Relationship between planning and organizing function

Functions of Management - Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling

relationship between planning and organizing function

Fully describe relationship between planning and organizing. Explain how the controlling function does or does not relate significantly to the planning function. Follow these 6 rules to be more effective at planning and organizing. These simple rules can make your life a whole lot easier and far more. Functions of Management – Planning, Organizing, Staffing and More . These are the foundation of setting the relationship between the.

Then you set S. Finally, you establish action steps for achieving each of the goals you've set. Organizing Organizing for a business is the process of arranging tasks or resources so that you can perform or use them optimally. Proper organizing facilitates an efficient work environment and increases the chance that employees achieve their goals at work.

relationship between planning and organizing function

Relationship Between the Two Because of the nature of business planning, the ability to effectively organize is of the utmost importance. Each step of the planning process is simplified when organized properly.

What is the relationship between planning and organizing function

For instance, organizing your research tasks helps you come to reasonable conclusions more quickly. When establishing goals, organize them in order of importance and also classify them as either short- or long-term objectives.

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Your final plan of action must also have a logical order in order to be effective. Different Levels Planning and organizing for a business occurs on three different levels. On the operational level you make plans regarding the day-to-day operations of the business. If the objectives are to increase employee job satisfaction and decrease turnover, managers might hire outside help from consultants.

relationship between planning and organizing function

They could also schedule more training sessions on job tasks, responsibilities and technical knowledge. This could mean leaders will have to reach out to the company's trainers, mentors and specialists Leading Leading is about communicating the plan to employees and advising them along the way.


Managers try to motivate those who perform the tasks that are necessary to achieve their goals. The leading function isn't so much about telling employees what to do but why it needs done. When they lead, managers build relationships by answering questions, addressing concerns and showing positive enthusiasm.

Functions of Management

Leaders often can't carry out their planned objectives alone and need to instill a sense of teamwork and harmony. Controlling Controlling is about measuring performance results against planned objectives. In other words, did the employees and the company accomplish what they wanted to?

relationship between planning and organizing function

If actual performance fell short of management's goals, what can be done to correct it? Controlling isn't always a reactive function, as managers may intervene while employees are carrying out the plan. Intervention may be necessary if actual performance is too far off track. Managers may revise or tweak goals and objectives.

relationship between planning and organizing function

They may also use performance results to plan future goals. About the Author Helen Akers specializes in business and technology topics.