92 legend swap meet

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92 legend swap meet

Swap the Legend valve cover onto the passenger side of the engine and use the . Do you regular any of the meets during the summer?. OF EVENTS MAY 15th Annual Triumph Come Home Swap Meet & Rally fabula-fantasia.info Francisco, 5 miles north of Highway May 3rd Bonhams & Butterfields, 2nd Annual Legend of the Motorcycle, Half Moon Bay, CA. Read about how to do a Honda J-Series engine swap in the Wrenchin' section of this month's issue. Photo 2/30 | This perfectly nice '92 Civic VX is about to be gutted to .. converter where it meets up with a resonator and a small muffler. The C-series, which includes early Accords, the Legend, and the.

92 legend swap meet

It takes both the Civic's original harness and the CL's to make it all happen--not too much different than a K swap. API also offers speed sensor-compatible wiring harnesses, which is a huge bonus.

Unfortunately, most ECUs are from automatics, which use different speed sensors than the manuals. Without the appropriate speed sensor input, VTEC won't work and, after running for a short time, will force the engine into limp mode.

1994 Acura Legend Coupe Type II 6 Speed

The Axles And Shifter The axles began as a combination of about five different OEM pieces but, what with popped joints and broken pieces, a custom set was eventually made. API now offers axles that fit the ''00 Civic and ''01 Integra. They're good to whp and work with the J's stock manual transmission intermediate shaft, so make sure you get that with your six-speed should you go the manual trans-route.

And then there's the shifter. Similar to the H- and K-series swaps, the Js all use cable-operated shifter mechanisms. That means the appropriate cables and shifter box are required.

The tricky part is mounting all of this. The shifter box must be mounted underneath the car and sealed off. Only one of the original mounting bosses can be used.

To make it all fit, API offers a mounting plate that securely fastens the box without modifying the console or anything else inside. It's so easy, even your old Civic shift knob will fit. Unlike Civics that use rod linkages, the J-series uses a cable linkage for shifting.

The whole assembly must be replaced. An '03 four-cylinder Accord's shifter and cables are mounted from underneath with a custom mounting and sealing plate. The Install Surprisingly, bolting in the J-series is as easy a swap as any, perhaps easier. The toughest part is removing the right-side transmission bracket from the frame rail. API started with a '92 VX hatchback, which doesn't have power steering.

The API kit mounts the engine far back to take advantage of those missing power steering components. Don't worry though; Hasport's kit works with or without power steering.

Honda J-Series - Engine Swap - Honda Tuning Magazine

With the OEM bracket removed, the new API bracket bolts to the framerail's underside using the crash bracket holes as locators.

API recommends welding the bracket's perimeter and painting it. The left-side and rear mounting locations don't change, but new brackets must be bolted into place to accommodate the new mounts. It's almost as if Honda planned for this. Ground clearance is astonishingly ample, with the preexisting subfame being the lowest point. This comes at the expense of hood clearance but, with an engine this big, why hide it? The truth is that a hood hasn't yet been fitted simply because there won't be much left.

The good news is that the J35A4 fits, easily, but it's tall. Some custom fabrication, a one-off hood, or even an intake manifold swap will prove to be the remedy. Simply move the radiator off to the left side to keep things cool--just like with a K swap--and reuse the original Civic hoses.

92 legend swap meet

The API-modified harness operates the fan and provides a signal to the factory temperature sensor just like you'd expect. Air conditioning has yet to be tested, but the fix might be as simple as using an Integra condenser, some custom lines, and a J-series compressor.

DIY: Install a 3.5 RL engine in your 91-95 Acura Legend

The only thing missing is a speed sensor signal the transmission output is different than what the gauge cluster requires and a tachometer six-cylinder vs. API does provide a signal wire for an aftermarket tachometer though. Notice that the original ECU wiring is still there. Everything Else The J-series exhaust is an odd one. Its rear manifold travels forward but makes a degree turn to merge with the front one. This makes for all kinds of great noises and is probably enough flow for the low-revving J35A4.

Despite that, some additional ponies could likely be found with real headers that eliminate that silly degree bend. The radiator must also be moved to the left side. Of course, the J-series is heavier than the D-series, even the B-series, possibly by as much as pounds.

Honda Legend

The Japanese-spec Legend was offered with three trim levels; the V6Xi with the 2. The V6Gi had the same level of equipment and luxury features as the V6Xi, whereas the V6Zi had reduced content and a lower price. The V6 engines were available with electronic, multi-port sequential fuel injection Honda called Programmed Fuel Injection, or PGM-FI and a variable length intake manifold on the smaller 2.

Transmission selections were either a four speed automatic transaxle with a computer controlled lockup torque converteror a five speed manual transaxle. In order for the sedan to comply with Japanese vehicle size requirements and reduced tax liability, the car with the 2.

The slightly smaller bodystyle also allowed the Legend to compete with the upscale Toyota Cresta and Chaser and the Nissan Laurel. The Legend offered many Honda "firsts", such as a driver side airbag, vehicle speed sensitive power assist rack and pinon steering, anti-lock brakes, seat belt pre-tensioners with Emergency Locking Retractors called E. The Legend was introduced with a double wishbone suspension for the front wheels, and a modified Chapman strut with trailing arm rear suspension Honda called "RF Reduced Friction Strut Rear Suspension" with progressive rate rear coil springs that stiffen as they compress to combine smooth ride and good handling.

The rear coil spring was separate from the strut and positioned so that vertical pressure was supported by the lower control arm.

92 legend swap meet

The term Reduced Friction referred to the minimizing of forces that create friction in the shock absorbersproviding more efficient damping for the full suspension stroke. The rear suspension was upgraded to double wishbone starting with the model year worldwide. The turbocharger compressor housing had four vanes made from heat resistant Inconel alloy surrounding the turbine wheel on the inlet side of it that would fluctuate based on engine load and transmission gearing above 2, rpm to allow for increased airflow into the engine as needed.

Acura Legend Cars Parts Sale Swap Meet:Acura Car Gallery

Most of the original lines will match up. You won't use a few of the lines if you gut the intake manfold. These unused lines lead up to the vacuum solenoids behind the passenger headlight and will get capped off at the solenoid.

You have to cut and match up all the wires, solder, then heat shrink the wires. The wires are the same color on each side, so matching them up is easy. It's time to install the 3. You will find that only one of the passenger side bell housing bolts will not bolt up to the 3. Don't worry, it won't cause a problem, just leave it with no bolt in it.

Don't forget to reinstall the slave cylinder and clutch fork. Next, you're going to take the Legend fuel line that runs from the fuel filter to the engine, and you're going to slowly bend it upwards, so it will match the RL's fuel rail see pics.

Bolt it down to the fuel rail with the fuel damper behind it. Make absolutely sure you don't kink this line. Last thing, on the RL's fuel pressure regulator, the vacuum line running off it is smaller in diameter than the Legend. Buy a vacuum line size reducer and some hose, and use a small hose clamp.

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Make sure it won't leak. Double check all your connections, make sure all your bolts are tight.

92 legend swap meet