Ihsa state cross country meet 2011 results physical therapy

State Series Information & Results

ihsa state cross country meet 2011 results physical therapy

Stewart leads the Fighting Illini men's cross country team into the with aims The result is a sense of excitement and urgency to see what this group .. Country Championships Placed in the top-five at IHSA State .. Majoring in kinesiology with plans to attend physical therapy school after graduating. IHSA Cross Country State Championship. Nov 5, Detweiller Park. Peoria, IL. Meet History. Records. Meet; Venue. Meet Records Meet Results. Sort. risks of physical injury and I agree to assume the full risk of any injuries, including above participant may sustain as a result of the participating in any and all activities enhancing substances in my/our student's body either during IHSA state .. ineligible for cross country that entire . with championship rings/ mementoes.

During regular season games two 2 IHSA licensed officials must be hired for baseball, softball, and boys and girls basketball - one 1 IHSA licensed official for volleyball will be used on all 7th JV and 8th Varsity games or matches, with the exception in case of late notice of an officials cancelation.

In the event of a late notice cancelation, a non licensed official may be substituted. A record of the physical examination shall be on file in in the student's member school. By rule, judgment decisions cannot be protested. Any school making a protest shall have a school official contact the the Executive Director within twenty-four 24 hours of completion of the contest. Any coach or school official who withdraws a team from the field of play under any circumstances prior to the official completion of the game shall forfeit all rights to protest.

Forfeits may be allowed only under the following conditions. When a team's roster is decimated by illness or multiple deaths, a forfeit may be declared without penalty to the school. When further play becomes impossible because of travel conditions caused by flood, severe winds, snow, or ice a forfeit may be declared without penalty to the school s. When a team's roster is decimated by academic ineligibility, a forfeit may be declared without penalty to the school.

When situations are beyond the control of the school. During that period of time the school shall enter no contests sponsored by this association. This penalty shall be administered by the Board of Control and there shall be no appeal for the violation of this section of the By-Laws. During season play, any coach or school official who withdraws a team from the field of play prior to the completion of the contest shall forfeit all rights to protest.

In addition, the coach shall be suspended for a minimum of two 2 games and the member school placed on probation one 1 year. During a suspension coaches may not attend contests or travel with the team to and from contests from which sport they are suspended. The player may sit on the bench in street clothes not in uniform while in attendance.

ihsa state cross country meet 2011 results physical therapy

Any player, coach, or fan that is ejected by an official for unsportsmanlike conduct druing a 6th grade game that is held in conjunction with a 7th or 8th grade game - will not be permitted to participate the remainder of the night player and a fan or coach who is ejected will need to leave the facility the remainder of the event.

In the event of an ejection of a player, coach, or fan due to unsportsmanlike conduct, the host school Athletic Director or Principal shall be requried to send a written report of the incident to the SIJHSAA Director. The findings of the investigation shall be made known to the administration of the school alleged to be responsible for such violations.

The use of any ineligible player in any contest shall make the forfeiture of the contest automatic. The team s may practice during the strike as normal……meaning with the same regularity and length of practices as prior to the strike. While a school is on strike, it may host tournaments and other contests.

The opponent of the striking school may elect to reschedule the contest after the strike has been settled with no forfeit. Approval shall be by majority vote of those in attendance when a quorum of the BOC is present, or by mail vote. The dues and fees are for the calendar year and entitle the member school to participate in each sport it registers for that begins within that calendar year.

Each member school in a co-op must pay its own full annual membership dues and sports fees. If medical care or treatment can be administrated in a reasonable amount of time, the individual would not have to leave the contest. What is considered "reasonable" shall be determined by the official s. Policies for the management of concussions and head injury in youth sports Illinois House Billwhich recognizes the dangers associated with head injury and concussions, becaue effective on July 1, The legislation also requires IHSA Member schools to adopt a policy regarding student-athlete concussions and head injuries that is in compliance with the protocols, policies, and by-laws of the IHSA.

Information on the school's concussion and head injury policy must be a part of any agreement contract, code, or other written instrument that a school requires a student athlete and his or her parents or guardian to sign before participaitng in practice or interscholastic competition.

A student athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a practice or game shall be removed from participation or competition at that time. A student athlete who has been removed from an interscholastic contest for a possible concussion or head injury can not return to the contest unless cleared to do so by a physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches in Illinois or a certified athlietc trainer.

If not cleared to return to that contest, a student athlete can not return to play or practice until the student athlete has provided his or her school with written clearance from a physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches in Illinois or a certified athletic trainer working in conjunction with a physcian licensed to practice medicine in all its branches in Illinois.

Saturday of week 13 Cross Country: Adjusted annually according to the Easter date, and can be as late as April 1 or 2. Most common date is the Saturday in week Schools shouldn't schedule regular season games or matches during the regional window. Rules and regulations for each sport are given in the section devoted to the individual sport.

We have demanding admissions standards; only about half the 1, students who apply get an acceptance.

