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Also, Roche was in the god damn town and I was in this forest and walking about the first dubious act of theirs:) A "unique relationship"!lol:D. Roche helps Witcher escape from prison and they follow Foltest's assassin to no effect on the story or your relationship or either of the characters after. Also, Ves goes on a mission with you in the first chapter where her part of much less uncomfortable than the stuff with Dethmold because OH MY GOD. Vernon Roche & Ves- my favorite ship that never happened Witcher Art, The Witcher · Witcher ArtThe Witcher Art, The Witcher, Vernon Roche, Armors, Swords, Geek Stuff, Relationship, Geek Things, Sword. Anne O .. from DOOODLE GOD.

The wife's lover or the daughter's suitor would suffer complicated fractures in three limbs, including at least one upper one - all as a result of an unfortunate accident.

And an enemy with a grudge or some other troublesome individual would soon stop being a nuisance, often vanishing into thin air. That's how Codringher and Fenn worked. Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth: A downplayed example but still relevant. Azar makes the rather foolish mistake of having Raymond's body thrown into the crypt in Vizima's cemetery instead of reducing him to ash with his fire magic. Yet when Geralt finds the body days if not sometimes weeks later in certain playthroughs, he has not been devoured by the necrophages and lower vampires infesting the place.

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What did you do to him Javed?! Wild Hunt Voiced by: A former Temeranian soldier, he deserted from their army and proceeded to take over the region with his army and the backing of Nilfgaard. He is a angry, bitter drunk who is missing his wife and teenage daughter. He never harmed his daughter physically, but Tamara considers his near-constant drunkenness, neglect, and abuse of her mother plenty bad enough.

A ruler of a large middle region of Temeria while also possessing a large region around his middle. He's a notoriously heavy drinker, which played no small part in the abuse he heaped upon his wife.

In the end, he knows full well that he's responsible for tearing his family apart, and he's ashamed of how far it had to go before he recognised it. If his wife is still alive at the end of the Family Matters quest, he departs to find a sage that can restore her mind and swears he'll never touch a drop of drink again. Babies Make Everything Better: At least he seems to think so. He thought having another child with his wife would give them a chance to start over again.

Anna, however, had a different opinion, and made a deal with the Crones to arrange for a miscarriage. Not to the levels of say, Crach or Hjalmar, but still plenty badass.

A possible ending of his storyline. Specifically, if you choose to free the spirit trapped in the Whispering Hillock after starting Ladies of the Wood. The children in the swamp escape, but the spirit takes its revenge by burning Downwarren to the ground, and the Crones punish Anna for failing with a curse that will kill her even if it's lifted. With Anna dead and his daughter wanting nothing to do with him, the Baron takes his own life. Earn Your Happy Ending: When he sees that Anna has been driven mad from her time with the Crones, he sets out for the Blue Mountains to seek a healer who he hopes can restore her mind.

He refuses to acknowledge the Crones might even exist until they send their fiend. Even if Geralt keeps telling them they do, and he's met them. And it happens even if Geralt is the one who helped him uncurse his miscarried daughter!

Gives one for his behavior. He was traumatized by his experiences during wartime and turned to alcoholism to cope, which led him to His explanation for the first time he hit his wife was because she had gone insane with hysterics and tried to stab him with a knife, and he had to defend himself and use force to calm her down.

This would have carried slightly more moral weight had he not explained immediately before that the precipitating incident for that was when he had gone insane with jealous rage and murdered his wife's lover. It's All My Fault: While he tends to allay responsibility for his many failings, the one exception he makes is the case of his wife's miscarriage. He blames himself entirely for that. Ironically, it's probably the one thing that wasn't directly Phillip's fault; Anna didn't want the child, and the miscarriage was the result of a deal she made with the Ladies of the Wood combined with her accidentally losing her magical protection the night she fled.

