Intense relationship karma

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intense relationship karma

Karmic relationships are not meant to last, and they are usually the biggest life lessons in love. Karmic relationships are different from twin. Karmic relationships, on the other hand, are meant to be intense yet brief. Entering your life only to teach you a lesson, and then often leaving. One of the first things to accept if you're in a karmic relationship is that you are actually in one. You're not a fool to have mistaken the intense feelings you're.

Karmic Bonds Karmic bonds lend themselves to intensity and obligation from a higher calling of healing from your soul and the universe as soul contracts can be beings along your journey that you feel camaraderie with, a mentor and more of a vibrational match.

In karmic bonds it can be most challenging when both of you are not willing to evolve and heal. Regardless of the situation, in these accelerated times the universe has called your number, you are now on stage, and it is your time to transform and transcend your part to a higher light of love.

Recognising Karmic Relationships

Know that both of you or the circumstance did agree upon these soul contracts before your incarnations, and at the very core you are both divine holy beings both playing a part for the light. The spiritual evolution that these karmic relationships can bring to you is rocket soul fuel of transformation raising your frequency, aligning you to your divinity in ways you could not have imagined. The key is to allow it to do so and not to become stuck in past ruts, ego and lower density vibrations.

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This may be showing you where you zoned out because you felt the world was too harsh and now is bringing your divine power back. When you are being triggered by past fear, call out to your I Am presence, your sprit guides, Grace Elohim, and the angels to hold all your energy bodies in integrity.

intense relationship karma

Breathe deeply; feel in your body where part of your spirit had left, keep focused on the God Source connection through Nature as you breathe deeply allowing your soul essence and God back into those parts of your life and being through forgiveness. Some of what is being brought to the surface is the trauma of being born, and separation from spirit. The Cosmos and your light bodies have conspired together to bring this supreme transcendence of wholeness and oneness back to you.

intense relationship karma

Remember, it is not your job to change the other person or situation. You will be able to transcend the energies to a higher vibration by your innate alchemical process of clearing your emotional body through forgivingness back to source creation. This creates a soul repatterning of God essence that is restored within you.

intense relationship karma

By not giving a piece of you away and by being in your essence, you will fulfill the soul contract as this creates an energetic pathway back to God for both of you regardless of the situation. This is what they need from you, for you to be fully who you are, as this is what they wish at a soul level and have forgotten and you are the bridge.

Healing A Karmic Relationship

What the universe is wishing is for you to be fully alive in your circuitry of the divine so God may enter back into your being which connects all life to source creation thus ascension for all. For some, the job of these karmic relationships and bonds is not to have a long term, caring, equal balance union. To fully close the bond and heal from a karmic relationship, you'll likely also need to do some energy work to fully release yourself into a new bond.

This is all part of the process of healing from a karmic bond and many people go through this every year.

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Good news is this: You are bound to this person by only karma and once you heal the karma by learning the lessons for you, the karmic patterns presented by this person are over, for you, forever. If your former partner does not change, that's their karma, not yours. You're not necessarily faulted by the Powers That Be because someone else has chosen to avoid their lessons. The pattern, for you, has ended for good.

Following the completion and healing from a karmic bond, many people meet their actual true love soulmates just after the final ending and healing of a karmic bond. It's like the final test because the point of a karmic relationship is to show us unhealed karma in ourselves so that we can heal it, and thus, become more fully ourselves.

intense relationship karma

Once you heal from and overcome the final karmic test the relationshipand you heal the pain you carry from it, thus, you open up fully to experiencing yourself and second thus, the love you truly deserve. So regardless of which way you slice it, karmic relationships have meaning in our lives and while many of us have been through more than one, we just continue to build and take with us all those teachings with us to be wiser and improve for the next relationship.