State Series Information & Results

We have strict rules about financial aid procedures, which are need-based; parents have to submit documented financial information in order to apply for aid. Contrary to popular belief, apparently, there are no athletic scholarships. This includes, among other things, going to church as a school several times a year, saying a school prayer daily, and taking four years of religion classes.

The students who attend Saint Ignatius choose to accept these things; many other adolescent students would not—and do not. Finally, there are issues with attending school at a distance from your home—including commuting and managing city and suburban transportation to Saint Ignatius by bus, train, and car. Many of our students commute for an hour or more—each way. It is also not a small thing to leave friends behind at home, especially when those friends will go on to the hometown local high school together—and you will be going to another one in the city, perhaps on your own.

Approximately a fifth of the students who get accepted to attend Saint Ignatius choose instead to attend another high school—usually a local public high school, or, in the city, one of the magnet schools like Jones College Prep. I did not seek out these boys to invite or encourage them to attend Saint Ignatius because of athletic ability. They are boys who apparently had an interest in our school—and who then identified themselves to me because of their interest in running.

Because they wanted to attend our school and they had questions about our track and cross country programs, they wanted me to know about their special talents as runners. One boy I met once for a short conversation after he ran the elementary school race we host in conjunction with our Connelly-Polka Cross Country Invite; it is an event that we actually co-host with Fenwick.

I think we also briefly met in the hallway passing period on his shadow day at Saint Ignatius; he was not even escorted that day by a runner from our team. The boy, his father, and I shared a few emails, providing information about our program. Mid-May I got the surprising news that he would be attending one of the strong magnet high schools in the city next year. He had attended a small Catholic school for his elementary school years, and he wanted something different for high school.

I did have a short conversation with the cross country coach from this high school, after the fact. I sent a last email to the boy and his father telling them that he would have lots of fun and good coaching running with the boys at his chosen school.

He spent a lot of his time that day—20 minutes or so— in our school gym talking with Dan Santino, our star freshman runner; we spoke only briefly. I sent him the same follow up email that I send to all the boys I meet at open house, thanking them for their interest and offering to answer any future questions.

He tested at Ignatius in January, was accepted in February, made his deposit in March, and then enrolled in classes in April when he visited for a registration meeting with another Ignatius teacher. It was on the day he registered for classes that I met him the second time, just to shake hands and say hello.

IHSA Cross Country State Championship

I have been sending him emails this summer about our plans for the fall and our summer runs at Waterfall Glen on Sunday mornings.

Last week he sent me an email to say he would be attending the suburban public high school where he lives. I think, finally, that he really just wanted to go to high school there with his friends from grammar school.

A few of the boys on the team, including a couple siblings of Ignatius students at the time, participated in Ignatius summer camps before they applied; Dan Santino, brother of our cross country and track captain Patrick Santino, actually attended Ignatius lacrosse camp. A couple of our future athletes, like Santino, competed in elementary school track and cross country meets that we have organized. I meet a few boys who join our team each year as freshmen when they are 7th or 8th graders at the open house Ignatius holds each year in December, and I might have sent those few an email with follow up information about our team.

Lance Roller, Robbie Andrews, Alex Bowman, and Steve Finley hold the Penn Relays wheel aloft after a stirring victory in the 4 x meter relay in the edition of the event.

Just to make sure that Finman the Younger doesn't get a big head, Robbie Andrews told me I had to post the shot of Steven barfing in the trash can during their victory lap. Glenn Morris - It's hard to talk about Steve without thinking of Glenn, and I had been doing that quite a bit these last few weeks as my sophomore Gifted students enacted a service project to send care packages to Marines in Afghanistan.

I was literally getting ready to prepare one for Glenn who's been stationed in Okinawa and South Korea when I walked down by the board and, lo and behold, there he was.

Glenn pursued several certifications for driving combat vehicles and heavy machinery, and this expertise has made him part of a non-deployable unit stationed in Okinawa. One of his e-mails expressed some frustration that he didn't ship out to Afghanistan with his brothers in arms, but he knows that he is fortunate to be in a safe environment.

ihsa state cross country meet 2011 results physical therapy

The recent troubles with North Korea caused the Marines in South Korea to be put on lockdown, but things cooled off enough in the last couple of weeks to allow Glenn to have his leave. He looks fit as always and was so happy to be home seeing his family and his nieces. Glenn is already an uncle to Maggie Mae and Delaney, but was able to meet his new niece Cecilia for the first time.

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In more good news, Aaron Morris has become engaged recently to Melissa Holbach so that means two ex-teammates and graduates - Glenn and Danny Holbach - will be relatives by marriage. Glenn says that he is thinking about serving out his four years and going back to school and majoring in physical education.

ihsa state cross country meet 2011 results physical therapy

I definitely could see him being a powerful coach and teacher sometime in the future. Whatever that future holds for Glenn, I wish him well.

I'm not sure if the racing team was his idea or not, but Team Spunky Dunkers surely has to have his fingerprints on it somewhere. I was recently honored to receive a jersey for the new racing team. I think Tim Larson was behind getting the jerseys printed and also has a hand in this new team as a manager at Running Unlimited. I'm looking forward to putting the jersey to some good use in the spring as I work myself back into racing shape, and I know that McLain, Jimmy Mac, Larson, and their buddies will do their new jerseys proud sometime in the near future.

