Kanda allen relationship with god

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kanda allen relationship with god

Yes, they stayed together through their tumultuous relationship, but they never really over Kanda was Allen's boyfriend of 2 years or to be more exact 9 months and 3 weeks. "Thank God, you're okay," she whispered. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. 61 - 80 of Works in Kanda Yuu/Allen Walker wax quite poetic on the subject of how God had let them survive because He was a sadist. . Sequel to Swan Prince: Allen and Kanda are happily married when disaster strikes, Marie, the.

Road dresses her as a doll while unconscious and keeps her next to her. After Allen drags her in Miranda's dimension, she wakes up, by Miranda's Innocence. Lenalee later stops Allen when he tries to "save" the Akuma that Road ordered to self-destruct. Allen becomes enraged with her for doing this and she slaps him for his outburst. When Miranda stops her power, their wounds return.

Bookman destroys most of them but one of them nearly hits Komui. Fortunately Lenalee wakes up just in time and destroys it. Later in a coach, they are informed by Komui that Yeegar has been found dead. She is then tasked along with Allen and Lavi to go and find Cross Marian and escort him back to the headquarters.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. Millenium Swordsman arc anime only Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker were dispatched by the order to find Kanda in Rome, because he hadn't contacted the Order for three days and retrieve an Innocence fragment.

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Lenalee and Allen arrived. They find some bounty hunters in the town to retrieve Claudia Sardini, the daughter of the Sardini family. After that announcement, Lenalee and Allen climb the terrace of the mansion and talked with the father of Claudia, and explains that her daughter would tell her that,"every night someone would come to her room and report to me".

Allen refuses the favor, stating they weren't there to grant a favor but to find their comrade and retrieve an Innocence fragment. After that day, Lenalee and Allen were in the place where Vittorio was hiding, as Claudia was.

They were fighting with Akumas. They found some hunters attacking them and Allen said that it was pointless to attack, but they continuously fired at the Akumas. The Akumas conducted a counterattack,unfortunately, many people died. After that they found Vittorio, Kanda showed up, and told Allen,"he's Vittorio my prey, don't interfere" but, Allen didn't complain. She was moody and Allen realized she hadn't really spoken to him since she slapped him.

After finding out that Cross had come in contact with a "vampire", Allen and Lavi had been forced to hunt. She stays in the village with Bookman to wait for them. Before they leave, she threatens Allen and Lavi not to get bitten as she believed in the whole "vampire" story.

After their mission, they were eating in a restaurant where Allen was talking about General Yeegar and how kind he was when he was bringing a golem to him.

By some chance, Lenalee's golem was contacted by the order and they were told to go where General Yeegar was. Lenalee was watching Allen while listening and in-coincidentally, Allen dropped the cup on the table and it broke. While watching the cup break, they became worried and left the restaurant in a hurry.

kanda allen relationship with god

They arrived at the destination that the order mentioned where they found a finder beside a tree. Lenalee ran off and saw the general bound with chains. The Innocence fragments in Yeegar's possession along with the general's own Innocence were destroyed by the Noahs. Allen, at the time was shocked; he didn't expect something like that would happen. The order got this news, and ordered all the exorcists to go to Barcelona to protect the Marshall.

Lulu Bell's Attack Arc anime only Lenalee and others were looking for Marshall Cross for several days, on their way, they found a town, but it was a silent town and the water flowing in the canals are small. As they were observing, the decided to investigate.

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It was Lavi and Krowry were assigned to go to the lake, Lenalee and Allen together with Bookman are the one who will investigate in the town. As Lenalee and Allen was asking the townspeople, they heard that there's a fortune teller in their town. Lenalee and Allen search to the house, and found it, as they knock the gate, an old man appear and yelled to the two, while Lenalee saw a girl standing far away inside.

kanda allen relationship with god

That night, Lenalee was about to sleep, a knock from the door, Lenalee thought that it was Allen but a girl voiced heard. She was asking Lenalee to open the door, as well Lenalee did. The girl apologized to Lenalee for what her grandfather did, after that, Lenalee ask her what's her name, the girl said that her name was Meilin, and she was the fortune teller in their town, Meilin stated some stories but after a while, Akumas were being discovered, Lenalee ask Meilin to hide so not she will not be shot, Lenalee take her black long sleeve dress that covering her uniform, while Lenalee was curing Meilin, Meilin suddenly freeze, and suddenly shout and Lenalee asking her what's wrong, Meilin was continuously shouting.

