Australia united states relationship

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australia united states relationship

There are close relations at all levels of government between Australia and the United States. Australia and the United States work closely with like-minded. On January 8, , the Governments of the United States and Australia announced the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations. Establishment of the. The sixth meeting of the Australia – United States Free Trade the vital role played by AUSFTA to facilitate robust commercial relationships.

These, among others, are clear advantages to Australia which flow from the defence relationship with the US. The Global Financial Crisis and resulting sequestration of the US defence budget has further highlighted this point as, over the coming years, Australia is likely to be asked to do even more as a US partner.

However, the ADF will almost certainly struggle to absorb any new demands without additional resources. Only the United Kingdom has a similar arrangement with the US, and its benefits are substantial—reducing red tape, minimising procurement delays and improving data sharing. Such arrangements also make it easier for Australia to gain access to advanced defence technologies, which it would be unable to develop domestically.

australia united states relationship

Although such initiatives will continue to provide Australia with unique levels of access and engagement with the US, this will not change the fact that Australia will continue to leverage US defence capabilities unevenly, no matter how politically unpalatable this notion may seem. The biggest challenge for Australia will arguably be whether it is sufficiently adaptable to respond to whatever the US and China determine as the way forward in their own diplomatic relationship.

Although the Australia-US alliance has effectively served the interests of both nations for decades, the US will continue to prioritise its own intrinsic national interestsand it is these largely strategic factors that will determine its future dealings with China. But with expanding roles in key multilateral regional forums, Australia and the US also have strong opportunities to engage with China—and other regional partners—to work through this uncertainty and strengthen areas of cooperation.

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This deployment will likely benefit the Australia-US defence relationship through exposing the respective militaries to combined training and interoperability. However, the question of how this ongoing and expanding deployment will be financed in the long-term remains unresolvedwhich potentially risks complicating any political goodwill created.

The Darwin deployment poses further questions as to the extent to which the US rebalance into Southeast Asia will be fully implemented. For example, the US could attempt to further leverage Australian bases to deploy additional military personnel and capabilities within the Indo-Pacific region. The United States is the top destination for Australian students studying abroad, and the number two destination for American students in Asia.

Sincefive thousand Fulbright students and scholars have studied, taught, and lectured at university campuses across the United States and Australia. Over one million Australians visited the United States inan increase of 4. Information sharing and coordination are at all-time highs, allowing us to foil terrorist attacks, break up transnational crime networks, and put a stop to money laundering and illicit trafficking of drugs, weapons, and people. This cooperation grows stronger each day.

As just one example, Australia has disrupted twelve domestic terrorist plots since Australia and the United States are also working closely to address the growing threat of cybercrime, including through increased exchanges of law enforcement and cybercrime experts. The rotation of the Marine Rotational Force in Darwin will be the largest to date.

The Talisman Saber joint and combined military training exercise will involve more than 30, Australian and U. We work closely together to lead global efforts to defeat ISIS and address the broad range of transnational crimes throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Australia is a major development partner for critical U.

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The United States is the second largest two-way trade partner for Australia, and is a top destination for Australian beef, aircraft parts, and boats. Aircraft and farm machinery, meanwhile, are among the biggest exports from the United States to Australia. In Novemberthe United States and Australia renewed a broad science and technology cooperation agreement in place since The agreement supports near limitless scientific endeavors, including projects related to fisheries, biometrics, quantum computing, and nuclear threat reduction.

australia united states relationship