If you want more info, get ahold of J-Mac or Champ and they'll give you the full skinny. I hear that the Team had a sterling debut on very little sleep on Thanksgiving morning out at the Palatine Turkey Trot. Tim continues to manage Running Unlimited, and I have been really proud to see all of the added energy and enthusiasm he has brought. Tim and Eric Gronwick certainly are doing a lot to build RU's brand and entrench the store even further in the Palatine community.

Look for a future joint venture between RU and Palatine XC to offer all of our gear through an online store. We will probably be running a first version of an e-commerce site for the Palatine Track teams this spring.

I had the privilege to catch a run with Jeff Larson last week, and he is doing well both athletically and academically at Division II University of Minnesota-Mankato. He was able to make the varsity lineup in his freshman year, running in all of their major invites and in the conference meet. More importantly, he has kept his grades going strong and looks to be a key player on the track and cross country scene in the upcoming years. Alec Bollman - I talked quickly with Alec on the last Friday before break, and it looks like he is healthy, fit, and motivated for an exciting first year of track at the collegiate level.

Alec runs at Iowa State so he has the luxury of running workouts and indoor races on their meter indoor track. Look for Alec to try and challenge his PRs in both the and Mile runs. Coach Ihmels has had Alec running at miles per week through his redshirt cross country season so that bodes well. Alec usually finds his speed best when he puts in the aerobic work.

I wish him a ton of luck, and he knows that we'll all be keeping tabs on him throughout the spring. They actually have a cross country team at this small technical school, and John was able to compete throughout the fall and is in the best shape of his life. I knew something might be cooking when John came on to win some awards in local road races this summer, and it appears that he has only built on his fitness since high school.

John is living proof that hard working, goal-oriented guys make our program go. He was never one of our top guys, but he shows that there is always a place in the collegiate running world for guys who want one. John's times are dropping like crazy, and I wish him tons of luck and good will moving forward with his running career.

Ryan Wojdyla - Ryan had no idea what he wanted to study coming out of high school so he elected to save some money and bide his time by going to Harper College. Coach Painter was excited to welcome him on the team, but a lackluster summer of training found him way out of shape at the start of his cross country season. By the end, though, Ryan was able to find his fitness and ended up 6th place in the NJCAA national cross country meet as Harper's 1 runner.

Harper is in the non-scholarship division, but Ryan's finish is pretty phenomenal considering that he spent his entire summer caddying rather than running. Look for continued improvement as Wo-Ho picks up year-round training again, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him make a run at a national title and move on to another collegiate program after he finishes his Associates Degree.

The Quicks certainly enjoyed a banner year full of good times and health. We were able to get a great deal on a beautiful four bedroom home in a cul-de-sac about four blocks from the high school. I cut my commute in half from a 10 minute walk down to a 5 minute walk. Very nice when you consider that I am at PHS at 6: After buying the house, we didn't quite get to travel as much as we like, but we were able to take our first family vacation to Colorado this summer.

ihsa state cross country meet 2011 results physical therapy

My family tagged along with the cross country team during our varsity trip to Boulder and Winter Park, and it was amazing to show Madeline and Christopher the mountains for the first time. Madeline had a great time swimming in Boulder Creek, hiking at the Snow Mountain Ranch, and seeing her first waterfall ever. The kids survived their first flight ever without any major freak outs, and we are looking forward to a potential return visit to the mountains during the summer of Above you can see all of us at the Palatine Trick or Treat fest.

The girls went as witches while Christopher and I were skeletons for the second year in a row. Our kids continue to grow and amaze us. Madeline is four years old now as of October 10and she loves to play with princesses and dolls see her as Snow White below. She also spends a lot of her free time drawing and making crafts and loves having her friends Maddie, Kelsey, and Caitlin at our in-home day care.

She attends Pirate Pete pre-school two hours a day, three days a week, and I get to drive her home and have lunch with the crew on those days. It's really nice to take time out of my frenetic day at school to spend time with the Mads.

Christopher is growing up quickly, and you can see him in all of his two year-old glory below. I returned from a big win in the IHSA Regional to find out that Mister had taken a permanent marker out of my school bag and ruined our dining room floor and walls.

IHSA 3A Boys Cross Country State Meet 2018

You can see his criminal mug shot below - notice the body graffiti. He is all boy - obsessed with balls, trucks, and soldiers - and makes us cheer him on when he runs in circles. Some kids carry a football or basketball, but mine insists that we yell "Go Pirate boys! He also has a fabulous memory and spends much of his time quoting lines from his favorite movies.

Like his mother, I am not sure when he says something original or when he is quoting a line. Meredith and I enjoy every moment we have together and with our kids, and we want to thank all of the XC parents for taking us into their homes and for being a part of our lives. We are hoping to add another member to our family in the coming year even amidst our continued professional triumphs and progress. Some days all six kids stand around her screaming chaotically, and I start to wonder how the heck she puts up with it.