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HATSUE MIYAMOTO stares ahead at the snow-clad road, her father HISAO at the JUDGE Which has no relationship to this trial. So help you God?. I think it is because of differences of cultures in human relationship between . It is brought up from the physiological phenomenon of the Japanese people in relation simply to their oral cavity and Kat te(), kabuto no o wo simero. Hatsue ha, atarasii suutsu wo ki ru () toki, itsumo ki ga wakuwaku suru. Another interesting note in Kaori Shimizu's relationship is with Yumi Kakazu. .. ( Ghost Imagin and Teddy), and Phi Brain: Puzzle of God (Freecell and Doubt).

Gundam 00 revisits and reverses the Kingdom Hearts main cast. Yes, they got the same voices with Saji Crossroad and Setsuna F. Though Saji did became pissed at Setsuna in season 2it's not because of the latter's character position. More evident starting episode 11 of season 2, when Saji and Setsuna co-pilot the eponymous mobile suit. Mamoru Miyano and Maaya Sakamoto have been two possible couples on two totally polarizing animes debuting in Later on, the former two would be working on Soul Eater as Death the Kid and Crona respectively oddly enough many ship them as a Crack Pairing of sorts.

And in Fight Ippatsu! Kaori played Plug, one of the two leads, and Aya was actually a Little Bad. One of the recent noticeable voice acting pairs is Haruka Tomatsu and Kana Hanazawa. Tomatsu is good for older sister type characterswhile Hanazawa is good for younger roles. Kana Hanazawa also seemed to have Relationship Voice Actor with Hiroshi Kamiyaalthough the roles are less stereotyped. Mai Nakahara and Toshihiko Seki have played opposite each other twice as a fiery heroine and her Tall, Dark, and Snarky love interest Definitely not what anyone expected.

She has no memory of her former life,but possesses a unique ability that could help to save Konoha-or destroy it when she is forced to chose between the village and the man she loves. SasukexOC Naruto - Rated: When Matsumomo Rei becomes his bodyguard, she swears not to fall in love with him. But with Kanda that gorgeous, is resistance even possible? Lyn, a poor artist-turned-archivist is swept into a life full of mystery, intrigue and danger when her world collides with the Caped Crusader.

She accidentally stumbles upon a Time-Turner and sends herself seventy years into the past. But will she come back completely unchanged? Forced to recover in a lesser body until his powers return, he is taken in by an unsuspecting human. What will he discover at the hands of the race he has come to despise?

She was prepared for trouble, but not a charming Tom Riddle. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Alice McNally, witty Oxford graduate, gets herself into trouble with the Ministry of Magic for writing a book on a hypothetical magical world; an alternate history is revealed via her dreams.

She's adopted by the Kyouraku family and bonds with Shunsui and eventually falls in love with Ukitake. How will her past reveal itself over time?

Reviews welcome, no flames please. Complete Bleach - Rated: M - English - Drama - Chapters: What she ran into were his arms. More detailed summary inside. Dragon Wind by Lanse reviews The moment she met him, she knew she wanted nothing to do with him.

She knew those eyes could see everything that shouldn't be seen. How did she get here? How is she going to get home and whose backside will she kick first when she does? On the wall, a collection of family photographs: Susan Marie comes in, spittle-marked baby's diaper across her shoulder, a baby's bottle in her hand. And she sees that. I'm afraid I have some She looks at him, uncomprehending.

Out at Ship Channel Bank. Tangled in his net. And with these words, a slack, blank look crosses her face, and she sits down HARD on a chair. The baby's bottle slips from her grasp. Moran doesn't know what to do. She begins to rock, very slowly. Her face is more terrible than tears. She murmurs to herself, so that we can barely hear Now Sheriff, you've said there was no sign of a struggle? Nothing out of the ordinary? NELS stands beside his impassive client.

And Nels begins to walk toward him. NELS Yes, you mentioned the coffee cup on the floor. Was there anything else out of place? And the cover to the battery well didn't fit right. NELS A battery cover that didn't fit? What did you make of that? Objection, asking the witness to speculate. Judge Fielding doesn't even bother to look annoyed.

If you can recall it. NELS Didn't that also strike you as odd that he would have a battery that didn't fit? A man as particular as Carl? Moran opens the battery well in the cabin But he'd done some on- the-spot work, you see.

The flange was kind of banged away to make room for the one that was too big. We see the flange, and two distinguishably different batteries in place. The third resting on the cabin floor beside the well. Moran still on the stand. NELS Now tell me. Would this "too big" battery have fit, say, in Kazuo Miyamoto's battery well?

But he had both his batteries in when we searched his boat later. NELS And no spare? Carl was different than most.

