Marth and lucina relationship quotes

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marth and lucina relationship quotes

Lucina is a major character in Fire Emblem: Awakening and a playable character in In order to avoid becoming entangled in history, she started out wearing a mask and using the name of the ancient hero "Marth. List of Quotes - Chrom & Lucina 'Spider-Verse' Directors Discuss the Film's Relationship to the MCU. timeline's Chrom had a close relationship where he often shared with her little secrets. Lucina adopted the name of Marth as a pseudonym, hoping it would grant her the Quotes. Main article: Lucina/Quotes (Awakening). Main article. I had a mother/daughter relationship with her, rather than a in-game lover sort. I 'm just a huge fan of Lucina because in terms of gameplay, I've liked playing Marth, but I could never . is perhaps my favorite quote from her.

Marth and Lucina's aerials are similar to their ground moves, which means that they are almost identical with the key difference being the tipper. Marth's aerials are very strong, especially when spaced correctly. He does tons of damage and can even out damage his more consistent counterpart. That isn't the problem. Marth has inconsistent knock back. The loss of short hop double fair, l-cancelling, and short landing lag really hurt his combo game.

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This turns Marth into a character that relies on short combos, spacing, and low percent kills. This play style is effective, but requires good knowledge of Marth and his opponent. Alternatively, Lucina's strong, consistent aerials make her shine in another area of the game. Her consistent knock back is what makes her strong.

marth and lucina relationship quotes

Instead of using straight damage, she utilizes her knock back to extend combos and grab reset. Personally, when I play Lucina, I can easily combo to percent, then finish off her opponent with a forward smash or a dair spike.

She is pretty much the opposite of Marth. She is a character that plays a high-combo bruiser-like game. In addition, its power makes it capable of breaking combos and even stage spike reckless edgeguard attempts. Lastly, Counter is a counterattack with a 1.

Lucina (SSB4)

The last strength Lucina shares with Marth is her strong edgeguarding potential: Down aerial is relatively quick, and can strongly meteor smash opponents if it hits at the center of the arc.

Forward smash's range makes it a good choice against opponents aiming their recoveries directly towards the edge, such as Little Mac and Falcoand down tilt's range and speed make it good at exploiting an opponent's 2 frame-long vulnerability when grabbing the edge. Both have the ability to hit below the edge as well.

Nonetheless, Lucina also possesses notable disadvantages compared to Marth. The lack of a tipper is both a strength and weakness: On a related note, she cannot secure early KOs with hard reads, or gain as much positional advantage off precise spacing against approaches or shields. This makes Lucina slightly less threatening in the neutral game; attacking opponents do not have to space their approaches relative to the Parallel Falchion's blade the same way they would with Marth's Falchion, and defending opponents do not need to adjust their spacing to avoid being hit by a tipper.

As such, in order for Lucina's attacks to be safe on shield, she must still utilize her Parallel Fachion's range in order to space her moves at the middle portion or the tip of its blade. Opponents also do not have to worry about being KO'd early from a powerful and timely tippered attack, which in turn makes Lucina somewhat inferior at pressuring opponents in comparison to Marth.

Lucina also shares some of the weaknesses Marth does: Lucina also has minimal defense against jugglingas her aerials are ineffective at relieving pressure. Though her attacks have quick start-up, many of them come with high ending and landing lag, and lack lingering hitboxes, making her attacks unsafe to use on shield up close despite their greater power. Lucina's moveset also lacks a projectile, making her struggle against projectile-oriented characters.

While Lucina can pressure characters and force them to hold shield and block her attacks, she often struggles against shields, as improperly spaced aerials leave her susceptible to punishment, and Shield Breaker is highly punishable if predicted.

This is further compounded by Lucina's poor grab game: Here's the cutscene so you understand what I mean and why I felt this way.

marth and lucina relationship quotes

Lucina had gone through so much before reaching this point. Yet, within the moment she revealed her true self as Lucina, the mask came off, the barriers dropped, and all the burdens she carried, the anguish and sadness she had kept inside was finally released because of her father's tender words and the relief of finally being Lucina once more. It was a moment I will never forget, and one that touched me on a level that I didn't think was possible.

marth and lucina relationship quotes

I rarely cry or tear up with video games, but Fire Emblem: Awakening was most definitely a welcome exception. From that point on, I wanted to know more about Lucina as a character and I felt a connection with her because in many ways, I could relate given how much hardship I had gone through in the last few years of my life and how I constantly had to wear masks to hide my true feelings from others and so I could remain strong for others because I needed to.

While I never had to go through even a fraction of the horrible things she went through, I still know the pains and suffering of loss, of being someone your not due to circumstances and trying to be strong for others because you have to, not because you want to. And when I began to invest myself into the support conversations with Lucina and Robin, I grew to love her even more.

I saw a strong, independent and a very wise woman within Lucina, a woman who was constantly worried about the future and felt the burden of changing fate itself rested upon her and her alone.

marth and lucina relationship quotes

Yet, within Robin and Lucina's support conversation, it's clear that she's no longer alone, that she doesn't have to carry the weight and responsibility of the future by herself any more because of Robin, Chrom, her mother, the Shepards and of course her allies and friends were there to support her. Lucina had also grown up too fast because she was thrust into a hellish world that required her to become someone far more than what she was currently.