Ersatz homosexual relationship definition essay

In an ersatz homosexual relationship? Yahoo Answers

ersatz homosexual relationship definition essay

Define Ersatz "Why would people put such a tag on two women, one straight & one gay, when all we are is close friends?" Because people. Ersatz homosexual relationship definition frot slang for frottage; the french verb frotter, fresh breast milk in coffee to rub is a form of male to male sexual. I could just read the paper the Italians wrote. Howard: Just for the record, we're not in an ersatz homosexual relationship. Raj: Well, then why didn't you say that.

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Your mother told me. Of course she did. When I was ten years old, I built a hugging machine. Oh, that is so sad. You know what the saddest part was?

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I feel very comfortable around you. I feel very comfortable around you, too. What are the odds that two individuals as unique as ourselves would be connected by someone as comparatively workaday as your son? To succeed in them, activists and scholars must abandon the fundamental fiction they have propagated. The false belief in biological determinism does considerable damage.

It marginalises some of the most precarious members of the gay community, such as the transgendered; it limits our capacity to discuss what makes a good and just community; and it leads many of us to misunderstand ourselves and society.

Biological determinism has had a long career of serving oppressive and deadly cases; to the millions who have been subject to its horrors, its sudden emancipatory role would come as a shock. It was only a few decades ago that genetic difference was a way to identify and exterminate. But both share the presupposition of biological determinism: This suggests why the activist alliance with genetic determinism yielded such successful results.

Moving people to understand sexuality as being genetically determined took not just activism, but scholarly research. The first major step came in when the neurobiologist Simon LeVay, then at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, autopsied 41 individuals: LeVay dug deep into the brain.

Earlier research had shown the brain cell group INAH3, the third interstitial nucleus of the hypothalamus, to be associated with sexual attraction among rats. For males, this area is considerably larger than it is for females because male rat foetuses are exposed to higher levels of testosterone than females.

If its size explained attraction, LeVay reasoned, then we might expect gay men to have smaller INAH3 than straight men. Some of this research explored the social life of gay communities, and activists were worried about shining a light upon what happened in the dark corners of bath houses. The broader American population overwhelmingly viewed gay sex as unnatural, and sexual licentiousness as perverse.

Calling attention to the sexual freedom that characterised gay urban communities would do no good for the sick and dying.

In an 'ersatz' homosexual relationship? | Yahoo Answers

But if gayness was a biologically-determined identity, then blaming the dying would be a lot more difficult. It was a major step toward a biological understanding of sexuality. LeVay, however, was cautious in his findings, and warned against a strong interpretation of his work. Inthe geneticist Dean Hamer and his colleagues at the US National Institutes of Health published findings in Science suggesting the presence of a gay gene.

Noting that maternal relatives of gay men were more likely to have same-sex attraction than paternal relatives, Hamer posited that something on the X chromosome must be driving same-sex attraction. Hamer found that gay brothers were likely to share DNA markers on Xq Gay men, demonised as moral degenerates and ravaged by the AIDS crisis, had a rallying cry. Eventually, the phrase would even have an anthem all of its own, working its way from scientific journals to movements around the world.

For genes are not solely determinate of outcomes. My genetic material determined my height only in conversation with the context of my upbringing. Whereas my parents grew up in developing nations, I was raised in New York, where food was plentiful and diseases largely managed. Because of such conditions, I stand a full nine inches taller than my parents. Desire might be biologically driven, but it moves on tracks laid forth by human culture One of the simplest truisms of biology, taught in its earliest introductory courses, is that genes interact with environmental and social conditions to generate outcomes.

Scientists and social scientists alike know this well, and have shown it time and again, even in relationship to sexuality. It is notable, then, that biologists, social activists and scholars have not just tolerated a fiction, but in many instances propagated it.

The likely reason is that undermining the genetic determinism of sexuality is seen as terribly dangerous. For if sexuality is not determined, then what is it? For many, the answer is simple: And the result of viewing sexuality as a choice is far more politically damaging than the lie of biological determinism. It means that LGBT people must have to defend their practices from accusations about their immorality.

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They must articulate arguments for why their practice is different from that of, say, the polygamist, the paedophile, or the bestialist. Yet such unpalatable justificatory demands emerge only because both sides of this debate have backed themselves into corners. In order to avoid any discussion of the legitimacy of LGBT sexual expression, activists settled on the powerful rhetoric of biological determinism. There is another way. It will not satisfy those who wish that we would all unquestioningly accept that sexuality is, simply, a natural phenomenon, nor will it placate those who wish to identify the LGBT community as a symptom and cause of moral ills.

Yet it is more accurate as a description of the biology of sexuality and its social nature. Desire might be biologically driven, but it moves on tracks laid forth by human culture. Among the intelligentsia, it is a sacred truism that race and gender are such constructions. Is human skin tone biologically determined? But that is a long way from the ersatz conclusion that race is a biological entity.

That act has a past — the slave trade and its consequences, colonisation, scientific categorisation. It also has a present. As Barack Obama ascended to the US presidency, we saw a remaking of racial possibility and understanding. If race is a biologically determined entity, we would expect it to be the same across time and place. Their explanations for human difference tended towards the environmental: It was not until more modern systems of scientific classification, combined with European geographical exploration and colonisation, that we began the great process of categorising people by race, and seeing such a category as a biological inheritance.

Since the ancient Greeks, science has advanced tremendously. Perhaps our improved knowledge has brought us closer to the truth of race — a truth that evaded our ancestors who could not even imagine the magic of genetics or its scientific power. To evaluate this proposition, scholars look cross-culturally. What they find is that race is lived differently across societies.

In an 'ersatz' homosexual relationship?

The answer, reached by biologists and social scientists alike, is that race is not a biological concept, but a socially-constructed one. This does not mean that biology does not matter. Genetics is central to explaining our behaviour, and those who deny the impact of genetics do so at their peril. What they mean, in part, is that genetic impulses express their meaning through human culture. He stands before us in form-fitting leggings and what, to our modern eye, seems to be a short skirt.

Were I to wear such an outfit today, it would be read as a form of drag. Some of that construction turns desire into love Men and women of a generation ago saw all kinds of housework as deeply feminising. Were they magically transported to another land and time, most modern men would have a hard time performing appropriate masculinity.

While race and gender are widely understood as social constructions, sexuality has a relatively different status. Academics often pay lip service to sexual identity as a social construction, but publicly have refrained from challenging biological determinism, perhaps for fear of derailing the tremendous triumph of the gay-rights movement.

The basic tools of history and cultural difference upend the biological determinism position on sexuality just as they do on race. If sexual identity is biologically determined, we should find evidence of what we today define as gay men or women in our past, as well as across different cultures.

Gayness is an almost exceptional expression, mostly limited to contemporary Western life; this plants serious doubt upon the idea that it is biologically determined.

ersatz homosexual relationship definition essay

Some might think of the Greeks and note that they practiced gayness. The passive role was mostly limited to the subordinate — youths or women. The relationship was not limited to sex, but entailed a moral and cultural education of these young boys.

ersatz homosexual relationship definition essay

The sexual aspects of these relationships almost always ceased as youths grew older.