I mean, no one ever carries a spare. Running his fingers along the flange of the well. He looks up at Abel. Who carries a spare battery for their car? Searching for the appearance of ease in the witness box. In your profession as medical officer and coroner. I take it you would've had to deal with head injuries on many occasions? You get hit with a crowbar.

Or fall off a motorcycle. The injuries look different. In this case, the injury had been inflicted by a long, narrow, flat object. Tell me, have you seen this specific kind of wound before? As a result of hand-to-hand combat with Jap soldiers. He looks over at the Sheriff. Exactly like this one. Whaley looks smugly at Kazuo. They're trained as kids you know. To kill with sticks. And the prosecutor's eyes drift to the defendant. So that the jury's will do the same.

Two dark figures, little more than silhouettes, measuring their distance from each other with their lethal shinai staffs. One is a full-grown man. The other, eight years old. Stomach muscles tighten as stroke advances. If he is impressed by his son, he does not show it. Never show your pain. Don't ever show your feelings. The child has unleashed a blow at the left side of his father's HEAD.

It has been blocked just above Zenichi's ear. There is no anger in either warrior. That we can see. But your report states it was death by drowning, not a kendo wound. How did you determine this? NELS Yes, this foam I'm not sure I understand about that, Horace. What would cause that again? I believe I said that. The foam means that he went in breathing.

Nels holds the pause. But there's something else I'd like to ask you about now. Something in your evidence He picks up Whaley's report from the clerk's desk. NELS About the wound to the deceased's head.

You say it was made by a "long, narrow, flat" object. Is that what you saw? Or is that your inference? That's what coroners do. That's my area of expertise. He can be quiet now. The witness distracted from volunteering opinions Nels did not wish for. Now can you infer whether an object was propelled against the head of the deceased, or his head moved against an object? Or would both look the same? NELS So if his head struck something narrow and flat, like the gunnel of the boat, a net roller, a fairlead, could that have NELS Nonetheless, is it possible?

NELS Is it fair to say that you do not know for certain which it was. I already said that, but NELS But you are certain that he died by drowning. Whaley is beyond frustrated. You've been more than helpful. Horace wants to say more.

Abel Martinson, the deputy, puts his hand gently on Kazuo's arm, as the defendant turns Standing at the rail. Nels gestures to Abel to give them some space. Hesitantly, the deputy steps away a few feet. And beneath the courtroom buzz The voice so colloquially American, we are taken aback.

Having envisioned Kazuo as a silent Samurai. They love the snow. Abel looks uneasily around. Just a few more days. She stares back, her heart in her eyes.

I think it's dangerous with this jury. That does it for Abel. He grasps Kazuo's arm and tugs, but he can't budge the defendant. But she doesn't smile. And he lets Abel lead him away. Over her shoulder, up in the balcony, Ishmael stares at her.

In his mind, the memory of her voice begins Two thirteen-year olds have the beach to themselves. Hatsue carries a leaky bucket full of clams. It's not one ocean. They're really just part of the same one. Digging in the sand. Ishmael reaches his arm deep into a muddy hole, almost to his shoulder. She reaches into the hole beside him. Her fingers explore the shell of the dug-in geoduck clam.

Ishmael studies her closely, her muddy knee just inches from his face, as she focuses on her task. We need to keep digging. They are digging now, together. We've got him now. Gently, Hatsue begins to dislodge the clam from its lair. She lifts it clear. She admires its size and roughness with her fingertips. Washes it in the shallows. He watches her movements intently. Do you know what I mean, Hatsue? I've always liked you.

The words make her turn. There is no answer. He leans slightly closer, and she looks down. This is the moment. Afraid and driven, he moves slowly to her face. And puts his mouth against hers. She lets him and, encouraged, he pushes harder, making Hatsue To watch her go.

Relationship Voice Actor

His face is unsmiling, but he is helpless with happiness. Kids are chattering, arguing. Racial separation is fairly evident. Up the aisle, he sees Hatsue sitting with her Japanese friends.

He walks slowly past, trying not to look at her. He can't help himself. She never looks back. Across the distance, the screen door opens, light slips across the porch. Hatsue appears with a wicker basket, to take the laundry from the line. He watches, rapt, as she unpins and folds the clothes, clenching the clothespins in her teeth. Then reeling the line again, elegant hand over elegant hand. She corrals the long sweep of her hair, knotting it deftly, before heading inside.

Insects thrum in the stillness. He looks back to see Transfixed for a moment. Then continues on his way. Kneeling in the rows. Hatsue with a half-dozen Japanese girls, her hair loose, her face lightly sheened with sweat.

