Milibands secret relationship quotes

British Jewry shares roller coaster ride with Jewish potential PM | The Times of Israel

milibands secret relationship quotes

The former senior BBC journalist unmasked as Ed Miliband's secret lover as expressing regret for the publicity stemming from the relationship, she Quote The question is did Red Ed really wow the ladies with his chit chat. The full extent of the bitter feud between Ed Miliband and his brother . He had status in the party and a close working relationship with the. 53 quotes have been tagged as secret-love: Charlotte Brontë: 'It does good to no woman to be flattered [by a man] who does not intend to marry her; and i.

This game is not one Thornton can win and it's a sign of desperation that she should even have to play it.

Stephanie Flanders: My 'costly' fling with Ed Miliband - Telegraph

No one talks like this. The role of a partner is not to validate policy. The fortunes of leaders are not bound up with respect for their spouses. Sarah Brown and Glenys Kinnock were well thought of. It was their husbands who lost power.

milibands secret relationship quotes

In a presidential setting there is a little bit more room now for a marriage of equals, as we see when Michelle Obama outshines her husband with brilliant speeches. How much stomach there is for intense political partnerships will be revealed by the treatment meted out to Hillary Clinton.

Whereas Bill's famous appetites are fading through illness, she looks tougher than ever. The deal, he recently told us, was that she gave him 26 years of political support and he would do the same for her.

Anyone who remembers his presidency would have doubts about whether this was the whole deal.

milibands secret relationship quotes

While I would like to see a woman as president, the idea that this power-crazed pair should inhabit the White House again is somewhat alarming.

The deal did not mean simply that she stood by while he lied about relations with Monica Lewinsky but all the other women, too — the other alleged lies. The ex-beauty queens he liked were women she was prepared to dismiss as trash. This pair who now espouse the global rights of women were perfectly prepared to trample over those they thought disposable. Nonetheless, Hillary has carved her own career and people will make up their own minds.

British Jewry shares roller coaster ride with Jewish potential PM

They may forgive and forget. But Thornton, who we will see more of, has not stood for office.

milibands secret relationship quotes

She married into a political family and got on with her own work. Surely what the public need to know about Ed is not that he has a great wife, but that he has a great vision about what could be achieved in this country and some actual ideas about how to get there.

The selling of perfect relationships and some bourgeois idea of normality is actually a total turn-off.

Ed Miliband: I feel sorry for Stephanie Flanders and my other ex-girlfriends - Telegraph

It is ever-more unreal. If Miliband's advisors are prepared to describe his partner as a weapon to be deployed, they really need to take a look at themselves. Only a retrograde kind of politics would think like this.

Whichever is the case, the mood music created led to a scarcely surprising Jewish Chronicle poll on April 10, in which only 22 percent of British Jews said they were prepared to vote for the Labour Party. The mutterings grew louder when Jewish MPs in marginal constituencies began to complain that official Labour Party policy towards Israel was making it more difficult for them in the general election.

milibands secret relationship quotes

But people have said to me that if it was not me [standing], they might consider not voting Labour. Miliband himself deplored in the strongest terms the anti-Semitic abuse leveled on social media at his front-bench colleague, Luciana Bergerbut some commentators have suggested that it is precisely because he is Jewish that there appears to be constraint at the top of the Labour Party in its dealings with the Jewish community.

One political activist, who knows Miliband well, told the Times of Israel: He is very consistent. I believe Jewishness is a part of Miliband, part of his soul, and to some extent it is a missing part of his life.

Brummer added that much will depend on who might become foreign secretary in a Miliband-led administration. Laura Marks, one of three candidates running for president of the Board of Deputies. We need to take note of the fact that he is a politician, a leader of the Opposition, and a white middle-class male. Those things are just as important. Lawyer Jonathan Arkush is a candidate to become president of Board of Deputies.