Lemieux jagr relationship quizzes

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lemieux jagr relationship quizzes

Take the quiz and find out! A couple of 50+ goal seasons would follow and he would remain a feared goal Claude Lemieux Jaromir Jagr. If you play this quiz you will definitly find out What Pittsburg penguins hockey player you are now. the first great penguin like Mario or are you a star from Europe like jagr or Mailkin you will find out in just a couple of muinites Mario lemieux. In the Patrick Division finals, he dropped Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr as if they were a couple of nobodies. When wing Kevin Stevens crushed.

He has gained recognition by playing a significant role in whipping the defending Stanley Cup champions. I still hit stars. If you want attention, hit Lemieux, Messier, [ Wayne] Gretzky.

They hate me in Pittsburgh.


But little kids buy shirt with my name and number on Long Island. We don't touch him [in Game 5] and he scores all the time.

lemieux jagr relationship quizzes

Maybe he watches his back from now on when I'm around. Maybe some day they run at me. This guy jumps up. And he's so nimble to avoid all the people who try to run him. You could never accuse him of discrimination. Richie's got a real mean streak.

What Pittsburgh Penguin are you

In the summer, his hobby is racing those two-wheel chariots in Western Canada. So you've got the Lithuanian and Ben Hur together. He had it towed twice in one day in Manhattan. But the guys have been great to me. The biggest thing is accepting you can't play. I'm proud of the guys. They overcame so much adversity. I couldn't do anything. Jagr is more decorated with awards and, after a long year stint in Pittsburgh, became an NHL vagabond, moving from city to city.

lemieux jagr relationship quizzes

He was considered an overpriced, aging bust during his two-plus seasons with the Washington Capitals, and his time as a New York Ranger saw a revival that quickly turned into diminishing returns. From there, he took a hiatus from the NHL, returning to his native country, only to come back to the league with the Philadelphia Flyers as mentor to Philly's captain Claude Giroux and a highly productive veteran presence. He's had stops in Dallas, Boston, New Jersey, Florida and Calgary since, earning an All-Star nod as recently as the season with the Panthers, and played all 82 games just one year ago.

It's hard to believe Malkin, who has spent all his 12 NHL years in a Penguins sweater, would follow such a career arc from here on out — in fact, it's hard to believe anyone will.

Building on that, it's nearly impossible to imagine anyone else playing into their 40s as effectively as Jagr. There's a bevy of vets in their lates pushing to show they can compete in a league that seems to get younger by the minute — not to name any names ahem, Patrick Marleau — but when we look at Zdeno Chara and Matt Cullen at the year mark, we can't help but wonder if they'll be lacing up their skates five years from now, let alone tallying points in the way Jagr has.

lemieux jagr relationship quizzes

Maybe we should be looking at players currently in their early 30s as guys who will continue to produce as they age. A player like Eric Staal, who has surged back to life after going to the Minnesota Wild, may come to mind, but even at his best he was never on Jagr's level.

Even better, what about Alex Oveckin, who is only 32 and doesn't show any signs of slowing down?


It's possible that Ovi is gearing up for an extended run past his 30s — it's also entirely possible and probable that a long NHL run would be nothing like Jagr's. Just like Malkin, it's hard to envision the lifetime Capital becoming the NHL journeyman Jagr turned into, and without a Stanley Cup to his name, there's no telling whether Ovi will even get a chance to put his name on the most prestigious trophy in sports.

lemieux jagr relationship quizzes

Which brings us to our next question: Will anyone else have the success that Jagr did after turning 40? As ofhe holds the coveted "Silver Fox" record with points recorded in games after his 40th birthday. If Marleau stays healthy and plays into his 40s — and keeps up how well he has played in Toronto — could he be that guy? What about his old teammate, Joe Thornton, who took over the 16th slot on the NHL's all-time points leaders list? If he comes back from his current knee injury like he did last season and keeps racking up points, could Thornton and his Zeus beard play for a couple more seasons?

Sure, these former teammates — both great players in their own right — could continue to produce, but again, neither player has approached Jagr's peak even at his best.

1992 - Mario Lemieux & Jaromir Jagr

Now there is a possibility that the "next Jagr" is too young for us to pinpoint yet.