The Akuma was about to shoot but Allen covered them and tell them to escape as much as possible. As the group continues to look for Cross in China, Lenalee goes after a cat that ate Timcanpy while the others way. She soon successfully returns with the cat that hasn't swallowed their only way to find Cross yet.

She then checks Allen's arm that appears to crumble. She then worriedly remarks that his arm is fragile. Later in Guangzhou Allen finds a shoppers who has information about Cross. He calls Lenalee and she used her Chinese to help the group get around.

There they are muscularly welcomes by Mahoja who leads them to her boss Anita. It is then they got news about Cross's recent movements. Before getting in the ship Lenalee calls the Science Division making sure Komui is not aware of it. She has Reever Wenhamm who informs her about the crisis the Order is going through, all the casualties and the Suman Dark case. Some of them catch Allen but Lenalee saves him by catching him in the air, Suddenly they see the fallen one.

Lenalee uses her innocence to move on the sound waves and she lands safe with Allen on the land nearby. Seeing his face, Lenalee realizes they are facing Suman Dark in his Fallen One form, which brought back painful memories for her.

Together, she and Allen try to save Suman. Allen is absorbed into Suman when he tries to rescue a little girl trapped in his body. She was forced to leave Allen behind to save the little girlwhich she gave to a local doctor. On the telephone, she contacts Komui about the situation and the 'Fallen One'.

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Komui orders her and her group to grab Suman's Innocence. She then met with Lavi to look for Allen, but are unable to find him. They came upon the spot where he was left to die by Tyki Mikkbut he is no longer there and the images recorded by Timcanpy left her to fear the worst.

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Bookman called Lavi through golem asking them to return to port. A man from the Asian Branch named Wongexplains that Allen was found and is being held at their branch.

She instantly asked Wong to let her see Allen. But Wong told her they are to continue their journey, they'll be saying goodbye to Allen in China. She left on the ship for Edo in a deep depression. There, he met Lenalee age 8 and Marie, his teammate.

Daisya Barry joined the Order. Jeryy became Head Chef. Kanda tried soba for the first time, was impressed, and began to eat it for all three daily meals. Lavi joined the Order. Kanda nearly decapitated him for calling him "Yu" after Lavi heard Tiedoll do it.

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After returning to Headquarters from a mission, Kanda met Allen; Kanda thought he was an Akuma because of the Gatekeeper and drew Mugen on him.

Plot Introduction arc Kanda intercepts Allen at the gate. When Allen Walker fails the Gatekeeper 's exam, Kanda is one of the many to hear the alarm [33] and the first to respond.

kanda allen relationship with god

On the morrow morning, Allen and Kanda clash again, Allen defending a FinderBuzzwho had attacked Kanda out of rage for a callous comment Kanda made about the worth of non-Exorcist personnel. When they arrive in Mater, Kanda informs Allen that he won't be going back for him if he falls behind. Once underground, Guzol steps forward and claims to be the doll, and when Kanda says that he wants to take the Innocence from him then and there to make traveling easier, Lala puts herself between Kanda and Guzol, saying that Kanda would get lost without him.

The Akuma mocks Kanda for not realizing that he hadn't been Toma all along, then delivers a devastating blow to Kanda's body. After telling Allen that sacrifices must be made to save others, Kanda takes his Mugen and approaches Lala to take her heart, [58] only for Allen to intercede and insist on being Lala's sacrifice, assuring Kanda that he will take Lala's heart from her after she and Guzol die on their own terms.

Kanda punches Allen, demanding to know if he doesn't have anything dear to him. Seeing Allen upset over Lala's continued singing, Kanda asks why he doesn't just end it as the singing Lala isn't the same as the old Lala, and when Allen tells him that Lala and Guzol's promise is something only they can break, Kanda calls Allen "soft", pointing out that they're not saviors.