duo forms a great couple together but there are certain things that they have to take care of respectively, in this Aquarius man and Aries woman compatibility for a benevolent ride in the relation. The female Aries has a tendency to be jealous which is a quality inherited through the ruling planet of Mars.

The male Aquarius may have a lot of friends with whom he likes to keep in touch with most of the times due to his friendly attitude. She may not find it neccessary for him to be in contact with his friends and when he does not agree to it, there are possibilities for her to get into that frame of mind where she will dislike this and be jealous about it.

The Aquarius man is a bit adamant and the Aries woman always wants to lead, which is also a difference that may hamper their zodiac signs compatibility.

relationship between aries woman and aquarius man

On a general note, both Aquarius male and Aries female will find themselves in a comfortable position, if and only if, this love match is willing to be calm, composed, more appreciable of each other and ready for a thrilling, unpredictable and an exciting journey together. He believes in destiny, which is pretty romantic if you think about it. When he is in certain lovey moods, he can be the sweetest man you will know. Aries love attention so when he floats away on a cloud into his own world, she may become ornery.

This will have to be an area that they work on, but not a deal breaker. Jealousy is actually the thing that they should be worried about in this relationship.

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Every Aries, in one way or another, is jealous. Aquarians are known for having hoards of friends that he likes to spend a lot of time with. See how this could get tricky? Here is the thing Aries….

This is something you are either going to have to accept, or something you will have to walk away from, because asking him to change that would be asking him to change who he is.

relationship between aries woman and aquarius man

She will love how much fun they have together. She will enjoy his quirkiness, and how random he is.

relationship between aries woman and aquarius man

He has the capability of handling her confusions and is often very sympathetic towards her. Together in a relationship, he easily adapts himself to her emotional outbursts and falls into an easy pattern of calming her down.

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman

She feels loved and protected by him. The Aquarius man also finds her very irresistible and capable, and the Aries woman finds him very extrovert and adventurous. With him by her side, her stubborn nature subsides. As they say, some people bring about the best in you, and there are some who bring about the worst in you.

Their relationship ideally belongs to the former category. A post shared by Roxana Georgiana rocsanakrize on Sep 17, at 4: They slowly start to understand the value of commitment and love. As they both are equally passionate, they both remain committed to each other forever with the excitement and feelings for each other intact.

They both bring about the best in each other and also are very helpful to each other in different facets of life. An Aquarius man and an Aries woman share a strong mutual understanding which helps them to overcome their differences quickly.

Aries & Aquarius: Love Compatibility

A post shared by Janice anotherlostalice on Apr 11, at An Aries woman can be direct about her love for sex, and the Aquarius man will find it quite endearing. But she will always have to maintain the innocence of their initial encounter to have him coming back to her. Meanwhile, the Aquarius man will always want her to bring about a freshness, newness, and innocence in bed.


Sometimes, the Aries woman can surprise her partner with her crazy antics in bed, and he might come back to her stunned and hoping for more. When in bed, the Aquarius man is known to fondle, squeeze, caress, lift and hold his woman. He loves to explore his woman's body not just out of lust but also out of affection and love for her.

The Aries woman loves this quality of his and would return his passion with equal happiness and desire. He needs to find his lady love innocent in bed, and that will make him come back for more. Although, on sexuality terms, these two signs do not have a lot in common. The Aries woman loves sex while the Aquarius man is very reserved.

relationship between aries woman and aquarius man

He likes to make an intellectual approach to sex but also experiments at times on bed to have some exciting moments. They do not match very well in the sexual zone, and over a period of time, they both might tire up fulfilling each other's sexual needs. The Problems A lit bit of compromise is needed in every relationship. An Aquarius man and an Aries woman can get along very smoothly with just a few compromises on either side.

The detachment and the absent-mindedness of the Aquarius man can sometimes outrage the Aries woman while the selfish attitude of the Aries woman can depress the Aquarius man. To balance out their love equation, they both need to understand each other's natures and give space.

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An Aries woman should lessen her selfish traits, and he should be more present and alert in her company.