It's said that whenever he flew into a violent rage, just seeing her would calm him down. And while he abused his wife, he never raised a hand to his daughter. There are pros and cons to anything you do — just like in real life. Iorveth, Roche, Saskia and Philippa are also interesting characters who really flesh out the game and make it feel personal and meaningful — maybe Iorveth less than the others. These are people you want to spend time with and get to know.

Until they commit a hate crime. Speaking of which — I could have done without the homophobia or weirdness about women. So, the story is ambitious and complex and interesting but it could have been a little more socially aware.

Verdict on the gameplay This is mostly hack and slash, with a few other components.

Roche & Ves: secret longing or surrogate family? (Mild spoilers I guess)

The combat system in Witcher 2 is both hard to learn and hard to master. The second hardest fight in the entire game takes place midway through the first chapter.

I fought my way through a dungeon naked and unarmed, using only my fists and the one spell my spell wheel was stuck on. The inventory system is really fidgety, both in terms of using your inventory and figuring out what kind of equipment you want to buy and which upgrades you should do.

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Fidgety inventory systems are one of my least favourite parts of RPGs, so I sighed a little when I realized that there were a zillion different kinds of swords you could have and a frillion different upgrades you could apply to your armour, but I was able to finish the game with only a medium level of investment in that process.

Sometimes the in-game instructions for what to do were flat-out wrong. Often, they were misleading or confusing. I once hit a bug where everything turned upside down and I had to reload and replay half an hour. It also seems that the accepted strategy for fighting some of the monsters is to doge and hope the monster gets stuck in the scenery.

I had enemies silently spawn into empty rooms and stand there without moving or reacting while I killed them, or attack me without any noise or reaction from Witcher. I was temporarily frozen in place if I held the guard key down while doing a special attack.

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  • King Foltest

People walked through objects in the environments sometimes. Sometimes they duplicated themselves, so the same option appeared two or three times on the same screen… and so on. My overall impression was that the game design was more complex than the programming could actually handle.

Some things seemed like they might be translation mistakes, but other things seemed like they were oversights or artefacts of having too many possibilities, or too many overlapping quests open at once.

Triss Merigold (all spoilers)

As the heavy doors closed behind her, she attacked his lips with hers, guiding his calloused palm under multiply layers of her dress. He slowly gave up, as if remembering something he forgot long time ago.

She sighed relieved when he scratched her neck with his stubble. Then, when Brigida finally managed to undo first layer of his uniform she decided to let go of all thoughts bottling inside her head. Roche was taken aback by her love confession, with which Brigida had been tormenting herself with for weeks.

Vernon tensed, showed her off himself and started to circle around the room, like a caged animal, glancing at his lover from time to time, scratching his chin as if thinking something through. Then he left, without any 'bye', 'farewell' or 'kiss my arse', nothing. Brigida was left half-naked with widened, confused eyes. He didn't pay any attention to her since then, either pretending she didn't exist, finding a great excuse to not be near her or having his second-in-command around to back him up.

The dame was confused by his behavior. Roche wasn't the man who run from any trouble like that. If not for Ves, Brigida would still be locked in her room, lovesick and confused, sniffing to a sleeve of one of her velvet dresses.

The dame would never know if the Blue Stripe female was sent by her captain or if she, herself, just took a pity of her. But one day the sharpshooter, dressed up as a maid, came to the dame living quarter, took the noblewoman by her shoulder, shook her violently and whispered to her ear 'he never give a damn' With those words the warrior left as if nothing had been said or done.

Then it all clicked.

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How could she be so blind to not to notice it sooner? That, all in all, the captain had only one true love: It's for Temeria — Brigida recollected his words. No, no other woman could ever take place the homeland had in his heart. Even Ves was higher in Roche's twisted hierarchy, from a simple reason — she was way more useful. The short haired blonde was a sharpshooter, moreover as a nobody she could be anybody, whomever Vernon had asked her to be: Suddenly the Papebrock realized what she really was to him.