Mortgage customer relationship management

Ten CRM Functionalities Every Mortgage Firm Needs to Consider

mortgage customer relationship management

Best Mortgage CRM. True enterprise grade Contact + lead management and robust marketing features for Retail, Consumer Direct, Wholesale/TPO. Unify is a full suite Mortgage CRM solution that offers more than just marketing. It includes all the tools you need to grow your business all in one system. One of the main ways mortgage consultants make themselves more competitive is by providing their clients with an exceptional customer experience.

mortgage customer relationship management

Prophet was the perfect insurance CRM software for us. It completely allowed us to set up a folder for each customer, even with different policy numbers, and gave us to—do lists to follow up on each one. It worked so well that at least three other agencies in our area picked it up within a year. You will learn more about the specific CRM needs of mortgage brokers, how CRM software can address those needs, and what Prophet CRM does specifically to help you reach your relationship management goals.

Whether you are a commercial mortgage broker or a residential broker, you know how imperative it is for you to quickly convert a lead into a client. If you do not immediately and effectively route each lead to the proper representative, your conversion rates will suffer.

CRM for mortgage professionals software can help, especially if it offers more than basic functionalities. To keep you at the top of your field, your CRM software needs to support you during lead distribution, transaction tracking, pipeline management, and referral partner marketing. The best CRM for mortgage brokers will include features that will make brokers more competitive by helping you to improve lead distribution rates, manage your loan pipelines, capitalize on client referrals, and focus on client retention.

To be competitive, manage risk, boost profitability, and deliver tailored services, make sure your CRM has this sort of credit history function. I had years worth of information in several different places, and it was hard to track. However, since implementing Prophet, I am enjoying streamlined databases from which I can generate accurate lead generation reports.

CRM Software for Mortgage Pros

Most obstacles within the lending landscape can be traced back to a strained customer relationship, a strain most commonly instigated by a communication deficit.

Within the mortgage industry, we have many different moving parts coming together. To combine all these parts as painlessly as possible here are some features to look for in your next CRM software… 1.

Regulation Compliance Lenders can stay up-to-date on new regulations and compliances in the industry. There are integrated compliance modules available that will help keep businesses in line with rules and regulations put in place by organizations such as the Federal Housing Administration FHA. Following the market crash of the early 's, the FHA has inflicted a series of regulations onto the mortgage industry, putting a microscope to the loaning and lending process.

Ultimately, this best serves both parties, reducing the risk and maximizing payoff, but the regulations are continually evolving. Having a CRM system that is flexible to changing protocols will be best suit the mortgage industry moving forward.

Drip Campaign Marketing Drip campaigns can be a big asset to mortgage companies. Coupled with campaign tracking, targeted messages can be sent to clients and referral partners, allowing brokers to know how to cultivate and foster customer loyalty. People tend to forget if they have not interacted for a long time. This is the golden truth to marketing, and this is why brand loyalty is an uphill battle.

In order for mortgage companies, an entity people are not going to need to interact with on a daily or even monthly basis, to remain relevant and open to referrals they must administer a powerful outreach program. Effective outreach begins with a good CRM, capable of dispatching automated emails according to schedule. Perhaps, you coordinate lifecycle emails with a set of triggers, a visit to the homepage, inquiry call, geofencing.

Or maybe, emails are time-stamped, programmed to initiate after a latency period. Loan Management With this mortgage CRM system integration, lenders can view loan reports at any time, as well as track loans as they go through the loan originating software LOS system.

Data such as loan status values, and the Uniform Residential Loan application Form are synchronized. Lenders can easily access contact information, communication history and loan information.

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This is essential for obvious reasons. While the CRM is the engine, lending agreements are the fuel. Being able to upload these documents to the CRM, gaining access in real-time, revolutionizes the loaning lifecycle.

Secretarial duties are often tedious and disorganized when preformed manually.

Mortgage Brokers

The CRM tends to each broker's complex web of dates, times, and contacts to publish alerts accordingly, syncing with individual schedules to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Through a personalized secretarial dashboard, brokers will function more efficiently, freeing time for new acquisitions.

Here, brokers will receive ruled-based notifications for regulation compliance and events tracking, ensuring mortgage professionals do not miss a beat. Mobile Functionality In lieu of the digital age, business has mobilized, making on-the-go capabilities a professional imperative. Within the mortgage industry, many items are time sensitive, requiring immediate responses on all fronts.

The CRM should have mobile capabilities that will allow mortgage brokers to access it on the road. They will be able to respond to customer requests and questions anywhere, at any time. There should also be easy access to tasks, appointments and customer details. The more intuitive the customer management process becomes, the stronger the pipeline.

CRM for Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers

Integration Capabilities It is important to know if the mortgage CRM software is able to fully integrate with other systems. Integration can save the trouble of multiple set-ups and installation.

mortgage customer relationship management

Unifying disparate systems is the key to customer relationship management. Through integrations, mortgage professionals unite a multi-channel system, revealing an effective quality assurance process.

Social Media Component The monitoring of online reviews and feedback function should be embedded in the social media tool of the mortgage CRM software.