George porter relationship problems

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george porter relationship problems

For four decades, George Porter Jr. has guarded the Big Easy's groove. to be something more to relationships than not getting past problems. Shortly after Porter's marriage, botanist Nathaniel Wallich, superintendent of the advice given by Porter 'recently returned from Penang, to the Marchioness of. George E. Wantz Professor of the History of Medicine; Professor of Pediatrics and After listening to Cole Porter's delightful songs, easily some of the most their marriage Cole Porter preferred both long-term intimate relationships Sadly, these problems, combined with the surgical removal of part of his.

However, a soon-to-be released film, De-Lovely, featuring Kevin Kline as the composer-lyricist, proposes to explore well beyond such hazy or sanitized versions of the Cole Porter story. Indeed, many aspects of Porter's life simply could not be discussed in great detail during the s and s, such as his year marriage to socialite Linda Lee Thomas. Although the Porters shared deep emotional ties and loyal friendship, throughout their marriage Cole Porter preferred both long-term intimate relationships and brief physical encounters with men.

More striking, however, was Porter's medical history, which is scrupulously documented in a biography by William McBrien. After years of equestrian sportsmanship, in October ofthe composer's legs were crushed when his horse shied and rolled directly over them. The half-ton horse's fall delivered compound fractures to both of Porter's thighbones and provided the entryway for osteomyelitis, perhaps 1 of the most serious and difficult to treat infections known.

Even today, as every doctor knows all too well, infections of the bones, which are slow to absorb even the most powerful of antibiotics, present a daunting challenge to treatment. Over the next 2 decades, Porter underwent a series of excruciating operations on the bones and nerves of his legs. Determined not to let these injuries diminish his busy creative or social life, Porter continued full throttle as evidenced by the scores of photographs during this era depicting the formally attired composer being literally carried by his valet to social events and Broadway openings, not to mention producing a torrent of songs and musicals that remain standards of 20th century American theater, jazz, film, and popular music.

At the same time he wrote many of his best-known, confectionary musical masterpieces, Porter was undergoing a brutal medical regime that would stop most in their tracks. Against most odds, for someone who, for damn near the first two-thirds of his life, tried to kill himself unintentionally.

I'm in my 21st year of sobriety and 41st year of marriage. In other words, your wife endured 20 tough years before you got sober. She's more of a survivor than I am. What finally got you sober? One Sunday morning after a long weekend of hitting it hard, I came home and I was out of my mind. When she came back, she found me on the floor crying and begging for help. She called my mama and they came and got me and took me straight to Bowling Green treatment center in Mandeville.

I did a six-week program, and haven't relapsed at all. Drugs were such a huge part of the music scene in the s and '70s. Was it inevitable that you would get caught up? When I was a kid, drugs and alcohol were just a part of what we did as musicians.

I didn't see as much cocaine around the Dew Drop Inn as alcohol and marijuana. That was the early '60s. But when the '70s rolled around and I got introduced to acid, and then cocaine came into play -- being an addictive person like I was, it was only natural that I was going to graduate. And more than most people, I took my getting high very seriously. I needed to have the best stuff. That may have had a lot to do with why, when I went into treatment and did the medical examination, they said my kidneys and everything were in good condition for the amount of drugs I was doing.

I'm not bragging, but it was a fact -- I didn't do junk.

Diddy finally said this ... to Kim Porter

I was a connoisseur, but nevertheless a junkie. Drugs played a role in why the Meters fell apart in the late '70s. I protected my high more than the band. By protecting my high, I let the band slip through my fingers. When I saw things that were detrimental to the band, instead of arguing about it, I let it go. I was an absentee player. Years ago, you told a story about coming back from a tour with the Meters late one night and seeing a bear on Haynes Boulevard in eastern New Orleans.

Do you still believe you really saw a bear? I'm gonna stand by that until the day I die. It doesn't matter how much acid was in my brain.

I saw that bear. How has your relationship with Art Neville changed over the years? It depends on what day he wakes up on. It's a love misunderstanding. We argue, but we don't fight. We get it off our chest and move on. There's got to be something more to relationships than not getting past problems.

george porter relationship problems

We've been able to figure that out better than most. The four original Meters reunited for the Jazzfest, played periodic shows for tens of thousands of dollars apiece, then disbanded again.

Was that brief reunion the most lucrative period in the history of the Meters? It's unfortunate that it didn't last as long as the money. Laughs Were you surprised by how much you guys could make? It proved that the demand was out there. But just like most projects, there was too much "more me" than "more us.

george porter relationship problems

You're finally receiving proper royalties for the old Meters recordings. He released his publishing catalogs which held the rights to many Meters songs.

Kim Porter Says She Was Betrayed by Diddy

That's when Sundazed Records re-released our original Warner Bros. At that point, bills started getting paid. So whenever rappers sample those song, you get royalties. The rappers that actually license them.

Maidstone United sign George Porter from Dagenham after a helping hand from Luke Rooney

There are a few artists that have put out stuff and hijacked us. I don't listen to that stuff, so I don't have a single favorite sample -- whatever one's paid me the most. Sometimes they are big checks, sometimes they are not.