She works with efficiency and grace, filling her flats.

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The fear not far beneath the surface of his quiet features. He sees Hatsue slip a berry into her mouth and watches her eat it. Cheeks burning, certain she is watching. Which she is not. The young pickers turning in their flats as a gentle rain begins. Hatsue slips her money into her pocket without counting it, and Stricken to his soul with longing. Ahead of him, we see a glimpse of Hatsue disappearing through the trees.

Ishmael pursues her at a distance. Suddenly he stops, looking intently ahead. Through the rain, we see an ancient cedar, a large hollow in its base. A fallen tree and the thick, ferny underbrush obscure it and add to its sense of secrecy.

Hatsue's face appears in the entrance to the hollow. Rain pelts off Ishmael's soaked form. She pulls her hair behind her ears. She starts refastening her hair now, looking away. He watches her, watches her, and As if she hasn't heard. Now his heart is beating straight through his chest. His heart bursts within him. And he struggles to keep it from his cafe.

Even though she isn't watching. She turns her face to him, and offers a small smile. It is genuine, and therefore dazzling to the boy. She lies back on the ground. Staring at her lying there so comfortably. Your dad would kill me.

They are both grinning now. They look at each other for a lingering moment of silence. This is part of grace. The girl smiles a small sour smile. Speaks quietly in English Her mother studies her with some irritation. They don't see grace, and they are full of lust. They will seek to destroy your virginity. Hatsue's eyes widen slightly. Marry one of your own kind whose heart is strong and gentle.

Hatsue sighs as she works on her hair. The older woman reads the young face in the mirror. Could be better placed. How to do my hair. Lost in being with her. You boys don't understand. Except it's my Dad. Thirteen-year-old Ishmael is assisting him, feeding paper into the press.

His shirtsleeves are rolled up, but one is loose, its cuff dangling. Arthur is a strong featured, intelligent man, with round gun- metal rimmed spectacles and garters on his shirtsleeves. He gracefully ducks in and out of the machine, inspecting plates and printing cylinders. Arthur pauses to take off his spectacles. Polishes them on the fabric of his shirt.

Carefully, puts them back on. It's a characteristic gesture of his. Ishmael reaches over the machine to feed it, his loose sleeve precariously close to the meshing gears. The boy's eyes widen.

And splattered across the walls. Ishmael flicks a look to the machinery. Gently, Arthur turns the boy's face to look him in the eye.

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To be discovered later on the floor. Like strips of white confetti. Ishmael tries to look unimpressed. Ishmael lies close to Hatsue. Staring at her with absorption. She nestles her head in the crook of his arm. Ignoring the drips of water that find their way in. A wall of water sealing them from the world. People jostle past Hatsue who sets her own pace, unhurried. As she reaches the landing she notices Ishmael looking down the stairwell at her. Her gaze flicks away from him as she passes into the courtroom.

On the sidewalk, a genial crowd of farmers, fishermen, families of both races. In the Island Review office, Ishmael now 17 reloads Arthur's camera. Ishmael dashes out to join them. That's my secret, Mr. We have high hopes for him. A strong heart like his father.

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We wish him good fortune. Nagaishi bows and takes his leave. The Strawberry Princess turns in Ishmael's direction. It's Hatsue, tiara on her head, scepter in her hand To the concept of racial harmony. And you know what? For a moment, it seems to work. Ishmael watches Hatsue closely. Looking radiant, she demurely acknowledges the cheers of the crowd. Helen glances at Ishmael, noticing his interest.

Arthur raises his camera and takes a shot of the Strawberry Princess. Helen watches him discreetly. Hatsue's head turns toward him, and although she sees him, she gives him no acknowledgement. He's looking at Hatsue down below, though he can only see the side of her face and her hair, bound up securely at the back of her head.

Heine, you were acquainted with the defendant and his family, were you not? Her voice bears traces of her German accent. She warily pulls her hem down tight below her knees. ETTA Him and his folks worked our land.

Lived in one of the cabins at first. ETTA They fished together. My boy Carl treated him like a white person. Said not with pride, but regret. That's where all this trouble started. Carl is a well-weathered man, and puffs a pipe as Zenichi stops, sweeps his arms this way and that. The boy looks from the men to the vistas of the land itself, as if trying to piece together what all this means for him.

The two men clasp hands in a firm shake of agreement. Etta knows trouble when she sees it. ETTA Carl held it for 'em. Called it a lease. They made payments every June and December. And as Japanese-born, they could never legally take title. ETTA Their kids was born here. So when the oldest, that one there, was twenty She folds her hands. Looks Kazuo squarely in the eye. ETTA But they missed their last two payments. So that was that.